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Frivolacious Squidigation is the sixth episode of Season 5 of Squidbillies, it first aired on June 20, 2010 on [Adult Swim].


Early sues Dan Halen after Granny gets hurt on one of the rides at the fair.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"
  • I survived, Yuri's Androp-off'!"
  • "I need help making copies!, Ask me how?"
  • "To funk to Drunk!!"
  • "Tits For Tots"
  • Yellow Helmet
  • "Glug", "Get The Party Started"



  • This episode contains a Fair of amusement Park rides, like the "Yuri's An-Drop-Off", there is also yellow bears being sold for free & there called "Banana Splits".
  • Kenny from the previous episode "Holodeck Redneck", makes a cameo in this episode.
  • Glug is shown a lot in this episode, similar to a Product Placement.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Boyd died, he does revived later.
  • "Tits For Tots" is a parody of Toys For Tots.
  • Granny's coffin From "Pile M for Murder" returns again.
  • Squid Jesus is seen preventing Granny from going to Heaven by letting two angels of his carry her back to Earth.
  • Granny is shown eating a brain from a Judge's head Dan Halen ripped out making her act like a zombie by eating it.
  • This episode also reveals Early now has a second Penis.