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Lerm Edwards is a violent alien that crash landed near the house of the Cuyler family. He has very advanced technology and a short temper, and is constantly attempting to pick fights with other characters. Lerm is has shown a deep hatred towards the United States as he is always saying ''Death to America ''even when the statement does not relate to the situation. He married Lil Cuyler at the suggestion of Early also to become a resident of the U.S. But He shortly kills Lil due to many reasons that never happened.


Lerm crashes his ship in a fit of rage

Lerm is seen as a trouble maker as well as bad mouthing, threatening and killing the residents of Dougal county. He sees every word given to his as a threat, although the only person who actually gave lerm a threat was Early. When provoked Lerm will crash his ship unto the area the person is standing on, whom Lerm said ''It's on'' and We'll go that way, he has missed but does eventually hit his targets. Lerms other violent activities would be eating people, when ever he sees a person being problematic he will eat them or kill them. He also speaks in formal tone, as he says words like ''affirmative'' rather than yes. Despite his cruelty, Lerm has deep respect for his friends, he seems to enjoy crashing his ship with Early Cuyler and has taken his advice on a few occasions.


Lerm appears to posses a large jaw in which he can extend at will. Lerm also has very advanced technology, such as hologram paper which he used to write his vows, a spaceship that can travel through dimensions as well as have a cloaking device and warping technology placed on his ships.


  • "Lerm" (Only Appearance)


  • It is ironic that Lerm befriended Early Cuyler who is very patriotic (Early was wearing a Trucker hat that read ''these colors don't run'' on a American flag) when Lerm himself hates America...
  • Lerm is rumored to have acquired his hatred of the United States from having fought in the Confederate States Armed Forces during the American Civil War.
  • It is even more ay-rhon-ic that Lerm stole his name from Lum Edwards (Edderds) of the Lum and Abner Show. Not even one human outside of the writers of the show knew that one, and he was inebriated when he thought up the name.