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Forever Autumn is the first episode from the twelfth season of Squidbillies. It first aired on August 11th, 2019 on [adult swim]

Synopsis []

Dan Halen's foolish new plan prompts Early to open a foolish new business.


Dan Halen wants to beautify Dougal County in an attempt to attract more tourists. To do this, Dan hires a service that downloads chemicals in a way that makes it look like it's always autumn, which should appeal to the city dwellers. Initially his plan works and the Cuyler family is everywhere in an attempt to make a profit. However, the chemicals used to transform trees are actually poisonous, thus killing all wildlife and transforming trees into suicidal Ent. Some Ent take control of the city and force Halen to open a "gravy museum" so that people come to the city to make a profit and satiate the smaller trees.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Cuyler Farms B&B - You AUTUMN stay a while!"
  • Banana Hat


Theme Song Performer[]

  • Shannon Shaw and Dan Auerbach



  • The episode's title is fittingly a Autumn themed episode, where the leaves on the trees of Autumn will stay forever on them, hence the name.
  • Dan Halen revealed that he developed a proprietary chemical compound that can permanently transform the Autumn to their autumn hues and prevent them from dropping off every tree, these leaves can attract tourists for fun activities like a motel, bumpkin-crafted trinkets and eat saccharine homemade taffy.
    • However, when the leaves start to fall off, all the tourists will leave, Dan Halen developed LEAF for these reasons.
    • LEAF stands for: "Leaves", "Ever", "Autumn" "Forever".
      • LEAF can also spelled as L.E.A.F., as it is spelled on one of his products and on his planes.
    • Speaking of that, LEAF planes are seen throughout the episode where they stray the chemicals all over the tree's Autumn leaves, of oranges, yellows and reds. The chemicals resemble purple clouds.
    • A pumpkin, from a batch of pumpkins, is seen with a huge eye in one scene, its showed that that pumpkin was mutated by the toxic chemicals.
    • All species in Dougal County can mate during the autumn, due to all of the colored leaves, which Dan Halen mentions that all species want to "bury the sausage."
    • However, a deer, Dan Halen's two horses and a family of ducks exploded, the latter in which Dan tells them to bring out their cellphones, due to the effects of chemicals.
  • This is the first episode to reveal Boyd's Wife, as she was mentioned in "Velvet Messiah" and "Dove In An Iron Cage", as she replaces Boyd in Dan Halen's meeting, since he died in "Dove In An Iron Cage", since his voice actor retired.
  • This is the Second reappears of Lil Cuyler since “Debased Ball“, she is Seen in her Meth lab smoking crack.
  • Dan Halen is revealed to have a failing hayride business, as he is the president and C.E.O. of Halen Hayrides. He also wanted LEAF to promote his failing hayride business.
  • Glenn revealed he wanted to build a gravy museum in the shape of the world's largest gravy boat, he drew a mascot called "Groovy Gravy", which was originally a tourist plan from Dan Halen, he was a fun way to introduce people to gravy, this idea ends up happening.
  • Early's banana hat and Rusty's pumpkin hat from "Butt Trouble" reappear again.
  • The Cuyler's are revealed to start a Home Grown Mountain Farm farm with fruit such as apples, oranges, peaches, bananas, and pears, which are actually rocks that were painted to look like fruit, which Granny claims will never go bad and that their perma-fresh guarantee. Early claimed that he will sell by the pound since rocks weigh more, since he claims to be simple math.
    • On their sign, the fruit's name is misspelled as "Home Gron Montain Friut", with at least three words being misspelled.
    • Early claimed that "city slickers" love the fall colors but don't buy any of the fruit from the Cuyler Family.
  • The Cuyler's had at least two customers but were scared away by Early's gun-play, which can turn off potential tourists, as shown when Sheriff stops Early from scaring off their first tourist. Granny also explains this, if he shoots the people dead if they are going to buy the fruit or useless he shot them after they brought the fruit and they could just reuse the fruit. Sheriff also tells Early to "get the hell on my land" instead of usual "get the hell of my land" for an another tourist to show up.
  • Some of the flavorings that Dan Halen's company are using are pumpkin spice for Autumn, Gingerbread for December, and barbecued brisket for July.
  • This is the first reappearance of the Deep-Fried Pine Booby since the episode "America: Why I Love Her."
    • Two of them are seen mating in late January.
    • C'mon Everybody is heard again when the pine-boobies are mating.
  • Dan Halen claims that Chattanooga is a frozen moonscape, while he is soaked to the tits with people and money.
  • "Get The Hell On My Land" is used Early's brochure, which references the usual "Get Off My Land" saying.
  • The B&B part of the Cuyler's farm is "Bed 'n Breakfast."
  • This is the second episode in the show to feature Macho Man Randy Cuyler without the presence of Tammi, with the first episode being "A Walk To Dignity."
  • Early claims that his farms are poverty-stricken country living at luxury prices.
  • Some of the fun attractions at the Cuyler Farms B&B were;
    • Tracker riding
    • Mountain dancing, which the latter word is misspelled as "Dansn."
    • Hot tub, misspelled as "Hawt Tub" where Krystal is seen in one found in the Cuyler's truck, which the heater doesn't work, but she does fart for the hot tub's massage jets.
      • Krystal is also wearing a confederate flag themed bikini.
    • Authentic mountain rock candy, which is misspelled as "Mountain Rok Candee", made out of common household cleaning products, which are actually made out of crystal meth from Lil's meth lab, which Lil mentions that the free sample is free, who then inhales a pipe and smokes. A father also grabs the rock candy away from his son, though, Dylan does run away with the rock candy.
      • Speaking of Lil, she was in last seen in the episode "Debased Ball" and her meth lab reappears after a long absence, which was last seen in "Stop, Jammer Time", despite not appearing in the latter episode.
    • "Ride you a possum", which a attraction involving Rusty riding a vicious and hostile opossum, or technically a possum.
      • The opossum, or possum, that Rusty is riding on resembles the opossum from "Debased Ball."
    • Granny claims for "space buffs" can get a eyeful on the "The Incredible Flaming Day Moon", which is the sun, which is available from dawn to dusk.
  • Early guides a family in his house, claiming to be the main living space and a kitchen, despite the house not having one. He also claims that happy hour is every night and day, right in a corner of party liquor bottles, which a few are shattered and broken. He claims its to be a resort and convention center that sleeps for 24 hours comfortably, which can be perfect for family reunions and corporate retreats.
    • Early also mentions a bathroom when its dark or cold, or he is drunk or just lazy, despite their being a outhouse next to the Cuyler's home.
    • When Early and the family approaches the bed, the former claims that he is gonna be sleeping in it with the latter's wife, catering for a toe-sucking need, the former then proceeds to take off one of her boots and licks her foot and leg. The father thought he said that their would be separate rooms. The mother then proceeds to take photos from her cellphone.
  • A mother claims that the purple chemicals of LEAF smell like peppermint mocha and bleach, which Early claims to be natural farts from a bald eagle, or a cloud of eagle farts, which Early tells to relax and try a deep series of short, shallow breaths for the beauty, until a deer becomes inflated by LEAF's chemicals.
  • According to Early after him and everyone gets splashed and soaked in blood from a deer, that exploded, he would say to all of the people that everybody would wash off in a majestic 60-foot waterfall, but he lied about having one of them on the brochure.
  • One of the pumpkins from a bunch of non-sapient pumpkins opened its large red eye and looks at some tourists on Dan Halen's hayride, which scares a couple.
  • Granny's face fell off, due to LEAF's chemicals.
  • Some of the Tree Monsters are lighting themselves on fire with lighters and gasoline.
  • In the commercial of Dougal County's recovery, Dan claims that the nightmarish Lovecraftian fog has lifted, which they are open for business, who then reports that animals are migrating back into the region and are no longer bursting into toxic goo, he then claims their most valuable asset is left with what's left of their people, which they will greet you with open arms and warm, partial slimes.
    • During the commercial, as Dan Halen is speaking, Sheriff is knifing, Granny, in a dressed and a ugly mutated face, is holding a pie and Early and Rusty are fishing in a lake.
    • The words: "Stock Image" are also displayed when Dan is talking about the tree's leaves, since they don't look like they're adducting children or committing very suicide suicide, since those days are gone.
  • All the animals in the commercial are photo-shopped, the animals that are seen in this are a eagle, grizzly bear, deer, lion, llama, monkeys, cats, orca whale, dogs, snake, chickens, a chick and a African elephant. All of the animals are live-action due to being photo-shopped and the commercial being very low budget.
    • The eagle's sounds are taken from a red tailed hawk, which is not a member of its species.
    • In fact, all of these photo-shopped animals are actually taken from stock images.
  • Groovy Gravy is part of the commercial.
  • The slogan for Dougal County's recovery is "Visit Dougal, will be waiting'."
  • The Tree Monsters seem to find children to be very delicious, as one of them eats a infant, from a bag of moving children, who is calling out for his mother only to be eaten by one of them.
  • Not counting the show's usual voice actors, which are Unknown Hinson, Daniel McDevitt, Dana Snyder, Bobby Ellerbe, Patti French, Todd Hanson, Dave Willis, Shawn Coleman, and Mary Kraft, the various voice actors that spoke in this episode were; Alan Steadman, Tim Andrews, Kristie McDevitt, Sarah McDevitt, Cameron McDevitt, Aaron Miler, Jody Beth Miller, Steph Swain and Quinn Zern.


  • When the environment of Dougal County is invaded by the Tree Monsters, two cars pass by and drive away from the Cuyler house, but the latter car has windows with no driver present in the vehicle, despite it moving.
  • While unintentional, Dan Halen is shown writing on a sheet of paper with a feather pen at the beginning of the commercial, but no ink or words are seen written on it.

References & Allusions[]

  • Just like the episode Flight of the Deep Fried Pine Booby, C'mon Everybody is a parody of "Rock This Party" by Bob Sinclar.
  • One of the Tree Monsters mentioned Al Gore's name and told Early, Rusty and a group of tourists to listen to him.