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Krystal's Cousin is a cousin of Krystal, she only appears in "The Many Loves of Early Cuyler". She is similar to Krystal, she wears a big yellow shirt with a dog face on it, she wears sandals, pants, has pink earrings, lips & eye shadow, brown hair.


Krystal mentioned she is with her cousin, when Early calls her on the phone, Early arrives on his truck & mentioned that they're were two of them, Early then mentioned "Lord, Please let me have this extra-chunky threesome, and I will forever pretend gospel is better than the Devil's music, which we both know it ain't amen", Early gets & calls "Ladies!", Krystal's cousin say's "Hunh-unh, don't answer, Krystal, he's just not that into you".

Early mentioned "Hey, Come on, now give that cousin a hug bet you ain't seen her in a long time, bet you missed her", Early then pulls Krystal's hands, say's "Yeah, and then a hand on the thigh", "Ooh-hoo-hoo-hoo, let's loosen up and have a little bit of fun, here", Krystal's Cousin picks up him & puts him down, she say's "No three-way, no way, no how", Early then said "Now, come on, now!", Krystal's cousin then said "I'm a god-fearin' woman, I won't do nothin' out of marriage".

Later in the morning, at the Cuyler House, Krystal & her cousin crashed through the walls of there house, Rusty & Granny discover it, both say "We're Married", Early falls on the ground, Granny say's "Oh, no Rusty, you don't need to be seein' this", Krystal's cousin say's "Go play in the yard with your Step--S-S-Step--S-S-Stepsisters And -Brothers", Rusty comes out & sees lots of them, Later Early splashes a bucket of water on Krystal's cousin.

Soon Early mentions his manly pleasure hard and with much speed as he said, he puts their arms together, Later she is seen wearing a dress, with Krystal & other woman, not speaking. Eight months later, they dance to a Kid's Pop Song Parody, she does not speak for the rest of the episode, at one point, she does pass out.