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Ice Wind, also known as "cloud", is a dangerous blue mist from a body spray that appears in the episode "Sharif." Dan Halen of Dan Halen Sheet Rock International created it as a test for a body spray as a product. Sheriff also can protect himself in a hillbilly hazmat suit from the Ice Wind.

A very similar dangerous body spray called "Appalachian temptation male body spray" appears in the next episode "Condition: Demolition!". It ended lighting everyone on fire after the demolition derby held in a stadium was a hallucination. Ice Wind makes a cameo in "Dead Squid Walking".


The Ice Wind was sprayed out all over Dougal County from a large blimp and the wind was ripping the skin off any potential victims and remain as a skeleton. The victims of the icy wind were Billy Morton, Boyd, Reverend, half of the body of Sheriff, Glenn's Wife, Donna's Ex-Husband, The Mexicans, Glenn, Dr. Bug, Snakeman, Krystal, Dr. Cock and later Ruby Jean. During the time, Sheriff was fired as town Sheriff and Deputy Denny become the town's sheriff in the plot of the episode.



  • This body spray is one of the many products made by Dan Halen Sheet Rock International.
  • It can be assumed that this wind is presumably made out of Ice.
  • The body spray was commonly called a "cloud" by the Sheriff. The term later show ups when Dan Halen called it a "free" cloud.