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Lerm” Is the first season 4 episode of Squidbillies, It originally aired on May 17, 2009 on [Adult Swim].


An accident leads to rage, leads to friendship, leads to love, leads to murder, leads to political success.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "These Colors Don't Run"
  • Red Helmet
  • "Lerm!"
  • "Always Remember June 19!


Guest Appearances[]


  • The phrases "Death to America" and "...go that way" are used extensively in this episode.
  • It's revealed that Early likes to commit vehicular homicide as a hobby, this is seen when a man holding the Baby from the episode "Terminus Trouble", reappears again on-screen, they are hit by Early & Lerm, the baby cries, the dead man & the Baby flies off the side of the vehicle. The Baby most likely did not survive.
  • One of the aliens in the Alien audience of the wedding of Lerm & Lil Cuyler resembles the alien form of Plumber Bubba though it's design doesn't have any fur on him, also one of the aliens in the audience resembles a alien version of Early Cuyler, Lerm's parents are also shown in that said audience.
  • The cameraman takes pictures of Lerm and Lil's wedding resembles the cameraman who appeared in the episode "An Officer and a Dental Dam"
  • This is one of the few episodes where the credits are completely different, this later happens in "God's Bro".
  • This is the fourth episode of Season 4 to be produced according to Production Order & on the Volume 3 DVD.
  • According to the website "IMDB", this episode is the highest rated episode of Squidbillies with it given a 9.1 rating.
  • On a July 14, 2017 airing of this episode, this episode was rated TV-MA instead of being rated TV-14 for language and violence.


  • Before Lerm crashes his UFO in Reverend's Church if you look at the Aliens on the right, Lerm's Parents, a orb & two aliens are seen on the floor what happened was one of the seats in the church disappeared in that scene & is still presented when Lerm's UFO crashes inside building crashing into the Aliens.
  • There are clones of Glenn's Wife (one of them has different colored hair), his ex-husband, Shawn Coleman, Randy, and clones of other people (not counting the Mexicans or Japanese) appear within the audience during Lerm's "Death To America" speech.