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Golden Griffin is a minor creature in Squidbillies.


Golden Griffin appears exclusively in the episode "School Days, Fool Days." The creature is based of a mythological called the "griffin", which is a hybrid between an eagle, and a lion. The griffin is colored golden, and has red eyes.

While not much of the griffin is shown, Dan Halen calls the griffin, after Sheriff interrupts a cock fight between Rusty, and a male chicken. The griffin arrives, he hops on it, and the creature flies away with him. The griffin is seen making its own sound, and Dan Halen also says "to Beldendorf", meaning that griffin that he is riding on is going to fly away to that place.

Dan Halen would eventually own a Griffin of a different species that would later appear in the episode "Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen", and "Rich Dan, Poor Dan" respectively.