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Early and Ga Ga Pee Pap of Summer 1981

Ga Ga Pee Pap "12 Gun" Cuyler - Early's and Lil's father (and also Rusty's grandfather). He is a yellow squid who married Granny shortly after impregnating her and apparently raised Early, Dr. Bug and Durwood Cuyler Shannon Cuyler (and possibly Lil), before he ran off with another woman.


His and young Early's relationship is similar to that of Early and Rusty's abusive relationship. Like his son, he is an incompetent criminal, abusive father figure, womanizer (though, with more success than Early), and general nuisance to the citizens of Dougal County.

In "Duel of the Dimwits", it was revealed that Ga Ga asked his father for a hand in marriage to his sister, while the latter loved and make out with Dewey Duvall Sr., a member of the Duvall family. Ga Ga and Dewey dueled for their love by fighting with stick strokes for a whole day, until Ga Ga forced Granny to duel for her, forcing Dewey to give up.

In "No Space Like Home", it was revealed that Ga Ga and his son would hide in a storage unit to get away from Granny, due to their volatile marriage, even though, Sheriff's father told him that they can't sleep in there, or sleep in a jailcell for the night. While in the storage unit, he would often steal cords from Noodle Buddha, via the power socket in his restaurant, and often gets away with hiding animal bones in the noodles served at the said restaurant.

In "Return Of Gaga Pee Pap", Ga Ga returned to his family to make amends with Rusty but died while smoking a "healthy stick."

He later returns as a ghost in Season 8, as shown in the episode "Ga-Ga-Ghost". Initially, he tries to convince Early to redeem himself or he'll be turned into a ghost before being allowed to cross over.

However, the second Early asks him if he wants to do some crimes he immediately forgets his purpose and joins his son in a series of crimes, though, he is not able to touch physical objects as shown when they hold up a bank and are unable to get the money.

This act forces Early to stupidly kill himself to get the money but they still can't get the money. Later Early's body is taken to the hospital and placed on life support where Granny, Lil, and Krystal attempt to kill Early but Rusty intervenes and GaGa compliments Rusty's dedication to Early. 

He then says he's off to "Heaven" and goes to join "Red Jesus" (really Squid Satan) as he gets on the "bus" to his destination GaGa does not realize that he is actually going to underworld and says he didn't know heaven was downward. He figures this out as the the bus carries him to a realm of fire and is last seen screaming as he goes down the hole that soon closes.

At the very end, upon Ruby Jean's demise thanks to Early attacking her (and this time, her not saying some variance of the word 'Ow'), Ga Ga appears in the skies with her spirit, laughing as she tries to hit him with a bat but failing to do so.

And the last we see of Ga Ga and Ruby Jean is when she strikes Early with a frying pan to allow Rusty the chance to escape. They begin to rekindle their old bond, beating Early's unconscious body as Sharif watches.


Ga Ga's Saying's:[]

  • "Rape me once'd, shame on you. Rape me twice'd, I musta did something to ask for it... 'Course that's prison talk."
  • "Gettin' girls pregnant feels good, but it's also real easy."
  • "You know fire?...It's hot. Don't touch that s***. Not matter how shiney."
  • "They's burried treasure everywhere... In the cemetery."
  • "Right on red don't mean you have to go right on red. I drove around in circles for years before I figured that out."
  • "Eggs are full of cholesterol. It's 'em yellow things inside make it taste good."
  • "Floss is a conspiracy by the American Indians... Now we're gettin' into my beliefs system."
  • "When I die, Russell, I want you to bury me on this hill, underneath that shade tree, with this hang glider... That way when zombie times comes, I'll be able to attack from above."


  • It is hinted that Ga Ga may in fact be Early and Lil's father, as when he came back as a ghost, Early called him "Daddy" instead of grandpa so he may instead be their biological father and may have had a incestuous relationship with Granny. He is actually their father as later learned in Season 11.
  • GaGa is an alcoholic.
  • It is also hinted that he repeatedly tried to rape Lil while she was a minor.
  • Granny is actually his sister but he married her anyway.
  • His right eye is a prosthetic eye (which makes him blind in one eye)
    • In Dead Squid Walking, it is revealed Ga Ga made a game of shooting Early in the face with a BB gun when Early was young. At one point, Early's left eye is shot, becomes bruised, and turns red and swollen. At the end of the episode, Early is playing the same "game" of shooting Rusty in the face with a BB gun. During this interaction, Rusty says, "I love you, daddy" to which Early replies, "I love you too, son, the only way I know how." Early is clearly indicating this is learned behavior he picked up from his father, Ga Ga. The fact Ga Ga is missing an eye implies he likely lost it playing the same "game" with his own father, and Early very nearly lost his eye playing it with Ga Ga. So it is possible, this "game" has been passed down throughout the generations, with none of the men in the Cuyler family knowing how to express their love in any other way.
  • Originally he wanted his 3rd oldest son Durwood to take over his Mountain Dance business, the unfortunate Durwood however was totally untalented so GaGa had to use Early instead. He later on went to teach Rusty as well.
  • His BB gun is based off the Daisy Red Ryder series. It is strange how he shoots it as if it was semi automatic without having to cock the lever on the gun.
  • GaGa had a similarly cordial relationship with Sheriff‘s father, the previous Sheriff, that Early has with Sheriff. Like Early, this is most likely because of GaGa’s many clashes with the law.