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Glug is a beverage created by Early Cuyler and distributed by Dan Halen Sheet Rock International that has spawned several merchandise such as Key chains and hats as well as being very popular among the Dougal County residents.

It's mostly pine cone liquor, but other ingredients include antifreeze, brake fluid, all-weather coolant, gasoline, hair spray, paint stripper, meth, mint leaves and Early's own ink (which is probably at least 70 proof). Despite the considerably large amounts of problems associated with the drink (i.e. it causes permanent blindness), no warnings are ever placed. Glug are also contained in yellow bottles. Glug is also served as a drink in The Jiggle Hut.


Other than being featured in Office Politics Trouble, Glug is never seen more than just another prop. Usually appearing as an advertisement seen in "Terminus Trouble" or being drunk by characters in numerous episodes.

Bottles of Glug are seen again in the episode "Atone Deaf" when Early was passed out during the time Ellis closed down the strip club. Product placements of Glug was seen throughout the episode "Frivolacious Squidigation?" along with a Glug drinking hat saying it's own name and saying "get the party started" with Early, Russell, and Granny wearing the said hats by the end of the episode. Glug was served as part of Early's Sasquatch Cooler in "Cooler-Heads Prevail".


  • Other than its original appearance, Glug has not shown its problematic side effects again.
  • Oddly enough bottles of Glug were seen in a flashback in "Duel of the Dimwits", despite the drink not even being invented yet during that time.