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Jacksonville Jackass is the third episode from the eleventh season of Squidbillies. It first aired on October 29th, 2017 on [adult swim]

Synopsis []

While at a football game, the Sheriff drinks his first adult beverage and becomes intoxicated, causing chaos to ensue. 


The Cuylers, disguised as football paraphernalia, visit the sheriff in the middle of the night to invite him to see the Bulldogs against the Gators in Florida and to convince him to be their driver. When they arrive they force him to get drunk with beer. Rusty is rather worried while Early, initially amused by the sheriff, becomes more and more jealous of him because of his showing off. When they enter the arena, the sheriff is so drunk that he ends up climbing fences and falling down a long flight of stairs, before being taken out by the security guards. As the two leave, Early expresses regret about what happened and they head to the local prison to save the sheriff, but end up leaving him there because Early, according to him, is "jealous and mean".

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Gator-Hater" 
  • "Booty-Hunter" 


Guest Stars[]

  • "Action Plan" Tim Andrews


  • Early's wears his "Gator-Hater" hat, previously seen in the episode "The Good One". 
  • Multiple bottles simply labeled "Beer" can be seen throughout the episode, along with cans & bottles named "Glug".
    • Sheriff got drunk by all the beer, that the Cuyler's give him.  
  • Early, Rusty & Granny are revealed to be Gator-Hater Fans.
    • Sheriff also has a RV called "Cheeseburger In Paradise", which all four characters used to get there.  
  • Early has a microwave to use for a turd, back in time to kill Hitler, Granny mistakes it for a future toilet, Sheriff only said number ones (Urination) on the road, not number twos (Human Feces), they pull over.
  • Sheriff's penis is blurred out on television as he is naked throughout the episode.
  • Some Sheriff's animations changed in this episode.
  • Ethan & his mother from "Granny Hotfoot" & "Trackwood Race-ist" returns as cameos.
  • Shelia makes a cameo in this episode but her skin color is changed to brown making her a African-American.
  • One of the two prisoners seen in the jail heavily resembles "Ricky" a prisoner who appeared in "Dove In An Iron Cage", the other prisoner resembles the prisoner that stabbed & injured a another prisoner in the therapist room in that said episode.