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God's Bro is the 8th episode of the fourth season and the 48th episode overall. In this episode, Dan Halen hires a group of scientists to build a supercollider, and causes an public and morally ethical backlash between all the citizens of Dougal County. This episode first aired on July 5, 2009 on [Adult Swim].


The episode begins with a scientist talking an to Dan Halen about getting the funding to create a supercollider which will be used to help people have better understanding of subatomic particles. Dan Halen wants to fund the hole in order to dispose of a Prostitute that he murdered and offers the scientist a bushel of peaches to build the collider.

The people of Dougal County watch an advertisement for Halen's supercollider that is advertised as an "speedway for tiny stock cars" as it ends up gaining the disapprovement of the Reverend and causes the anger of everyone who now wants the Collider to not built.

The people of Dougal county start to protest outside of the collider as Early tries to provoke the Scientists. Soon, a riot breaks out and then the Supercollider starts which Halen throws both the prostitute and his mother down it.

Then a godlike head is summoned out of the hole bearing lightning and as Halen escapes the scientist, he is killed by thunder as it is revealed that this character is not god but rather it is his estranged stepbrother who is much more powerful than god himself. He has the powers to create alternate realities, stack mountains on each other, turn cows inside out, and summon people at the palm of his hand.

God's Bro and the Reverend along with others watch Kirk Cameron's movie as he summons and kills Kirk Cameron. He later gives Rusty a police car that he breaks and calls it a "slightly used trooper cruiser", kills the sheriff, and then shows Lil his Harley. The two are having a great Time but then the stepbro starts crying and yells "why don't you love me. dad?!" as the world explodes.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Do Something With Your Life, Take Off Your Top!!!"


Guest Appearances[]


  • Patrick Swayze (imposter) makes a appearance in this episode as a background character.
  • The big sign say's "future site of Dougal country supercollider and possible extinction level event, coming Summer 2009!".
  • This is the only episode of Squidbillies to a family member of Dan Halen is featured.
  • This is the second episode of Season 4, where it ends the episode with planet Earth exploding, first being the episode "Lerm".
  • This is one the few episodes in the series that features live-action footage. For example live action woman bikini breasts and a monster truck.
  • The beginning of the episode that shows footage of space as a theme.
  • Reverend mentioned he wanted to go to Heaven with God, this may be a reference to how he didn't enter "The Rapture" in "Armageddon Is On!".
  • On the Volume 3 DVD, The Reverend is listed as "Priest" when you turn on the subtitles.

References and Allusions[]

  • Kirk Cameron is formed by God's Bro makes a appearance, his movies are referenced.