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Lil's offspring are a group of baby Appalachian mud squids that appeared only in "The Good One". They are the offspring of Lil Cuyler, and an unknown father, who is never seen, or mentioned. One notable member of the clan is Herschel Walker Cuyler. However, two squids named "Jimmy Dean", and "Ricky Jay" are also revealed in the episode. Their genders remain unknown.


Lil gave birth to a large number of children. All of the babies are all on the ground, making noise, or crying. Russell think that the babies are cute, wants to keep a bunch of the babies. Early, and Rusty lets a small group of babies enter a bag, and head to a lake. But their caught by Sheriff, who discovers the bag full of crying baby squids.

Soon the babies start to die, and stop moving, but other gotten a crack addiction, got pregnant, and we're stabbed by Herschel. All of the babies were then taken to see the third Saw movie in a movie theater by Rusty's commands, while Early starts a family bonding with Herschel. Rusty then yells at "Jimmy Dean" and "Ricky Jay" on their phones. Most of the babies pass out during the movie, and their never seen again.