Glenn is a Recurring Background Character & co-worker of Early Cuyler for Dan Halen sheet rock international, An employee at Dan Halen Industries. He is often assaulted by Early at work or at home. He is often a victim of Early's many antics, with his wife, Donna caught in between. He shows more annoyance than loathing for Early. He is very protective of his wife whom Early often stalks and tries to seduce. In "Pile M for Murder" it is shown that he gets along with his boss Dan Halen, even tolerating and supporting Halen's murderous tendencies. In the exclusive episode "Glenn's Revenge", his character is expanded upon considerably. It's revealed Glenn harbors a rivalry against Early (which escalates to Glenn fantasizing about killing Early), he's not well known around the office (with another employee saying he's met him a dozen times and still doesn't know what his name is), he has a penchant for playing video games and smarting off at ten-year-olds, he watches TV and eats ice cream when he's rejected by his wife (also providing the first front-direct shot of him in the series), he can bore even the amicable Sheriff (providing also the first time the Sheriff has had major interaction with him), he's 41 years old, he had a Space Ghost lunchbox (that his mother said grew legs and ran away).

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  • Glenn sounded different in his debut episode, he was voice by Todd Barry, the same actor who voiced Dr. Bug.
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