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Hybrid To Hell is the ninth episode from the ninth season of Squidbillies. It first aired November 23rd, 2014 on [adult swim].


Early loses his great love.


Early protests hybrid power by rolling coal in his truck-boat-truck. When it runs out of fuel, Rusty and the Sheriff take his truck to a used car dealer (hoping to get rid of it) and use the money to buy Early an electric car.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Dougal County Corrections BK4013970061794"
  • "If You Don't Roll Coal, Then You Can Kiss My Gas!!!"



  • At the beginning of the episode, Early is seen urinating on a solar-powered speed limit sign, Early destroyed the old one with a cinder block and attempts to do the same thing with the new one.
    • Early also mentions his penis, after Sheriff mentioned he was urinating on the speed limit while a school bus was passing and he claims that young'uns that never seen a grown men's penis.
  • Dougal County's currently speed limit is over 45 per miles per hour.
  • Reverend makes a cameo in this episode driving a car on the road.
    • When his car hits the speed limit, the number appears as 71 per miles per hour.
  • The man driving a car from "The Legend of Kid Squid" makes a cameo driving his car on the road.
  • Boyd is mentioned in this episode, though he doesn't appear in the episode and Early claims it is "Boyd's Gas Station". Its unknown if he is referring to the Gas Station being owned by Boyd or he has mistaken his Convenience Store for a Gas Station.
  • This is the only episode of the ninth episode to feature Ballmart.
  • The Liquor Store Stork Clerk from the episodes "The Pharaoh's Wad" and "Trucked Up!" makes an appearance.
  • The truck-boat-truck has a 2002 ignition switch (Early later claimed it was an America made ignition switch) include which later appears in the dealership for the truck, but blows up later on.
  • When Sharif was poring gas on the ground, pretending that the electric car Early has but has a electric plug, he repeats the word "Glug" a few times, obviously a possibly nod to Glug.
  • On Early's electric car, has several features on it.
    • The electric car's cupholders are filled with dip spit, just like Early's old truck.
    • The back of Early's electric car has a license plate covered in chain that says "Georgia 30 Day Temporary Tag." The license plate is later changed to the text "Boo-T" written in red letters later on.
    • The mud flaps seen the back of the electric car have a picture of a fat woman sitting down.
    • The red Truck Nuts from "The Good One", appear on the back.
    • A black sign written white letter saying "who is John Galt?."
    • A big ergonomic button with a leaf on it.
    • The electric car has its own aux and can play a track called "loud engine noise", Sharif tells Rusty to be careful since it has hot tracks there.
    • A E-corn just plugs in a wall, like Early's hair dryer and his curling iron and his leg shaver.
  • An instrumental version of the song "Francebound Clown" from "Trucked Up!" is played in the episode.
  • The song "C'mon Everybody" from "Flight of the Deep Fried Pine Booby" is played in the electric car when Early and Rusty are saved by the truck nuts while almost falling onto a cliff.
  • The Copperhead Snake we see living in the inflated Santa Claus decoration for more than five years resembles one of the snakes from a episode in the ninth season called "Bunker Down, You Hairy Dawg!", over three episodes ago.
  • This episode features a environmental theme on the bad effects of pollution to the world's environment, for example, on a television program that features the penguins losing their habitat from the ice melting, a turtle's foot is stuck on a six-pack of soda, a factory of pollution, and bird trapped in oil.
    • Earlier in the episode, Early did release pollution from his car, but Russell does makes a good point about that their destroying their planet.
  • Shawn Coleman's voice actor does a voice in this episode and the voice is heard on the television.
  • The Car Dealer mentions the real-life "David Allan Coe" from the episode "The Okaleechee Dam Jam".
  • A large sign saying "Roll King Coal" appears on the truck-boat-truck.
  • This is one of the few episodes to focus on the truck-boat-truck and to explode and to be destroyed in some sort of fashion.

References & Allusions[]

  • Early mentions the Patrick Swayze movie "Roadhouse" and mentions "Swayze" two times when he and Rusty watch a environmental program television.
  • John Galt, a character from Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged" is mentioned on a black sign written in white letters saying "who is John Galt?."

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