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Jose, Can You? Si! is the tenth and final episode from the ninth season of Squidbillies. It first aired November 30th, 2014 on [adult swim].


Early discovers the value of someone else doing the hard work.


Early faces deportation... right after yelling at Hispanics to leave the USA. The Sheriff asks Early for a birth certificate and social security number but his mother (Granny) can't give him one because she gave birth to him in international waters while she was prostituting herself at Navy ships. Early is deported and returns to marry his mother in an attempt to regain citizenship. At the wedding and the end of the episode, one of the Hispanic men from the beginning tell the Sheriff that the marriage was unnecessary, because his mother is a citizen and therefore so is Early.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • White Chef Hat
  • "Freedom Ain't Free...And We Don't Accept Pesos!!!"
  • "How'D My Worm Get In Your Taco?, "Spring Break Cancun 2007"


Guest Stars[]

Theme Song Performers[]


  • This episode has themes about Immigration.
  • One of the Mexicans in this episode is named "Rodrigo" & he has a large Mexican family, in fact a Mexican was previously named "Rodrigo" in "A Jailhouse Divided".
  • This is Dan Halen's first reappearance in Season 9 since the episode "Taint Misbehavin".
  • This episode reveals Early was born in the Ocean, Possibly The Atlantic or Pacific Oceans.
  • The Newspaper say's "6000 Dead", "Earthquake In India", this is a reference to the episode "The Many Loves Of Early Cuyler".
  • This episode is the final speaking appearance of Reverend in the series before his voice actor Scott Hilley Passed away on September 8, 2015.