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Griffin is a mythological creature in Squidbillies.


The griffin is a mythological creature, and is a hybrid between a lion and an eagle, with the said creature making eagle noises. An individual griffin appears in the show in over two episodes, and is depicted with pink fur, with eagle legs and lion feet, and has large purple wings, three bowties and a tail.

Episode Appearances[]

In "Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen", Dan Halen has a pet griffin named "Ken Griffin Jr." in his possession. The creature is seen flying and carrying a Mexican, which also drops him and the Mexican then runs away. The griffin is introduced by Dan Halen to Melissa, mentioning the creature is a actual creature from mythology. Despite this, Dan Halen claimed the creature was a "griffin goodle", which he claims is more expansive than a purebred griffin. Dan Halen feeds a human skull to the creature, from a bag of human skulls. Dan Halen also claimed that the griffin is terrible with children.

In the episode "Rich Dan, Poor Dan", the griffin appears throughout the episode. The episode also confirmed more about the creature being a very expansive pet, as the creature was being pulled and taken away by two Mexicans, due to Dan Halen's bankruptcy. Dan Halen also claims that he purchased the Griffin from former NBA all-star; Allen Iverson. When Dan Halen rode the griffin, they crashed into the window, leading to Dan Halen telling the griffin "No, not the window!", "The door was open!", while riding the creature into the sky.

The griffin was also seen digging through a dumpster next to the Jiggle Hut, while breaking a trash can. Aside from Dan Halen, Early, on one occasion, rode the creature once, and called it a "chicken-dog", while the griffin landed next to the porch of the Cuyler House. The creature also rode into the back of Early's truck for a mud ride, also being covered with mud, while sticking out its tongue.

At the end of the episode, the griffin ended up being killed offscreen, and then cooked by Granny, who seemed hungry for the griffin's meat. As the griffin was being cooked, she ate the leg of the creature's leftover remains.



  • A very similar griffin appeared in "School Days, Fool Days", but the creature was colored golden and has red eyes, which is never seen again after that episode.
  • When the griffin was cooked by Granny, its pink bowtie remains in intact.