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Ga-Ga-Ghost is the second episode of the eighth season of Squidbillies, it first aired on August 18, 2013 on [Adult Swim].


The ghost of Ga Ga Pee Pap returns to bond with Early.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • Cowboy Hat
  • "Gone. but not forgotten!"


Guest Stars[]

Theme song performer[]


  • This is a continuation to "Return Of Gaga Pee Pap", considering Ga Ga Pee Pap was killed in the previous Appearance back in 2011, now reborn as a ghost in one year later in 2013.
  • On Ga Ga Pee Pap's tombstone it say's "Beloved name of corpse (dates of life) R.I.P., the image on it shows Ga Ga Pee Pap holding his prison sign.
  • Herschel Walker Cuyler makes a Cameo in this episode as on a missing child image on a Milk Carton.
  • The Teeny Weeneie plushies from "Return Of Gaga Pee Pap" return are a parody of the stuff toys Beanie Babies. Two of them are Cheyenne Cinnamon's unicorn from the Adult Swim Pilot Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge. Sheriff even holds a book of Teeny Weeneie along with a Cheyenne Cinnamon's unicorn sleeping hat & a radio based off that pilot are seen.
  • Since no one can see Ga Ga Pee Pap in his ghost from except for Early, most of the characters are left confused, this sadly happens with Early.
  • Glenn's Wife is revealed to have pants underneath her dress.
  • This is one of the few times Early dies in the series as kills himself then becomes a ghost since he was trying to steal the bank's money.
  • Krystal, Granny & Lil Cuyler in the same hospital room together made a nod to "Rusty and Tammi Sitting in a Tree, B-A-S-T-A-R-D".
  • This is the first reappearance & only of Squid Satan since Season 3's "Mephistopheles Traveled Below to a Southern State Whose Motto Is 'Wisdom, Justice and Moderation'", this is also the character's final appearance in the show.
  • This is the last time we ever see Ga Ga Pee Pap (Despite being a Ghost in this episode & Dying in his previous appearance) in the main timeline (not counting flashbacks in the episodes "A Walk with Dignity" & "Duel of The Dimwits") is when he, as a ghost, goes to Hell, mistakenly believing that he's going to Heaven.