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Galvin is the second episode from the twelfth season of Squidbillies. It first aired on August 11th, 2019 on [adult swim]

Synopsis []

Granny finds love and Early loses his mind. 


Galvin is a Ball Mart host (parody of Walmart) who meets and gets engaged with Granny. The change in Granny's life is very necessary, to the point of getting better than the rest of the family. However, this leads Early to jealousy, who tries to poison Galvin.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"


Theme Song Performer[]


  • The character Galvin resembles the design of a man from the episode "Lean Green Touchdown Makifying Machine." This man also had interactions with Granny.
  • One of the people that walks into Ballmart's doors, with an another person, is the coffee cashier from "The War on The War on Christmas."
  • Galvin mentioned that Granny is a vision in lavender, as she claims that it is a full-body port-wine stain.
  • Granny is revealed to be on the Ballmart DNG list, which stands for "do not greet!" as Granny doesn't buy nothing at Ballmart, and she only comes around to Ballmart to get "gret" because she's lonely. Leroy claims that she ain't got no-one. Granny claims that Leroy didn't have greet Granny since she has been "gret" with Galvin. Later on, Galvin does realize that she is single and claims that she is sure easy on the eyes.
  • The RV, which Galvin claims to be his recreational vehicle, has the words "Autumn Ramble" with Autumn colored leaves on it. Ironically, the previous episode "Forever Autumn" was a Autumn themed episode.
  • Galvin poured a mean chocolate-flavored nutritional supplement for the calcium-deficient. Despite this, Granny claims that she has no bones or teeth, but she would drink anything that any stranger would give her.
    • Some previous episodes in the show such as "Asses to Ashes, Sluts to Dust" and "Sharif" revealed that she had bones underneath her body though.
    • Irony: Granny mentions that she has no teeth, yet she has some in her mouth. She most likely has dentures.
  • The golf course that can be seen in the background resembles Gecko Plains, a golf course that was seen in "The Unbearable Heatness of Fire".
  • The bottles of chocolate calcium shakes has the words "Endure' on them.
  • Dr. Cock is revealed to be a eye doctor.
  • The capitalized letters depicted on the white screen are "E", "U", "V", "C", "L", "D", "T", "J", "M", "Y", "B", an another "J", "D" and "T", "X", "Z", "F" and "P". Two other letters are covered by Dr. Cock's arm and hand.
  • Granny's eyes are shown for a few times. Even when she is trying on a pair of glasses for her to see.
  • Glenn's Wife is shown to work at a beauty service.
  • The chocolate liquid from Galvin's calcium shakes appears as a transition in the episode, after Granny and Galvin are see jogging in a forest.
  • Granny and Galvin have a picnic during the sunset before Galvin proposes to Granny with a ring. While Granny doesn't know what Early would do if Galvin is about to marry Granny. Though, Galvin knew nothing about previously.
  • Granny's eyes disappear when she puts on the glasses.
  • According to Galvin, he thought Granny said that her family died in a plane crash in the Andes Mountains and they had to eat each other and no one survived. Galvin then claimed that they made a movie about it but not to rent the movie because they changed all the names so they wouldn't have to pay you for the rights to the story and tells Granny why that she is poor.
  • Galvin mentions that trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship, but he supposes that he is willing to overlook her massive red flag.
  • Early told Granny to open him a can of peaches in light syrup. Granny does this later on.
  • Galvin was arrested for kidnapping Granny, but Granny stops this as she wouldn't kidnapped, only in her heart, as she and Galvin are now engaged and intended on getting married. When hearing about Granny's heart being kidnapped Sheriff brutally hits Galvin with the same baton. Galvin claims its not a crime, but a poetic sentiment. Sheriff also uncuffs his hands from the handcuffs.
  • According to Early, he mentioned Granny as his my housekeeper, chef, whipping post, his crying shoulder, punching bag and his "damn" stress ball when Galvin is gonna take away Granny.
  • Some realistic blood is seen when Sheriff hits Galvin with his baton to the ground.
  • All of the members of the Cuyler family are shown to have small brain connected to eye stalks and jaws, as Early does this to Granny, using her as a stress ball, which the latter claims that this could give her diarrhea. Unlike previous episodes where bones and skeleton are seen underneath the squids.
    • Like Granny, when Early is stressed out, since his mother is got engaged and about to be getting married with Galvin, he uses Rusty as a stress ball, which the latter also claims to get diarrhea.
    • Early, Granny and Rusty do this to each other at the end of the episode, in the hospital room's bed. Early claimed it to be "group diarrhea."
  • If Galvin wants full custody of Granny, he needs to be recompensed, while he writes all of this down on a notepad. He then gives it to Early and asks how much money it is. Rusty told him that they love each other. Early torn up the paper later on.
  • Rusty has an another can of peaches that he couldn't open and broke a tooth. Early then smashes it with a rock.
  • In Galvin's RV, Early made a blue smoothie, by using Galvin's coffee maker, which he claims to be his morning smoothie, that filled a gallon, as it was blueberry, however, it was actually brake fluid, which he wanted to poison Galvin with so he and his mother couldn't leave town together, which he smells it and figures it out by knowing that it isn't a smoothie. Despite this, Early drank the brake fluid, as he lies about congratulating Galvin and toast him with a smoothie, despite nothing going to work out between the him and his mother, and he was then send to a ambience, due to how poisonous it was after proving it is a smoothie.
  • When he was send to the ambience, Granny claims that Early is a helpless baby bird with a broken wing.
  • According to Deputy Denny, when Early is concerned about his mother leaving with Galvin and heads to his truck-boat-truck, despite being hospitalized since he loves his mother so much, he mentions that Early and Granny French kiss with tongues on two occasions as he walked into a room, they stop as they knew what was wrong, but Granny was giggling and grabbing his butt. This implies that they are doing incest and Sheriff claims that their a affectionate family. Denny also explains why they beg me not to tell no-one as Sharif claims that a gentlemen doesn't kiss and tell. Denny then claimed that a gentlemen doesn't kiss his mother behind a dumpster. Denny also tells Sheriff to not to say "The heart wants what the heart wants."
  • According to Galvin on his GPS in his RV, he mentions that a Ballmart is located in Murphy, Carolina, which implies that their is more than one Ballmart in the universe of the show and means that Ballmart is part of a store franchise of some sort, which also means that these Ballmart stores are located throughout The United States, not just Dougal County. Galvin even wants to go there to greet folks until they get kicked out. Granny agrees and tells him that she would say "Hello, and welcome to my new life!".
  • Early drives his truck to Galvin's RV as he tells Galvin to "stop the hell up!", so he can talk to Granny, which he calls a "purple-ass whore!", as asks if Galvin makes Granny happy and who she wants to be with. Granny claims its good and pretty solid because of nurturing support, love, food, resources, and also nobody hits anybody, even though Early tells her that what's important to her, guessing that he and his mother are done. He also claims how much longer his ride is compared to his, and tells her to take one last look at his ride. She looks at it and states that she is comfortable with it but stills says a "goodbye" to him.
  • Early sticks up two of the tentacles, by using the middle-finger at Granny and Galvin.
  • Early needed Granny when his brakes of his truck-boat-truck were out, he then mentions that I knew he shouldn't have drained his own brake fluid for the smoothie that tried to poison Galvin with from earlier. Granny then an another chocolate smoothie in order to save Early by going onto the top of the RV via window to jump onto the truck-boat-truck to stop the brakes of the latter truck, which don't work. According to Early, he drained the brake fluid from that truck for a completely different poisoning plot.
  • The next scene shows that he offered some brake fluid to Dan Halen, holding a cup, in the Dan Halen Sheet Rock International work office. This implies that he was going to poison Dan Halen with that brake fluid. He then asks if the company is working on MLK day, which is correct. He then drops the jug of brake fluid on the ground and told the audience that he tried.
  • Granny pulls out the truck-boat-truck's anchor and attracts it to a tree, which then pulls the entire truck-boat-truck and it stops, but Granny then flies out and falls down to the ground. Granny was then send to the Dougal County Hospital because of her injury.
  • The chair that Galvin was sitting on disappears in the next couple scenes when Galvin leaves the room for coffee.

References & Allusions[]

  • Early asking about MLK day being worked on could be a reference to Martin Luthor King Jr. day.