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God's Brother, God's Step-brother or God's Bro was a rebellious, all-powerful being who appeared after Dan Halen had created a wormhole machine in which he used to enter Dougal County. He has a stereotypical appearance of a biker; with a motorcycle covered in Christian symbols. He has a feeling of self-loathing for not being loved by his dad, and for being a failure unlike his step-brother, God.

"I remember I used to turn on my rig whenever he would be making the whole universe.......now look at him.........look at me"


God's Brother first came when Dan Halen had created a black-hole, or "whore-swallower". Upon entering the portal, he killed all the scientists that had been working on. This prompted some of the residents to think he was God.  However, he revealed that God has had problems in his past life and was not as perfect as the residents of Dougal County had thought before.  This revelation caused the Reverend to weep. Early, Rusty, and the Sheriff traveled around Dougal County with God's Brother until they had got everything they wanted. After that Lil Cuyler began to talk with him, eventually reminding God's Brother of his inner demons, which would lead to revving his badass Harley, crying for his father's approval, and eventually destroying the Earth.


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