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Granny Hotfoot is the seventh episode from the ninth season of Squidbillies. It first aired November 9th, 2014 on [adult swim].


Early learns that there are multiple ways to defeat a feeble old woman.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"
  • "Granny Sux!!!!!"
  • Multi-Colored Bandanna
  • Tree Costume
  • Red-Haired Wig



  • Any of the scenes in the background that feature Early, Rusty or Granny racing in the Hog race, the audience in the background of the race is over looping.
  • Many characters from previous episodes most notably the Father holding a Baby From "Terminus Trouble", "Lerm" & "Velvet Messiah" appearance in audience of the Hog Race.
  • A White rabbit is shown floating when the Hog race begun it's possible that white rabbit was shot out of a cannon off-screen.
  • Two African's, two Pedophiles wearing a green shirt, and two Randy's are seen in the audience in one scene.
  • Tammi makes a cameo in this episode in the said audience similar to the episode "Hetero-Cephalo Agenda", Snakeman makes some cameos in some scenes of the audience.
  • When Early is wrecking havoc on the Hog race by cheating using his Truck on the track, Snakeman and several people are visible in the background, oddly although some people like Glenn, his wife, Donna's ex-husband, Randy, Melissa, and Tammi were thrown and covered by dirt from the ground due to Early's truck wheels, a few seconds later the background featuring these characters is perfectly normal in many subsequent scenes of the race.
  • Ironically, due to problems with Early's truck and Early beating up a half injured Granny near the finish line, a hog dressed as one of the gladiator's from "Granicus Hotfoot", wins the race by heading to the finishing line with it carrying the latter hog that is colored brown who is dead.
  • This is one of the last episodes where Snakeman is a regular background character (though it was just a cameo) & he also doesn't appear again until "Dove In An Iron Cage" due to his absence in the tenth season.

Theme Song Performers[]