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This page is a list of all of the onscreen and offscreen character deaths in the Adult Swim series Squidbillies. Many characters frequently die in the show in many episodes listed below.


In General[]

  1. God, Squid Jesus, God's Brother, Angels and Squid Satan are already dead.
  2. A Zombie Citizen died of an unknown cause before the events of the series. The citizen was revived as a zombie.
  3. Demon Sheriff, along his foreign exchange boyfriend, and his parents are from Hell and died of an unknown cause.
  4. Some episodes have a animal fossil is seen in the ground such as the episodes such as "Meth O.D. to My Madness."
  5. Other characters such as Mammy Cuyler, GaGa's and Granny's father and Jefferson Cuyler died at an unknown point in time before the show.

Season 1 Deaths[]

This Show Is Called Squidbillies[]

  1. It's mentioned by Dan Halen a baby died from the Baby Hammock offscreen.
  2. Snakeman kills a innocent person.
  3. Billy Morton gets hit by a truck.
  4. Early Cuyler burns down a man's house and its implied that man was burned to death too.
  5. Sheriff commits suicide, and dies by putting shampoo in his hair (presumably from Lil Cuyler's crystal meth from her Meth Lab) and tears off the skin of his face and passes out. Lil also comes in with a chainsaw and cuts the body offscreen with some blood splattering on Rusty.
  6. Rusty blows up after filling himself with over 300 pounds of nitroglycerin, and this explosion explodes kills Rusty and the wolves attacking him, but it was a dream from Rusty.
  7. Early kills a innocent prisoner with his shotgun.
  8. Sheriff gets eaten by Snakeman.

Take This Job & Love It[]

  1. A man's body during brain surgery is seen, and Early stabbed the person with a knife.
  2. Early beats up a man in the library. It's implied that this man died from his injuries, as blood is seen, his face is gone, and some of his body parts remain intact.
  3. Sheriff is eaten by Snakeman again.
  4. Miguel falls into a tube of ingredients and it's implied that Mexican was put into the meat of "Zesty Ranch Baby Tacos".

School Days, Fool Days[]

  1. Early, Russell and Sheriff are all seen getting run over by a train at the end of the episode but their fates are never seen.

Family Trouble[]

  1. A human version of Rusty pops out of Russell.
  2. A rabbit is disintegrated after Dr. Jerry spills Early's bourbon whiskey on it.
  3. Dr. Jerry is accidently killed by Sharif firing his guns indoors.

Office Politics Trouble[]

  1. Boyd is killed an explosion when his store is burned.
  2. A wolf died of an unknown cause off-screen, skeleton seen.
  3. Its implied many people may have died in a massive car crash and a fire started due to the effects of Glug, and the characters infected by it.
  4. A random citizen burning on fire is covered in ashes is seen.
  5. A woman's head explodes, due to being inflected with Glug.
  6. The rabbit's dead corpse from "Family Trouble" reappears again.
  7. Sheriff is ran over by a truck.
  8. A man is killed in an explosion
  9. Reverend dies in an explosion.

Season 2 Deaths[]

Butt Trouble[]

  1. When the Baby Vampire Squids wreck havoc in Dougal County, blood of unknown people seen on the ground.

Double Truckin' the Tricky Two[]

  1. Sheriff is beaten up, and killed by a clone of himself.

Swayze Crazy[]

  1. The real Patrick Swayze is killed by getting stabbed with a sword like needle poking out of a boot from a legless drifter imposter impersonating him.
  2. Patrick Swayze's Wife is also killed in the same manner by the imposter impersonating Patrick Swayze.
  3. The Pizza Delivery Man is beaten up by Early. It's implied that he died from his inquiries.

Meth O.D. to My Madness[]

  1. The Indians were gunned down by the Settlers.
  2. Two Indians are killed offscreen in their tent, blood is seen.
  3. A horse are ran over.
  4. The gay fur trappers are wiped out by a massive Gorkinite.
  5. An Animal fossil is seen in the ground.
  6. Dan Halen, and Granny presumably die, or fate from an explosion.
  7. The Meth Hog die in several manners such as a regular hog from a gunshot, a fire, and the Meth Lab explosion.

The Tiniest Princess[]

  1. Hellish Jay & Skyler are both killed by Early's shotgun, despite this, they both return as ghosts.
  2. A monster calculator presumably kills a family, though this is a fantasy.
  3. Boyd is eaten by the Counter Of The Mounter Tain.

Bubba Trubba[]

  • The alien form of Plumber Bubba dies, due to the lack of space fluids.

Terminus Trouble[]

  1. 4x8 Sheet of Half-Inch Plywood is blown away by a gust of wind mid-race
  2. 6 Piece Teak Patio Furniture Set blew a chair halfway through the race.
  3. Drop Cloth defeats the Extension Cord in the cage match.

Survival of the Dumbest[]

  1. A dead deer wearing clothes is seen dead after being killed by a grizzly bear.
  2. A baby Rusty pops out, and torn up of a cartoon fish.
  3. 22 dead squids are seen when the ocean is flooded.
  4. Early shoots a Giant Cyclops Squid, and kills him.
  5. A burning bloody body remains of a unknown man seen hanging on chains seen at a Cavemen casino.
  6. Early dies at the end of the episode by a rocket, and ascends to Heaven.

A Sober Sunday[]

  1. Sheriff shoots, and kills various Sheriff clones in the face.
  2. Rusty eats a cricket.
  3. Rusty presumably burns to death in the giant pile of fire while driving an Ice cream truck.
  4. All of the 49 Sheriff clones are burned to death on fire.
  5. Dan Halen is lighted on fire when one of the clones caused him to catch on fire.
  6. Early pushes Granny on a scooter, and drives her to a large pile of fire.

Rebel with a Claus[]

  1. Scooter was beaten to death by Early using a wooden heart.
  2. All of Santa's reindeer (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen) were killed by the Cuyler's offscreen, including Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer, who's head is decapitated offscreen by one of the Cuyler's.
  3. Granny's dogs bite, and ripped away all of the Silent Knight members.
  4. Santa Claus is accidently ran over by the Sheriff's police car with blood splattering.

Season 3 Deaths[]


  1. The Sheriff's face is blown off by Early with a shotgun.
  2. Shannon Cuyler was deep-fried and is eaten offscreen by Early.
  3. Early shoots a dead white-tailed deer corpse floating in the water, the white-tailed deer most likely died offscreen from drowning.
  4. Early kills a dairy cow with his shotgun with swimming in a flood.
  5. Glenn is injured by getting stabbed from a Super Computer from Early, despite this, he appears alive in later scenes and he moves.

Beast Implants[]

  1. Dr. Cock burns to death by putting gasoline and lighting himself on fire with a lighter.
  2. A wolf kills a green snake.
  3. Early strangled a wolf to death around it's neck with the leftover snake corpse.
  4. A dairy cow is beaten to death by Early.
  5. A male chicken kills a hungry fox by pecking out it's brain from it's head.
  6. The male chicken holding the dead fox by flying is crushed by a dead daily cow corpse.
  7. Other animals such as a tails of a raccoon, a beaver, and gray porcupine spikes were killed by Early and Rusty offscreen to make Granny's new skin.
  8. Granny in her feral new skin kills a hitch-hiker.
  9. Feral Granny is killed by Dan Halen's gun.

Wing Nut[]

  1. A weak chicken named "Dickie" dies when his breasts and organs fall out of his body while standing up on weights, killing it.
  2. A hen named "Jessie", and two other chickens died of unknown causes.
  3. Other malnourished chickens were made into Mutant Chickens.
  4. Two animal fossils, a head of a deer, deer meat (the first two are presumably Santa's reindeer) and a dead purple squid are seen in the wash room on the floor.
  5. Two wolves explode from eating a mutant chicken.
  6. Reverend combusts and explodes from eating some mutant chicken wings.
  7. Granny dies from the explosion and fire when Early blows up the house with gasoline.

Mephistopheles Traveled Below to a Southern State Whose Motto Is 'Wisdom, Justice and Moderation'[]

  1. A skeleton of Roy Clark appears.

Earth Worst[]

  1. A deer and a dairy cow is swept away from one of Dan Halen's machines.
  2. A hippie is killed by one of Dan Halen's machines.
  3. Two hippies are killed by a nuclear explosion by Dan Halen.
  4. A bunch of kids died from carbon monoxide.

The Good One[]

  1. 34 of Lil's offspring die of unknown causes.
  2. Three of Lil's offspring are stabbed by Herschel.
  3. Herschel kills the Sheriff by blowing his head off with his pistol.
  4. Herschel chokes Sheriff to death.


  1. Reverend, Billy Morton, and Boyd's skins were melted off by Ice Wind.
  2. Mexicans, Donna, and her ex-husband's skins were melted off by Ice Wind.
  3. A fire ant is crushed by Sheriff's pistol.
  4. Glenn, Dr. Bug, Dr. Cock, Krystal, and Snakeman's skins were all melted off by Ice Wind.
  5. Skeletons of Glenn, a Mexican, Dr. Cock and Reverend are blasted by Deputy Denny's pistol.
  6. A few Animal fossils are seen underneath the Cuyler House.
  7. Early and Rusty lick and slurp a bug shield of dead bugs on the front of the truck such as bees and flies.
  8. Granny melts to death from Ice Wind.
  9. Sheriff stuffocates after unable to remove a plastic bag on his head on his hillbilly hazmat suit.

Condition: Demolition![]

  • The Pizza Delivery Man in a car was crushed to death by Rusty using the truck-boat-truck, claimed by Early to break out the "pulverizer."
    • Note: "side plunge"is also mentioned by Early, though when the second Pizza Delivery Man's car is destroyed he isn't killed this time.
  • A man in a blue car gets destroyed by the pillow from Russell's truck, when he claimed to be a "assisted suicide."
  • Reverend was presumably killed by Rusty, which called by Early as a "spider-dream."
  • Russell destroyed a green car with someone inside with the wheels of the truck, while Early called it a "fender blender."
  • A man wearing a mask on his head is crushed to death by bulls, when Early calls a "death in the afternoon."
  • An audience of people are knocked down by the Bashatizing Smash Master.
  • Sheriff is crushed to death by the Bashatizing Smash Master.
  • Everyone at the end of the episode is lighted on fire by an explosion from "Appalachian temptation male body spray".

The Appalachian Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma[]

  1. Kenneth is killed by the Cuyler family offscreen.
  2. Sheriff kills a jaguar offscreen. Skin of the jaguar is seen in the next scene.

The Unbearable Heatness of Fire[]

  1. Dan Halen has a red box of severe human arms from people and eats one of its fingers with dip. Its unknown if these human arms were from real people that were killed.
  2. A reptilian alien is gunned down to death by Early, Rusty and Granny.
  3. Sheriff is injured and passes out from Rusty's gunshot in the head, however, he alive with two faces at Gecko Plains.
  4. Early, Rusty and Granny die from the explosion caused by the Reptilian Aliens, but remain alive while in Gecko Plains.

Tuscaloosa Dumpling[]

  1. A dead salmon appears.
  2. A grizzly bear named "Dennis" dies after Rusty breaks out of the bear's body via knife out of its body.
  3. Donna mentioned that Early stuffed dead squirrels in their mailbox.
  4. A dead squirrel appears.

Armageddon It On![]

  1. Early, Russell, and Granny eat over eight Locust.
  2. A another Locust is killed by Early.
  3. Santa Claus gunned down four of his elves and one of his reindeer.

Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen[]

  1. A dead man is used as a lamp by Dan.
  2. Dan Halen mentioned that he sent pandas to his own moon offscreen, but he mentions they couldn't survive and exploded due to the moon's gravity.
  3. Dan Halen has a bag of human skulls, that he feeds to his Griffin.
  4. A goldfish is sliced in half by Dan.
  5. The Mole People are presumably dead after being crushed by a door.
  6. A boy in a wheelchair falls into volcano.
  7. A bunch of children fall into a pit of lava by Dan Halen.
  8. Melissa's head explodes from a Dan Halen necklace.
  9. Lil explodes by smoking too much.

Flight of the Deep-Fried Pine Booby[]

  1. Early, Rusty, Sheriff, and Dan Halen presumably die from the fire caused by the Deep-Pine Pine Boobies.

An Officer and a Dental Dam[]

  1. On television, a cabinet explodes with blood and a explosion starts with two racers killed and a woman set on fire running.
  2. General Robert E. Lee is currently a ghost, who died of a stroke.

"The Okaleechee Dam Jam"[]

  1. Dead fish are shown in a pool.
  2. Early beats up and injures a man to death with a small head.
  3. Many people such as the Sheriff Clones presumably drown into flood caused by Dan and Davin Allan Coe and the bombs that blew up the Dougal County Dam.

"Pile M for Murder"[]

  1. While not real deaths, skulls of various animals and presumably people are seen as imagery.

Mud Days and Cornfused[]

  1. A dead opossum appears at the Mud day petting zoo, which was ran over by a car.
  2. Mudsy is killed by Shuckey.
  3. Charlie Daniel's head was decapitated, presumably dead.
  4. Shuckey dies after a head wound inflicted after the blast from Early's shotgun.
  5. People presumably drown in a giant corn field spreading.
  6. Dan Halen is ripped in half by Mr. Corn Maze.

Krystal, Light[]

  1. Amber Jean is sliced by a katana by Dr. Cock to cut her off of Krystal's fat.

Season 4 Deaths[]


  1. Early runs over a man carrying a baby in his pouch.
  2. The same baby flies away.
  3. Lerm Edwards rips, and kills Lil Cuyler.
  4. Some of Aliens in the audience are hit by Lerm's UFO.
  5. UFOs shoot lasers at a audience of people including Boyd, setting them on fire.
  6. At the end of the episode, the Earth explodes killing everyone.

"The Lair, the Bitch and the Bored Rude"[]

  1. Early, Sheriff, and Dean Koontz are all shot to death by Rusty using a hunting rifle.

"The Fine Ol’ Solution"[]

  1. Most of the sharks seen in the episode, most likely died on land due to the lack of water.
  2. A brown bird is eaten by a staving Early.
  3. Sheriff was eaten by Early and Granny offscreen due to hunger, with his skeleton remains only seen.
  4. Presumably, Early and Granny stave to death.


  1. A blue bird is shot by Early using a hunting rifle.
  2. An opossum that was previously revived from the dead by Squid Jesus is crushed by Early's truck.
  3. Thunderclap accidently ripped the half the skin of a little African boy from trying to tag him.
  4. A cow carcass is seen.
  5. During a fight between a muscular Rusty and Thunderclap, some people such as three pedophiles and Shawn Coleman fall down from the stadium, though its unknown if they died or gotten injured.
  6. Thunderclap is then killed by a muscular Rusty with a chair.

"Confessions of a Gangrenous Mind"[]

  1. Pompidov is presumably dead from a crash heard on the phone
  2. The Man Monster who is made out of dead body parts of thirteen people from a graveyard.
  3. Most of the people such as Mr. Butler in the flashbacks are from Granny are no longer alive in present time.

"The Big Gay Throwdown"[]

  1. The soul of John Wilkes Booth is mentioned.

"Atone Deaf"[]

  1. Latex Craig is seen with two dead squirrels.
  2. A statue of a dead opossum is seen.
  3. Prior to the events of this episode, an unknown creature was hunted and killed by dynamite by Early, as a mounted exploded animal.

"God's Bro"[]

  1. While not a confirmed as a real death, Dan throws a dead hooker doll in his blackhole.
  2. One of the scientists is disintegrated by God's brother by a thunder.
  3. God's Brother turns a dairy cow inside out.
  4. Kirk Cameron is skinned by God's Brother.
  5. The Earth explodes again and kills everyone, similar to "Lerm".

Season 5 Deaths[]

"Need for Weed"[]

  1. Rusty mentions that over four hundred and thirty five thousand tobacco and alcohol related deaths last year in 2009 to the CIA agents, when explaining that marijuana is non addictive.

"The Many Loves of Early Cuyler"[]

  1. "6000 Dead" is listed on a newspaper from a earthquake presumably in India.
  2. Passed out women are seen, obviously drinking the rat poison.

"Dead Squid Walking"[]

  1. Billy Morton and Boyd's skin are seen being ripped out by Ice Wind.
  2. A Sheriff clone passed out because due to a allergy to cakes.
  3. A Sheriff clone passes out because of a bee allergy.

"Young, Dumb and Full of Gums"[]

  1. A dead squirrel is seen at the end of the episode.

"Holodeck Redneck"[]

  1. A man resembling Shawn Coleman presumably bleeds to death after being beating up by Early.

"Frivolacious Squidigation?"[]

  1. Dan Halen rips the brain out the head of a judge.

"Fatal Distraction"[]

  1. Early runs over a deer in his truck.
  2. The elderly stripper who striped for Early is presumably dead as he finds her head in a box.
  3. Early's GPS is crushed to death by a car crusher.

"Clowny Freaks"[]

  1. Early presumably kills a birthday clown after beating him with a zapping gun.
  2. Early beats up a few people at a Insane Clown Posse inspired concert.
  3. Latex Craig is seen again with two dead squirrels.

"Lean Green Touchdown Makifying Machine"[]

  1. Chao Ochocinco is shot to death by Dan Halen.

"America: Why I Love Her"[]

  1. Early eats the head of a Deep-Fried Pine Booby.
  2. Fish are unable to move on land.
  3. Early shoots, and kills a squirrel with a arrow
  4. Other squirrels are killed by Early, and turned into a squirrel spilt and fryed on a frying pan.
  5. Early shoots a dairy cow owned by the Al-Qaedas.
  6. A rabbit is killed by Early, using his shotgun.
  7. Six virgin women are seen in Heaven, meaning these women have died previously.
  8. A Satellite Worker is lighted on fire.
  9. Early slices a squirrel with a katana.
  10. Glenn's wife falls down a well.
  11. Early runs over a father and his baby again.
  12. Early runs over a deer similar to "S5E7".
  13. Early runs over a African American person.

Season 6 Deaths[]

"Asbestos I Can"[]

  1. The Yankees died from General Robert E. Lee.
  2. Somebody's face melting from crystal meth.
  3. Kevin is shot to death by Early.
  4. The Man From Make A Miracle Network is also shot to death by Early.
  5. Urlo, Urlotta, and Dickie Jack all died in a car crash from a tree.
  6. More car crashes started after the accident.
  7. Somebody driving a monster truck fells off a cliff.

"Class of '86"[]

  1. Early beats a man to death.
  2. Glenn mentioned that his children died in a house-fire.
  3. Dan Halen is shot to death by the Sheriff.

"Velvet Messiah"[]

  1. Catfishes are unable to move on land after being zapped
  2. Early and Granny presumably drown in the lake.

"Snow Daddy"[]

  1. Snow Daddy melts from the liquid of coffee.
  2. A bunch of people presumably drown in a icy lake.

"Return of Gaga Pee Pap"[]

  1. A bunch of fish are killed by dynamite.
  2. Ga Ga Pee Pap dies from while smoking a "healthy stick" with Rusty.

"Trucked Up!"[]

  • A man is ran over by Early's scrambler truck.
  • A bunch of dead fish are in the water of toxic waste in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The legs of a dead hooker are seen in Early's truck. Its unknown if this hooker is fake or not.

Season 7 Deaths[]

"Beware the Butt-Cutter"[]

  1. Several bodies and butts of campers are seen as Dan Halen became the "Butt-Cutter", and would make a butt suit out of their butts.

"The Legend of Kid Squid"[]

  1. Five men shot a Yankee in a flashback.
  2. Several unseen people died during the "Battle of Atlanta", including a person driving a jet.

"From Russia with Stud"[]

  1. Irina mentioned that her papa was shot death by the "KGB" in front of her family.
  2. Irina kills a goat wearing a heart themed sweater with a knife.
  3. Early rips off the body of a raccoon and uses its remains as a head.

Season 8 Deaths[]

"Granite Caverns"[]

  1. A tourist passes out another being crushed by a boulder.
  2. Presumably, a bunch of tourists were crushed to death after running away from the cavern's destruction.
  3. Dan Halen is crushed by "Lester's Penis".
  4. Sheriff's head explodes while in space.

"Ga-Ga Ghost"[]

  1. Ga-Ga Pee Pap returns as a ghost.
  2. Early commits suicide via shotgun, but returns as a ghost and is revived later.

"The Inkubator Lives!"[]

  1. Magma spurts lava to burn the skin off of two homosexual superheroes on television.
  2. Someone presumably dies in a car crash is heard when strays ink on the road and the car spits on it.
  3. Boyd accidently dies by being crushed by the Inkubator.

"Drone to the Bone"[]

  1. In a videogame, a purple unicorn defeats a squad of seahorse like enemies.
  2. In a videogame, a blueberry that is praying is explodes.
  3. A deer is killed by a missile.

"A Jailhouse Divided"[]

  1. A bunch of dead bodies of people are seen.

"Thou Shale Not Drill"[]

  1. A bull is shot by Early.
  2. Granny is eaten by the Red Whiskered Shalemander.
  3. The Red Whiskered Shalemander presumably eaten P-Nut after grabbing him.

"The Squid Stays In The Picture"[]

  1. The Movie crew presumably burns to death by the fire caused by Early, most notably the stunt double, who is lighted on fire.
  2. Glenn, a police officer and Sheriff are squashed by a Giant Rat/Giraffe Creature.

"Gun of a Son"[]

  1. Rusty is injured by Early's shotgun and various men dressed as soldiers pretend they are killed during a war reenactment, but Rusty is injured, and the latter is pretended.

Season 9 Deaths[]

"Hetero-Cephalo Agenda"[]

  • A large groups of bears attack and kill people at a wedding.
    1. Shawn Coleman is killed by a bear.
    2. A bear ripped out Dr. Cock's errands.
    3. A Mexican is attacked by a red bear.
    4. Glenn is ripped in half by two bears.
  1. Early is killed by an Appalachian Black Bear.

"Taint Misbehavin'"[]

  1. Sheriff passes out after removing out his brain from his nose.
  2. Lil was unknowingly killed by Dr. Cock and her face is used for Dan's taint to copy his taint on a machine at a copy shop called "Copiers."
  3. Everyone in Dan Halen's giant pyramid passes away for unknown causes. Some of them are seen in the underworld.
  4. A few animal fossils are seen in the ground.

"Bunker Down, You Hairy Dawg!"[]

  1. Deputy Denny is shallowed by a snake.
  2. Early, Rusty, Granny, and Sheriff all presumably die from the large group of snakes.

"A Walk to Dignity"[]

  1. The Dougal County Elementary School Chairman passes away because of lung cancer.

"Granny Hotfoot"[]

  1. A large group of pigs (including one dressed as a knight) are mostly killed by an accident involving Early and truck-boat-truck at the hog race. Pig corpses are also seen at the end of the episode.


  1. Sheriff's mother couldn't breathe and dies of old age, and falls off her wheelchair.

"Hybrid To Hell"[]

  1. A bird on television presumably passes away after being trapped in oil.
  2. Early dies from an explosion after his truck-boat-truck explodes, dead body and pieces of his trucker hat land on the ground.
  3. Sharif and Rusty are both blowed away from an explosion from the truck-boat-truck.

"Jose, Can You? Si!"[]

  1. Wade the Shark eats all of Granny's leftover squid eggs, except Early's.
  2. Like in "S5E2", "6000 Dead" is listed on a newspaper again, as it was a earthquake that hit in India.

Season 10 Deaths[]

"Lipstick on a Squid"[]

  1. Pigs are set on fire and burn to death from the fire from the "Animal Research Center."

"Southern Pride and Prejudice"[]

  1. Early and Rusty died from an explosion after their truck falls from a cliff and on the grounds of mountains.


  1. Vicki's Father dies offscreen at some point of the episode, due to old age, before his funeral.


  1. Two schoolchildren are shoved into Randy's squid tentacles and are killed.

"Squash B'Gosh"[]

  1. Several body parts of dead people from a graveyard are made into the Squash 'BGosh Dolls.
  2. A bird is killed by one of the Squash 'BGosh Dolls.
  3. The Squash 'BGosh Dolls kill a person offscreen, bloody skeleton seen in the background.
  4. Early, Granny, and Sheriff are presumably killed by the Squash 'BGosh Dolls.


  1. A deer is killed by the Bearded Squids.
  2. A dead opossum is seen.
  3. Gale died from last year's Black Friday.
  4. Biscuit was killed for Thanksgiving dinner.

Season 11 Deaths[]

"Dove In An Iron Cage"[]

  1. Prior to the events of the episode, Boyd was shot to death by his wife, due to him having leukemia and couldn't afford any life insurance.
  2. A prisoner is stabbed and injured by another prisoner with a knife in prison.
  • Note: Several prisoners, security guards and Rusty's fake dummy made out of sandwich parts such as lettuce are injured and the latter is eaten by rats in the episode, but are not killed in any way or form.

"The Guzzle Bumpkin"[]

  1. A snake and a large blue stingray are presumably killed when Rusty is attacked by a black bear.
  2. Randy swallowed over three pounds of crickets, along with a whole thing of fishing hooks.
  3. One of Jason "Wee Man" Acuña's stunts was that he was stuffed inside a gorilla uterus, and the gorilla died from it, since they aren't supposed to give birth to human men.

"Jacksonville Jackass"[]

  1. A drunken Sheriff injures a man's friend, with blood splattering and steals his tickets to the Florida Gators.

"Ballad of the Latrine Marine"[]

  1. A flock of crows eat and killed Early's Baby Squid offspring, including the eggs.

"Tortuga de Mentiras"[]

  1. Early is killed by Granny with a shotgun at the end of the episode.

"The War on The War on Christmas"[]

  1. Dan Halen and many people are killed after a giant Christmas tree called the "Evergreen of Seasonal Inclusiveness" falls and crashes to the ground.

Season 12 Deaths[]

"Forever Autumn"[]

  1. A inflated deer explodes from L.E.A.F.'s toxic chemicals, with blood splattering.
  2. The two horses from Dan Halen's hayride explode from L.E.A.F.
  3. A family of ducks in a pond explode.
  4. Several squirrels fall from the tree and smash to the ground.
  5. A Tree Monster torn someone's body apart.
  6. A opossum explodes offscreen.
  7. A Tree Monster eats a child named Dylan.
  8. Several Tree Monsters kill themselves from Early's shotgun.
  9. The Tree Monsters beat themselves to death.
  10. The Tree Monsters are ripping one of each other and others start lighting themselves on fire with gasoline.
  11. A baby saying "mommy, mommy" was eaten by a Tree Monster.

"Muscadine Wine"[]

  1. Tammi kills a snake wearing a pink bow by using a shovel.
  2. Early drowns in the waters of the ocean.

"The Reenactment of the Repulsion of the Siege of Cuyler Mountain"[]

  1. Several soldiers are killed by Jefferson Cuyler's cannonball throughout the episode in flashbacks.
    • 150 men from Bill Sherman's army were the victims to Jefferson's cannonball, according to Early.
  2. According to Ollie, Jefferson Cuyler expired from a combination of lead poisonous and an easily-curable infection gotten self-pleasuring with a poison sumac leaf. (though this is part of a reenactment of the war times.)
  3. Ollie, and presumably his horse, are killed by the cannonball in his car, which explodes.

"Rich Dan, Poor Dan"[]

  1. The Griffin owned by Dan Halen is killed and cooked by Granny.

"Cooler-Heads Prevail"[]

  1. Sheriff presumably dies from the fire in Dougal County, caused by smoke from the Sasquatch Cooler.

"Events by Russell"[]

  1. A lady wearing a Georgia Bulldogs bikini is killed by Krystal in the gravy wrestling event.
  2. Three bikini women are strayed by the water from Early's hose, their fates are unknown, due to the fire.
  3. Rusty rips the throats of Early, Granny, Sheriff, Deputy Denny and Ellis. Though, they are all alive at the end of the episode.

Season 13[]

"This Show Was Called Squidbillies"

Granny finally dies of natural causes and is officially dead this time. After her funeral, she becomes a ghost and reunites with Gaga Peepap.