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General Robert E. Lee is a minor character that has made cameos/appearances in Squidbillies.


General Robert E. Lee was a Confederate general best known for his service to the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War, during which he was appointed the overall commander of the Confederate States Army. Robert E. Lee passed away back in 1870, which explains why he is currently dead in the show and is now a ghost.

Episode Appearances[]

In "Terminus Trouble", General Robert E. Lee was first seen as one of the four horsemen of the confedracy, alongside Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, and Pac-Man, which the latter was added by Early Cuyler.

In "An Officer and a Dental Dam", the ghost of General Robert E. Lee was resurrected from Sheriff, by the use of a Satanic book, when it was revealed that he was involved with a long-forgotten affair with Early Cuyler's mother Ruby Jean, which was shown at Dan Halen's Museum of The True South.

He appeared in the "God Bless the Confederacy" song in "Asbestos I Can."

In "The Legend of Kid Squid", he was shown to have signed a peace treaty of Appomattox to the Old Sweet Gum Tree when the tree was just a sapling as he puts his gum on there.

In "Southern Pride and Prejudice", a bottlehead of himself was shown as a product in Ballmart, alongside him appearing on a Confederate Flag themed welcome mat and welcome ball, which was taken away and banned from Ballmart. Robert E. Lee also appeared in a video that Rusty was listening to, via tape in the Library, where he is shown with two giant squids.

General Robert E. Lee was revealed to have a personal tree root in "The Reenactment of the Repulsion of the Siege of Cuyler Mountain", which Early shown to Ollie, alongside a authentic Mountain Dew bottle from 1865 that Rusty holds in a box.