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Granny and Ga Ga's father is the father of Granny Cuyler and Ga Ga Pee Pap Cuyler, and the grandfather of Early Cuyler, Lil Cuyler, Durwood Cuyler, Dr. Bug, and presumably Shannon Cuyler. He is also the great grandfather of Rusty Cuyler, Hershel Walker Cuyler, and Lil's offspring, and the great-great grandfather of Macho Man Randy Cuyler


Granny's and Ga Ga's father doesn't appear that much in the series, except for a flashback in "Duel of the Dimwits". His son GaGa wanted to ask his sister Ruby Jean in hand for marriage. The father only lines are "well, let me think on it, okay, I think that will work". GaGa start to get engaged with Ruby. He is never seen again after this flashback meaning he must of have passed away due to his old age.