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Glenn's Children are two minor characters in Squidbillies.


As their names imply, they are the unnamed son, and daughter of Glenn, and his wife, and they have a sight resembling to their parents, such as the daughter having Donna's blonde hair, and the son having Glenn's own orange hair, and he has on a hat. They were first mentioned, but insulted by Early in "Need for Weed". They were later mentioned in the episode "Class of '86", as Glenn said to Dan Halen that they died in a house fire. This is later retconned in the episode "Thanks-Taking", where the children make their first physical appearance in the show, appearing aside their father as they find their lost dog named "Billie", but renamed to "Biscuit" due to the Cuyler family. Glenn discovers the nametag on the dog's collar, and gives him away to Early, and Granny, making the two children crying in Glenn's car, and Glenn telling them that Billie was a very good dog, and he misses him.



  • Glenn's son has a "Lost Dog!" sign of "Billie" on his shirt.