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Let 'er R.I.P. is the second episode of the thirteenth season of Squidbillies. It first aired on November 7th, 2021, alongside "One Man Banned" on the same night on [adult swim].


The Roadkill Rembrandt rides again.


Rusty works at a morgue.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"


Theme Song Performer[]


  • Some clips of this episode were shown in the official Season 13 trailer, and Adult Swim has released a few clips of this episode on their YouTube channel.
  • The tape that covered Early's mouth in the intro for "One Man Banned", is absent in the intro for this episode, due to Tracy Morgan being casted as Early Cuyler.
  • The funeral area from the episode "Vicki" is shown again.
  • Bubba is revealed to be Rusty's boss and the latter works at a corpse prep themed building called Bubba's Discount Burials, which Rusty has been working for a few months, and also asked Bubba if he could shadow him while he can prep a body, wanting to pick out Bubba a brain, Rusty has also been working as a gravedigger at the building. Earlier in the episode, Bubba was also finding some hearse keys due to "some shit-for-brains backed it up to the wall over there."
    • Rusty mention that he is boss is a "asshole".
  • When Bubba said that it is "f**king" hot outside, the word was censored by a sound of the funeral. Rusty also the word "f**k" later on, which is censored by a cricket noise.
  • Bubba picked out someone's brain through his nasal cavity, then states they say its unnecessary, but the brain is over 8 pounds is over 8 pounds and at his age he would do anything to save his own back.
  • After Bubba was killed from an explosion at his building, after trying to relight the pilot, since Rusty wouldn't do it since it smelled like gas in there, while Rusty opens the window, Kyle Nubbins, who was outside of the store, stated that he has been promoted after the death of Bubba.
    • Bubba previously told Rusty to get his "worthless" ass to relight the pilot, before not doing it, and Bubba says that "alway f**king gotta have it your way, goddamn it", and Rusty asked him to crack the window a little bit, which Bubba tells him that he can go ahead to open the window, stating that a "Typical millennial, always looking for the nearest exit when there's work to be done."
    • Outside of the building, Nubbins takes out his preacher clothes, prior to the explosion.
    • Kyle Nubbins mentioned that he was almost out of there, and asks Rusty and his now-dead boss Bubba if he wanna schedule a viewing. Rusty mentioned that he didn't know since he is just a "gravedigger."
  • When Rusty enters his house, Early stated "look what the cat dragged in", and he is watching television, audio can be heard on it. He also asks where he has been "lollygaggin'". Rusty told that some people have to work. Early then stated that "they say do what you love, and you never work a day in your life", and Early says "Don't show up for work, and you never work a day in your life" and not working has worked out damn good for him.
  • When Rusty told Early that he needs somebody to fill my old position, due to being promoted from gravedigger, and asks if he can help, Early stated it sounded like work for him, and states "And you know what I say about work", as he claims its "10% inspiration" and "90% tax evasion", and "10% ragin' Cajun". Early then gives 110% to it.
  • Rusty mentioned that he can pay Granny 20 bucks to dig up a hole, when she can, while she carries a shovel and heads to the door, Early then argues with her since he "can't hired a scab" and tries to stop her, Granny told Early to "get off" of her, since she ain't from the union, and states that the USA is a "right-to-work state!"
  • Rusty is shown watching a video from DIY Funeral Guy, on his cellphone, for his video on "Top 10 Embalming Hacks", with a couple of common tools and some twist ties that anyone can do most of the corpse prep right at home. Due to Rusty not having all day, Rusty then skips sections of the video, and stops on a part where the guy does incision right under the belly button, which Rusty does but blood then spilled out of Bubba's corpse and onto Rusty, while the video explains that draining the blood in the corpse's body is important so you don't get covered in blood.
  • Early is shown digging foxholes in the ground for 20 dollars, via shovel, outside Bubb'a Discount Burials. Rusty sees this outside of the building, replying with a "what the hell!" to this, at least two times. Rusty also told him that he only had to dig one hole for 20 dollars, but Early didn't listen, and he thought that digging a half a million holes and would charge 20 million dollars for all of it, which Early thought it was good for him. Rusty also assumed that he thought that he was making a golf course. Rusty then mentioned that he is trying to run a business, not to dig a "f**king" hole to China.
    • Digging a hole straight to China was most likely a reference to "America: Why I Love Her", where in that episode Early stated that he was digging a hole to China, from the Yellowcake, and start attacking underneath.
    • Early then told Rusty to invoice that.
    • Rusty does give Early over 20 dollars for this and told him to fill the rest back up.
  • Early stated that a school counselor said to him, "You're gonna end up diggin' ditches for a livin'", Early said that his daddy told him "Don't you go gettin' his hopes up", and he ain't got the brains to go pro.
  • Granny found a dead body of a man after digging through his grave, but Early told her not to dig up the corpses from the gravestones, which Early calls "square rocks with the scribbling on them!".
  • Granny stated that they can fill holes too, if they don't like them for a fair price, though, Early replied that he would fill the hole with her body if she queer his negotiations. Granny was told then to dig back the dead body she dug up from the grave for a deal.
  • Bubba's funeral is gonna in 45 minutes and has no idea what the "hell" he is doing.
  • When doing Bubba's body prep, Early put on yellow squid tentacle gloves and drank a bottle of formaldehyde, to get drunk, he then throws the bottle away, which broke, due to it being glass.
    • Early called Bubba's body "triplets", when he see it, and asks "what happened here" to Bubba's dead face, making Rusty ask that Early doesn't know what he was doing, but Early knows exactly what he was doing, since he thinks that people look like animals with flesh, bones, teeth, tail, covered in hair, multiple stomachs, spend most of their lives in the forest, and only live about seven years. Bubba's foot then was later cut off by Early, but states that "we got us a armchair undertaker."
  • Early still has his Tracy Morgan voice when speaking in flashbacks, when Rusty is riding a 10-point buck-cycle, that Rusty should remember, which is a dead deer that was made and into a bicycle, with the deer's antlers' made into bars and told him to keep his feet on the clavicles, that Early made and built for him and when Early splashed cider vinegar on Granny to "depungify" her stink, who was wearing a fancy gown made out of dead skunks and green and gray rats that Early made for her and now ready for church.
  • Early then calls himself a "simbitchin' roadkill rembrandt!", and decides gets to work as he drinks the same formaldehyde and throws the bottle on the ground again, he tells Rusty to just go on and show the folks where to sit, where he provides the show, and also states that they have 300 graves to fill.
  • Bubba's death was Rusty's very first "eulogy", since he usually would dig holes, and states that he can tell by the crows how much Bubba was loved in the community.
  • After Rusty was speaking, Glenn told that it was a joke, and called him "gravedigger", and then tells to stop vamping, because it's not all about him, this leads to Rusty asking Early to come out, since he thought everyone was getting "restless" out here during the funeral.
  • Early themed Bubba's funeral on Hawaii, saying "Mele Kamikilaka" for Hawaiian for "Welcome to the great beyond!", while the Mexicans dressed as Hawaiians for this. Music is also heard in these scenes.
  • Bubba's dead body was used as prop, as a surfer, for Early's Hawaii themed funeral for him. Rusty is shocked by this and said that he is "sorry" for anyone in the small audience, Glenn then stated that Bubba always wanted to be the life of a party, with Early stating that he went full "parrot head" on Bubba, and then shows them that he made him dance since he hollowed out his plevis and jammed a paint mixer up his ass, Glenn said that he loved it and it was fun.
  • A pig pickin' laua, where a dead pig, with a apple in its mouth, is seen and being cooked, was featured in the graveyard for anyone to come. Early also the pig and anyone such as Glenn to "rest in pork." Rusty was then surprised to say that they got them a business model here.
  • Bubba's last name was shown to be "Russell", and his gravestone/tombstone says "Here lies" and states that his birth and death years are 1962 to 2021, obviously meaning that he was originally born in 1962 and this episode takes place in the current year of 2021.
  • Bottles of Glug and beer are seen in a coffin of ice, this coffin was possibly mean for Bubba.
  • One of the Mexicans died from a suicide, which is claimed to be a "tragedy" by Early, when one female and a bunch of male Mexican people attend a funeral for a Mexican that died from that. This Mexican committed suicide via noose, but was repurposed as a piñata for the kids, while filled with candy hearts, though, one of the kids almost ate one of the Mexican's organs, and then dropped it on the floor, as Early told him to not eat it by saying the words "Muy malo!".
  • As of right now, Bubba's Discount Burials is now run by Rusty, Early, and Granny, for consultation designs for anyone's dead relatives, and Granny told people for no pushing, and single file in the line.
  • The words "ultimate man cave!" appear on a banner on one of the funeral coffins, this is most likely a reference to the episode "Blue Lives Battered", because of Sharif's "ultimate man-cave" in that episode.
  • Early's dislike for Auburn to shown again in this episode, refusing to do a corpse prep on it, then Rusty to point to Lindsey's loved ones, even though Rusty told him that he is going to talk to them, and later on Early is even protesting at the tritube of a dead man named Lindsey since God hates Auburn, with the first episode being "Asbestos I Can", where he was shown to have a dislike for Auburn University, saying that "Auburn sucks" in the "(I Like) Driving in My Truck song. Now if Early refused to corpse prep and to bury Lindsay in the graveyard because of his Auburn tattoo on his chest, he would been fired from his job at Bubba's Discount Burials, and unless Rusty wanted to fire Early, he has to do what he says. Early then claimed that "they", referring to Glenn and Lindsey's wife, to take Lindsey's Auburn "lovin' ass" down the street to an another establishment, one where they don't care who they mingle with.
  • Early stated that Lindsey can't be buried in the Georgia graveyard since the red clay would reject him, and stated why its red for a reason, referencing the Georgia Bulldogs again, and told Lindsey's wife "Georgia Bulldogs, baby!", "Sic 'em!", and makes dog sounds of "woof" to him. Rusty then drags away Early stating that his colleague can make an exception.
  • Lindsey's wife came from Alabama on Glenn's own referral, when Early is talking about that he won't accommodate their "kind", from Auburn.
  • Sharif now works as security after Rusty told Early to "get off" and then takes him away while Early protests to Glenn and Lindsey's wife again since he would say "Sorry for your loss", but mentions that they and Auburn are used to losing to Georgia, and would be "apologizin'" to them nonstop. Rusty then apologizes to them, and he will prepare to the body for Auburn Tigers. Lindsey's wife stated it was right, and then "War damn eagle", leading to Rusty asking about how is their is a eagle too.
  • In The Jiggle Hut, a passed out and drunk man is seen, he is holding a bottle of Glug.
  • When Rusty is calling Ellis on a phone, the latter states if he is calling for prostitute, which The Jiggle Hut doesn't do anymore. He then winks his eyes two times while saying that.
  • Leroy makes a cameo in this episode, where he is watching a stripper in The Jiggle Hut.
  • This episode reveals that Ellis is still trafficking exotic animals and has a petting zoo that has been currently closed due to the lack of a permit, but Ellis could still do "private events", if the money is right. All he has left is a bunch of turkeys caged up. Ellis then asks Rusty if he is going over the state line.
  • The next morning, Lindsey's wife, alongside her two children, Glenn, Sharif, and two other man attend a very moving tribute for Lindsey, her husband. A tiger, a turkey and Lindsey are covered up by blue curtains while moving along while Ellis hits them while the tiger is smelling the meat, leading Nubbins questioning if their are any live animals in there, but were heavily sedated by Rusty and Ellis. Nubbins looks inside and sees these this, stating that he isn't doing this, and gives Rusty the bible since he highlighted the relevant passages so he can just wing it since nobody listens anyway and then leaves, he also puts on his helmet. Meanwhile, Ellis hits the tiger with his shotgun. Rusty then tells everyone to sit down and then preaches for the tribute to Lindsey in the presence of God to honor the life of him, before being interrupted by Early and Granny's protesting.
  • The signs saying on Early's signs are "God hates Auburn", a picture of God flipping the bird, censored with a black bar, "Satan went to Auburn", "We don't embalm Tigers!", "Barners be gone!" and "Auburn in Hell!."
  • Early questions how they invoke the name of God, preparing a Auburn body for burial, since he thinks God hates Auburn. Sharif stated that he has gone full westbo and heads to the gate. Granny then rings a bell to behold the mark of the beast, based on the "AU", standing for Auburn University, on the helmet. Sharif told everyone not to listen to this, and Rusty later on told him to keep the microphone noise down since he is rallying up the tiger, inside the large blue curtains, Glenn asks Rusty about how "got's" a living tiger in the curtains, since Rusty couldn't scrape up an eagle in time. Rusty then reveals the tiger and turkey in reference to Auburn Tigers, football, and University. Early then told them to "thou shall not worship two mascots", the tiger rips up one of the legs of Lindsey and gets off, while blood splatters on his wife and son.
  • Ellis mentioned that he "gotta" jet and leaves.
  • When the tiger drags Sharif away, Early calls him a "damn Auburn lover", while Rusty is upset as he leaves and stated "damn it" and that he liked this job. Early then says "That's what you get when you take on the dawgs!", as anyone else runs away from the tiger, dragging Sharif's leg, as the episode ends with Early making the same "woof" sounds.

References & Allusions[]

  • Early poorly sings the beginning of "The Cycle of Life" in Zulu from the Disney film The Lion King, when the curtains open when Bubba's Hawaiian funeral happens.
  • Early mispronounces "Mele Kalikimaka" at the funeral, which is obviously a reference the word that was said in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
  • Auburn Football and Auburn Tigers is also referenced in the episode. Lindsey also truly loved Auburn football, as told by his wife and told Rusty to pay tribute to Auburn, telling her if she is pretty much fixed on Auburn. Lindsey also had a body tattoo of Auburn football and tigers on his chest.
    • Lindsey's Wife: "War damn Eagle!"
  • Georgia Tech, an interior ACC team or Wake Forest are mentioned by Early, who would do this out of sympathy, while Early refuses to do something with Auburn.
  • Apple CEO Tim Apple is mentioned by Early, who when to Auburn, and states that anyone now has government tracking chips in all of their heads.