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Limbitless is the second episode from the ninth season of Squidbillies. It first aired September 28th, 2014 on [adult swim].


Early trades his legs for walking around money.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "You Can't Fix Stupid If It Don't Broke!!!"
  • "My Other Hat Is Rols Roice"
  • Hairnet



  • Early's Co-Workers are named "Darlene & Becky" & when he throws the rock in the vending breaking the glass Early said "Free greek-yogurt-covered gummy nuts, baby!".
  • The giant container full of Liquids that Early puts one of his tentacles in is Similar to the giant container of Glug from "Office Politics Trouble".
  • This is the second episode in the series, where Early lost all of his limbs & replace them while his tentacles grow back, first being in the episode "The Good One", this episode has it be the main focus.
  • The three guard dogs that bite Early's limbs he put into some dog food resemble the ones from "Rebel with a Claus".
  • The various ways Early loses his limbs are the glass that fell & cut on his limb & cuts it with a cutter, he cuts off his second & third ones with a paper cutter & a pencil sharper, the fourth one was a attendance machine, the fifth one is putting it into a giant Corrosive tube, the sixth one was ran over by a man named Lyle's forklift wheels, the seventh one is covering it with dog food & bitten by three dogs though a gate, the eighth one is being cutted by Dan's golden scissors when a "Grand Opening" was happening, the ninth one is it bursting in a microwave, Early posed on a cross as Jesus Christ almost had one of limbs also got cut by a yellow Dan Halen motor working in a field but stopped by Glenn, two crows rip up Early last two limbs which happened two times.
  • Lil Cuyler is seen floating in a swimming pool, she is still laying down on the ground even when she is bleeding.
  • Unlike the episode "The Good One" his limbs are replaced by hooks instead of sticks though all of the rest of the Cuyler has there limbs ripped off them.

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