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List of Minor Characters In Squidbillies is a huge page of many of the show's minor characters seen in the show.

This page features a list of a entire population of weird looking humans, regular everyday animals, and other strange creatures living around in Dougal county, but more of their screen-time is limited to cameos, have small lines of dialog, don't speak or have small appearances in episode considering that their is a large cast in the show.

This list contain pretty much any notable minor character in the series will be listed with every season (appeared some episodes or are a one-shot character). Others are a recurring background character. Characters that already have pages should not be listed here. However other beings, animals and other creatures that don't any character page will also be listed here. Every character from the episodes will have a bullet-point on this page.

If any new contributor wants to make a new character and use a minor character listed off here is allow to do that the Recurring characters listed down below are very recommended.

Season 1[]

"This Show is Called Squidbillies"[]

Live-Action Mother and baby in Baby Hammock and Baby Death Trap[]

  • In one of Dan Halen's commercials, that advertises a Baby Hammock, which is responsible for killing infants, two scenes in the episode shows a live-action mother struggling on taking care a crying infant. The mother's only lines are "there's got to be a better way." A voice in the commercial is heard saying "there is! just connect the razor sharp hooks to the dangerous mesh cocoon, and presto!".
    • This commercial revealed a lawsuit between the baby death trap with the parents violated Dan Halen's copyright of the term "Baby Death Trap." The scenes show a cartoonist footage of Dan Halen's trial with unnamed citizens (including Snakeman), Dan Halen is also handing out money to a citizen, and an unnamed judge is also seen.
      • The "Baby Death Trap" commercial was then revealed again, using the same footage from earlier and but with photo-shopped footage of a infant and a electro monkey toy, reminder these props are only seen in the commercial.

Unnamed People[]

  • Snakeman kills and eats a man in one scene by covering him, the narrator then mentions "can't see who he's talking to."
  • Billy Morton gets killed by someone driving a large truck.
  • Early is seen licking a man's pumpkin on his porch which Early mentioned he was dating his pumpkin, the man remains unseen with his arm only being shown onscreen, Early mentions "Excuse me, you reckon you could give me permission to date your pumpkin?". The man replies "get off my porch." Early then replies "get out of your house." Early then throws a burning bottle on his porch, burning the house with the man screaming. This man is never seen again, and is presumably deceased, as he is never seen after this episode.


  • Russell is seen rocking inside The Jiggle Hut with two members of the Canadian rock band Rush playing guitars, the men's heads are not shown onscreen. It's unknown if this was a dream or not.

Tanya and Tara[]

  • At the dinner table, Rusty mentions the name of two girls; which are Tanya and Tara, respectively, which he is supposed to have a date with, on the same night respectively, and neither one of them that he knows that he is a squid. Tanya and Tara aren't seen in the episode, nor mentioned for the rest of the entire series after this episode.

"Take This Job and Love It"[]


  • Throughout the episode voices can be heard in the episode, for example;
    • At the beginning of the episode, a is voice heard signing the words "ahh, Talking to your lover, pour me a glass of rum, open the door, I need a lover".
    • When Early is heading to his job at Mattress Christ on a scooter, some voices is heard singing the words "work, work, work, work", then repeats, then sings "ready, going to work, my god, I'm going to work". The voice in low pitched claims "you're late" on repeat.
    • A voice saying "he's the new C.E.O." can also heard, after Early becomes C.E.O. from Dan Halen Sheet Rock International.


  • At the clinic, Early and Sheriff (who is wearing a doctor mask to avoid germs) are seen with a people's body with his brain outside, which is brain surgery which they do. Early gets a knife and appears on top the body trying to stabbed the person.


  • Soon Early beats up a librarian with his legs visible. Sheriff requests a meeting. Early does it as he analogizes to the man and introduces himself to the man. The man's head, body and appearance is seen covered in blood, the man also has glasses. He has three molars on the ground and wears a shirt and blue pants while his arms are still shaking.


  • When Early is finding for some new jobs while the Sheriff has hand-capped him, he does a job interview for several unseen people, which are never seen onscreen. They enter buildings like an unnamed building, a building for used cars, a clinic, a building of a USA rocket, and a knife themed building called "E-stab-listment."
  • If you heard very closely to the audio, a small dog voice is heard.

Live Action Human Arm[]

Live Action Baby and Mexican[]

  • After Early is employed to be the C.E.O. of Dan Halen Sheet Rock International and Miguel's death. A commercial made by Dan Halen's company about tacos in man flavor called. A photo-shopped baby wearing a hat and mustache is seen next to the tacos with a sentence below saying "product may or may not contain the ground up remains of a man in a squid suit, thirty percent by volume, results may vary". A scene showing a real-life photoshopped baby from "S1E1" with three man flavored tacos flying around him is seen.
    • The next scene shows a real-life Mexican saying "It's so delicious, I was glad to die for it". The narrator mentions this the commercial. "this is a paid actor who may or may not reflect the feelings of the dead Mexican in the squid suit, which you may or may not be eating enjoy zesty ranch man flavor baby tacos responsibly".

"School Days, Fool Days"[]

  • At the end of the episode. Early, Russell and Sheriff are all seen getting run over by a train drove by a unseen person.

"Chalky Trouble"[]

  • Sheriff is shown to have Eli Whitney" the inventor of cotton gin. Crawford Long, a naked woman covering her breasts, a Sphinx and some random people are drawn as markings on the Sheriff's belly all resemble the himself. There is also drawings of a dog surfing, a butterfly and teddy bear on a rainbow are shown on his belly. Though none of these drawings are real, their are just imagery.

"Family Trouble"[]

Human Russell[]

  • A human version of Rusty shows after popping out of Russell and appears on-screen saying "cargo slacks are a breeze at old air force, starting at $14.99". This ends up as a dream by Rusty meaning this man doesn't exist.


  • A real-life person named "Charlie Sheen" is also mentioned by Krystal about Russell's father.
  • Krystal watches television and on television, a African American woman is heard, and says the words "for real, yeah, I mean, when black folks use a napkin, they all like", "damn!", that was some good ribs!, rub it all over they faces and white folks, they all dabbing the corner of they mouth and shit like they taking some sort of fingerprint". A man's voice says "mmm!, what a pressure meal!". The woman then say's "tiger, please". Then a applause is heard on the television.

"Office Politics Trouble"[]


  • Troy (who is infected by Glug) punches his hand into a beehive full of honey bees.

Photoshop imagery[]

  • A bunch of real-life photoshop imagery is later seen in the Glug commercial, as a woman's chest with a green bra with the "Glug logo" on it are shown. The woman say's "get the stuff".
    • Other photoshopped imagery include a monkey, a seeing eye dog, a man's head, two grandparents, five Hawaiian girls, and two men in the background.


  • Carl Brutananadilewski from Adult Swim's "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" can be heard in Dan Halen's commercial saying "Yeah, you'll buy anything!". Dan Halen then replies "let's go ahead and cut that last line". Implying, he wants that line cut from the commercial.
  • A woman wearing a yellow shirt head explodes and falls on the ground while a massive car crash is seen in the middle of the town while everyone is infected by Glug.
  • A random citizen burning on fire covered in ashes is seen in the background.
  • A burning truck is also seen driving by the chaos.

Season 2[]

"Butt Trouble"[]

  • A lot of people can be heard screaming and blood is seen when the Baby Vampire Squids are wrecking havoc on the town of Dougal County. Though none of them are seen on-screen.

"Double Truckin' the Tricky Two"[]

Monkey Skeleton[]

  • A monkey skeleton is seen hanging on a tree at the "empty banana orchids."

Super Goliath and Ultra Goliath[]

  • During a stadium event of Granny being pulled. Dan Halen calls a trucker named "Super Goliath". A trucker voice with a heavy southern accent from a microphone can be heard saying "comin' in-bo-sa it's a bumper down here, comin' the wheel backin' in the corner". Dan Halen then mentions "ultra Goliath wh-where are you, now?". A voice is then heard on a microphone and it saying"roger that, D-H, I'm at the rest area", "Ha ha stop!", "Getting my groove on". Dan Halen replied with a "Ugh". A voice then saying "Though we's done with all this". Dan Halen then replies "Oh, forget it, this sucks". He then walks away.

"Swayze Crazy"[]


"Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble"[]

  • At the beginning of the episode, a bunch of police cars seen along with the Sheriff when there at the Cuyler House when the Cuyler's are getting ready for Church on Sunday.
  • A helicopter can be seen in the background.

Green Snakes[]

  • Early is also juggling four green snakes with yellow eyes a few times. Three of the snakes also bite Russell which he calls "work snakes". Early mentioned they don't harm you unless they don't bite him and then Early shows the snakes to some citizens like Donna and her ex-husband, saying in a different language "look at me everyone! I have snakes!, see my snakes?, snakes is what I have!". Early carries them to a library where Shawn Coleman is reading a book and in the work office with Glenn and Circle Shaped Man.

"Meth O.D. to My Madness"[]

Biohazard Suit man[]

  • A unseen man seen working a yellow biohazard suit with a red tie can be seen putting a sold paper on a sign called "Dougal County Realty". Which Early brought the land. The man is seen giving a thumps up for Early and shakes his hand. Early say's "we done made ourselves a deal". A helicopter arrives. The man only lines are "all right, good". Early replies "hey, where you going?, hey!". The man leaves with the helicopter, and carries the sign away. The helicopter was obviously driven by an unseen person.

Ugly Woman Picture[]

  • A picture of a ugly woman is seen, but the same exact took woman is seen in an another picture who took drugs (in realty it was meth) making her drugged.


  • Lots of mentioned, and implied characters are depicted in the opening of the episode.
    • Then the Settlers moved in with the Indians, and their horses were shot at, and then ran over two horses carrying a large wheeled wagon when more moving in around the campfire.
    • Then a Black family drove everyone to the suburbs, but it was gentrified by gay fur trappers but then wiped out by a massive Gorkinite.
    • Then the strip mine sand quarries raped the land with three construction trucks from unseen people are seen while constructing the landscape. Leaving a crater later used for a nuclear testing site, which ultimately cleared the land for "Captain Kooky's" family style fun time pizza palace and nudist hog waste lagoon vacation resort for lesbians only which didn't last a year.

"The Tiniest Princess"[]

Fire Ant[]

  • During the Halloween campfire, Granny mentions about a monster stung on a mountain full of thousands of fire-ants. The screen shows a leaf and a fire ant reveals it's creepy face and Granny mentioned "some say he was turned into a fire ant himself".

Calculator Monster[]

  • Sheriff tells a Halloween Story about a family that choked on a calculator on a hilltop. The calculator is shown in his story and it had a monstrous appearance. it is colored blue, has the numbers "58008". Which spells out the word "Boobs" backwards in number form. The calculator then moves presumably killing the family. This monster is revealed to not be real. Rusty mentioned the calculator. Early mentioned if is a evil calculator. Granny mentioned how it can eat a entire family. Which Granny later replied if the whole family choked on a evil calculator. Russell mentioned a living calculator. Granny revisits the line about the whole family choked on one calculator.

"Asses to Ashes, Sluts to Dust"[]


  • A unseen person named "Terry", who is mentioned by Early, but never seen onscreen, he is presumably a driving a construction truck holding Krystal, which destroys half the walls of a room in the clinic.

"Bubba Trubba"[]

Sketch Quinn's Wife[]

"Burned and Reburned Again"[]

Early Smokey Cuyler[]

  • Donna has a paper for a handsome man she is looking for a date with, she opens the door, she drops a gray brick thing and a heart themed key. She looks inside and gets a paper and looks at it. A image of a handsome man wearing a hat is shown on a truck giving a peace sign, the from a website called "www.RateaDateaMateaWife.com. The info on the side say's "Early Smokey Cuyler", his age is 23, his height is 6' 2" and his weight is 12, she puts down the paper and looks at Early who dresses like him, but when the Sheriff dressed a woman shows up, Donna closes the door.
    • Its possible Donna was looking for a date, she may have not been married to Glenn or her ex-husband at the time.=


  • A voice can be heard on the television saying "why don't you lay off the booze, pal" and an another voice is heard saying the name "Phooey."

"Terminus Trouble"[]

  • A bunch of police-cars are seen driving to Early's art which include the four horsemen of the confederacy, and they are Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and Pac-Man (from Namco Bandai's Pac-Man mascot), the latter was added due to Early's stupidly.

Baseball Kid[]

  • While many people appear in the audience for the baseball game, such as a kid eating a chilly dog who reacts and listens to Early and Russell's behavior, even when a baby cries after Early hits the infant with a coffee cup, soon Early asks Russell to seize the chilly dog which Russell grabs it from the child, upsetting the child.

Cage Match! Skeleton[]

  • Later after Drop Cloth wins "Tool Dash", a man at the bottom of the stadium leaves for good. A Tool Dash" death match shown on a television, a gigantic skeleton appears in a flaming background to be holding a fighting arena. The skeleton's only lines are "cage match!".

Baseball Mascot[]

  • Later in the episode in a courthouse, some footage shows a baseball mascot scrolling on a baseball field but then killed by a Wolf with the footage being labeled as "Blooperz!!!".

Mexican Variations[]

  • As the aforementioned footage is called "Wacky Blooper Reel", a bunch of Mexican shaped people (including some females of the group) elsewhere are seen and end up laughing at the footage.

"Survival of the Dumbest"[]

Grizzly Bears[]

  • A large group Grizzly Bears appear out of nowhere over thousands as swarms of them are all over on the land of Dougal County and fall from the sky. A grizzly bear is then scene eating a deer with a swarm of flies buzzing all over the deer while the bear is wearing clothes.

Cartoon Fish[]

  • During the encounter with the Giant Cyclops Squid, one scene shows a cartoon fish onscreen until a baby Russell pops out of the organism, making the body parts float away.

Squid Population[]

  • After the line by the squid "then there was the cataclysm, the Earth was ripped!, water receded and many of our kind perished, except for one", the scene shows a population of dead squids with one squid resembling Granny surviving.

Pink Squid and her encounters[]

  • According to the giant squid, he mentioned that she was blessed with gills and lungs, brought a wig, dropped out of high school, and spread her heritable traits to future generations through a series of sordid sexual encounters with various creatures. The scene shows the same squid is making out with a human being, Unknown Hinson in a jailcell, Snakeman, a brown wolf, a giant robot in Dougal County and a little horse.


  • At a Cavemen casino, their is a burning bloody body remains of a unknown man seen hanging on chains.

"A Sober Sunday"[]

Cricket and House Flies[]

  • A cricket can be seen climbing up a wall while Rusty looks at the insect. Later on in the episode, Rusty is trying to caught a small cricket on the wall, a house fly flies, and buzzes on Granny's head. A cricket on the closeup of Rusty's face is then eaten by him. Granny is then surrounded by small black circles in one brief scene, these circles could obviously be flies swarming her.


  • When Lil is watching television and Early gets sobered, people can be heard talking on television.

"Rebel with a Claus"[]


  • Sheriff has imprisoned a angry prisoner named "Ripper". Sheriff replies "no, no mistletoe this year, you know how that jealousy stuff is". The inmate seems to want to break out of the jailcell or wanted to kiss him, as Sheriff replies "hush, ripper, please, shut up, I want to hear this". As Sheriff wants to hear the weather and news about Santa Claus.

Brown Bird[]

  • A brown bird carries the white beard of Santa Claus to show to the elves at the North Pole that the Cuyler's have capture him.

Mrs. Claus[]

  • Mrs. Claus, the wife of Santa is briefly mentioned by the latter, when seeing Lil stoned on crack cocaine, while watching television.

Season 3[]


Cricket (or cockroach)[]

  • The cricket from "A Sober Sunday" makes a brief appearance crawling on the wall.
    • Rusty also mentions a cockroach, referring as a "plump little cockroach" which was running, and claims the cockroach as "his fat, little, tender, meaty belly across concrete", and later on, he then claims "that he'll crawl his sweet, little ass uin tre", now he is obviously referring the cricket as a cockroach.
      • Granny also tells him to dip cockroach in hot sauce, "smother the head and legs", as a little snack for him.


  • When Dougal County is flooded in water which happened when the Dougal County Dam was blown up offscreen, three deer can be seen floating the waters, two of them are alive, while the third one is a white-tailed deer is floating dead in the water, Early shoots the third one leaving out blood.

Dairy Cow[]

  • A dairy cow can also be seen with Early using his shotgun to shoot it many times leaving out blood.

Stripper Machine[]

  • Early, and Russell are at The Jiggle Hut watching a robotic machine resembling a stripper's ass replace the strippers of the strip club, the machine also has fake money on it while the machine bounces up and down on a pole.

"Beast Implants"[]

Green Snake and Dairy Cow[]

  • Aside from a wolf, a fox, and a rooster. A green snake and a dairy cow were killed in order to make Granny's skin of her breast implants (which turn into beast implants instead). Russell charms a green snake with a snake charmer while the snake is hissing and listening to the music but a wolf eats and kills it. Soon, Early chokes the wolf with the snake corpse around it's neck killing it. Russell then milks a horned dairy cow but is killed when Early beats the steer up with the dead wolf and dead snake corpses, killing the mammal, and lets the corpse then crush a dead fox that was killed by a flying rooster at the same time. As these skin parts are made into a part of Granny's skin.
    • A skin of a raccoon, porcupine spikes, and beaver tail can be seen on the body of Granny. Its possible that Early and Russell killed a these creatures offscreen. Granny's skin also has a another green snake with fangs for one of it's feet.

"Tween Steam"[]

Pull-sting doll's voice[]

  • Though not actually a character but more of a prop, a Pull-sting speaks as MonsterHang comes home to talk, and hears the said doll in a high-pitched voice crying and saying the phrases "I wet myself" to "I'm a big girl now". The doll has the offensive word "Slut" on the shirt when Dan Halen has it. The doll has a string that speaks those phrases and its face burns and melts off. Dan Halen then replies to the doll "my plastic-molded temptress!".

Cameraman and Microphone holder[]

  • Dan Halen has comes in with camera recorder and a someone holding a microphone. The microphone holder's face is unseen with his hat hiding his face and the camera recorder's face is hidden with a camera and his hat. They follow Dan Halen when Dan Halen is heading towards MonsterHang and hide behind a door object in the Cuyler House. The camera recorder then heads to MonsterHang looking down at him and then turns around at Dan Halen looking down at him. They appear more and more as Dan Halen is trying to record his program, even looking at Russell as a child actor. Later two of them, chase a pedophile out of the house.


  • Early and Russell watch a television program which had a African American postman tries to deliver a package of mail to a house which it translates to "male". The postman says "uh, actually, no package, just a couple bills, really" in a echoing voice. The postman walks away.

Dip of tobacco suit mascot[]

  • There is also a man wearing a dip of tobacco suit as a dancing mascot to a radio which Dan Halen replies "a singing plug of snuff". The mascot was singing and dancing "here we go, now hey everybody, I'm here to say, that Rusty is a special guy every way". Soon as Russell leaves. The mascot lands in a pose.

Air Strike[]

  • At the end of the episode, the house used for Dan Halen's program is blew up by an airstrike by the commands of Dan Halen, as brief silhouettes of jets show up later and a few brief missiles blow up the house. These jets and missiles are briefly seen, so they are hard to see in the episode.

"Wing Nut"[]


  • At the beginning of the episode, Russell is teaching a chicken (called "Dickie" by Rusty) to lift weights. The chicken tries to lift them but the chicken is too weak as its body is stuck to the weight. A couple of other malnourished chickens (some are dead) are seen with Early. Soon Early fills the bodies of the chickens water from his hose, making them overwatered. Soon Early tells the chicken to lift the weight with Russell cheering on her. The chicken tries to peck but Early and Rusty lift the weight, but the chicken is too weak to get up. Dan Halen then celebrates their victory. Early lifts up the chicken but its breasts and organs fall out killing it.
    • Early gets a another hen out named "Jessie", but the female chicken is dead and doesn't move. Russell mentioned Jessie has been depressed as anxiety disorder". Dan Halen grabs the chicken telling to fell them. Early holds the chicken carrying it. The chicken's corpse is thrown to the side. Dan Halen replies "these specimens are not fit to be slathered in my sauce. Early thinks the chickens are still if he didn't buy the chicken. Early mentioned he would buy the birds from him. Dan Halen replies "take your filthy, inbred hands off me!, your many meaty tender you were born with all of these?."
    • Later a malnourished chicken shows up in the clinic during the talk or both Dan Halen and Dr. Cock, Dan Halen wanted to merge the creature into one. Dan Halen tapes the bird to Early's body. Soon Dan Halen and Dr. Cock created a single chicken with lots of wings. Soon the chickens wings many times are ripped off to make the Mutant Chickens.

Birds and Bees[]

  • Two birds with a flower and two bees falling in love show up when the chipmunk from one of Rusty's Hallucinations mentioned the "Birds and the Bees" saying to Russell.


  • When Rusty is in the wash room in Aint nothin but a wing, a head of deer (which is most likely one of Santa's reindeer from "S2E14", while reindeer meat is also seen on the wall), two animal fossils, and a dead purple squid are all seen on the floor.
  • A swarm of flies are seen in a dumpster.
  • Before Rusty's hallucination ends, a female scream is heard.

"Mephistopheles Traveled Below to a Southern State Whose Motto Is 'Wisdom, Justice and Moderation"[]

Roy Clark[]

  • Russell is shown playing with his instruments and pulls out a skeleton corpse playing a guitar from the ground named "Roy Clark." The skeleton is shown to be smiling.


  • Screaming demons from Hell are seen in the air when Squid Satan covers the land into flames after being summon by the Reverend himself. Their design resembles the Baby Vampire Squids from "Butt Trouble."


  • Revered is shown with small orange grubs crawling on him, in church, when he was tied up to a wall.

Demon Spiders[]

  • At the end of the episode, a swarm of demon spiders come out of Early's demon head, and swarm around the house. They have a body which is the same face of the creepy fire ant had in "The Tiniest Princess."


  • Sheriff is calling a Medic on his phone since green liquid splatters on him which lights him on fire, but then he screams "officer down" and tells to send the E.M.T., also a female voice is heard on the said phone, while he then runs away.

"Earth Worst"[]

Dairy Cow and Deer[]

  • A dairy cow and deer can be seen on the ground but fly away when two machines by Dan Halen blow away the wildlife. Ironically, the deer seen in this episode has orange fur, instead of brown.

Eagle made out of Fireworks[]

  • When Early lights himself during the "Fourth of July", one of the red, white, and blue fireworks that are created features one with a eagle flapping its wings.

Dead Children[]

  • A bunch of dead children then come out of a "Smokey Moon Jump" bounce house when she fills it with oxygen. Granny ends up saying "oh, that's cute.", however children passed away from the oxygen.


  • A unseen person starts driving a wood chipper truck is seen driving at a "Smokey Moon Jump" amusement park starts destroying the remains of the Cuyler house tearing it down.

"The Good One"[]

Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia[]

  • When Early is imagining Herschel, he is shown choking and executing Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia, while in the distance an older Early watches him.


  • The DFCs are talking with Sheriff said they don't want any part of this
  • The train driven by an unseen person from "School Days, Fool Days" shows up again, and runs over Early's limbs. Though this train is much longer than other one.
  • After Early and his tentacles were hit by a train last night, in the morning, shadows of vultures/hawks are also seen in the sky, while a swarm of flies buzz around him.
  • Early imagines Herschel with a monkey and being the world's famous trucker.


Fire Ant[]

  • A fire ant appears in the episode which is heard chattering to the Sheriff, where he reports to and talks to him with his badge that the said insect is holding. The fire ant's chattering to Sharif looks like it is talking to the Sheriff about law stuff such as outlawing magnifying glasses, wiretapping a watermelon and his own badge staying on his own uniform. The fire ant then dies after getting squashed by the Sheriff's pistol.

Fish (or wide-mouth bass)[]

  • Later on, Deputy Denny managed to arrest a green colored fish with yellow fins, a gray stripe, and lime green fins on land is flopping in a jailcell next to Denny's police car in the Sheriff office. Denny calls the fish a "wide-mouth bass", which suggests that this fish is a species of bass. According to Denny, he arrested the fish and his police car because of "suspicion" and "collusion" and claims that the police car was gonna use the fish (or bass) and thinks it is gonna turn into a robot.

Bug Shield[]

  • On the front tip of Early's truck, Early and his son Rusty are licking squashed bugs which they claimed to be the "bug shield." Some of these dead bugs covered in blood are bees, flies and other species of insects.


  • Lots of people can be heard screaming when Dan Halen poor's his Ice Wind body spray all over Dougal County.
    • Also, a man is heard screaming "help me! help".
  • Deputy Denny's police car with police noise with heard.
  • When Sheriff manages to drag the Cuyler house to the town of Dougal County, a few fossils of dead animals can be seen from underneath the house appear, they obviously resemble the animals fossils from a few episodes of the first two seasons, including this season.

"Condition: Demolition!"[]

"Moving Mountains" Voice[]

  • Russell tries tape eight "moving mountains" on the upcoming demolition derby. A voice can be heard saying "anyone can move mountains, but first, you need a mountain mover, see it, believe it, now leave it, you probably won't ever have it". Which Rusty sees a tree.


  • Later at the demolition derby, three male competitors put their hand their hearts as Eric Butterbean is singing, soon as Russell drives his truck, the truck drives to three cars with three men. One of them goes away, one gets killed and the third one drives his car away.
  • The man who got in the destroyed blue car gets killed by Russell's truck by a large pillow.
  • Russell destroyed a green car with an unseen person inside.
  • When Early says "insurance information exchange!". Russell walks to the man holding a pencil and note pad. Russell runs away from him since Rusty doesn't have none.

Masked Man and bulls[]

  • A man wearing a mask over his head and clothes claimed "oh, no! it's malignant!" and holds a x-ray of his brain when Russell's truck encounters him, but then throws bulls onto him to crash him.

Unseen Person[]

  • Eric Butterbean is shown complaining to a unseen person telling the man to take his hat off and Eric beats him up offscreen.


  • Early and Granny sit in a audience full of cloned characters such as the Sheriff.
  • There is also a couple of clones of thin male man, a circle/round shaped man, a African American typed character, a duplicate of Steve, and two zombie citizens are seen in the ending of the episode in the stadium, before being set on fire by some body spray.

"The Appalachian Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma"[]

Man on Television[]

  • A weird man is shown on the television when Russell fixing the channel on the television by descrambling it.

Blown-Haired Glenn's Wife[]

  • A brown-haired Glenn's wife is seen when Early has a blurred devil tattoo on him, she then runs away from Early. This may be a clone of her or a simple animation error of Donna.

Grizzly Bears[]

  • Later on, Russell paints Granny's body in peanut butter where is surrounded by grizzly bears, which one attacks her. These grizzly bears previously appeared in "Survival of the Dumbest."

Danica Patrick[]

  • Danica Patrick, a real-world race car driver, is mentioned by a Triangle Shaped Guy and the Cuyler family, since Danica is part of the latter's sexism.

Kenneth Willis[]

  • There is also a cameraman named Kenneth that was killed offscreen and eaten by the Cuyler family as Granny serves her famous "Kevin on a stick" and the family eats his body parts. His license is seen, with his real name being "Kenneth Willis", a corner of blood and body-print of a body can be seen. The Triangle Shaped Guy then points out "oh, no good heavens, no!". Rusty replied "Kenneth sure is crunchy". His bloody body print resembles Randy.


  • A few citizens are seen outside in The Jiggle Hut's cage arena, with one of them seen behind Snakeman but his mouth (with buckteeth), hair and some of his body are only seen.
    • An large arm is briefly seen, but disappears when Early heads up on the cage arena.

"The Unbearable Heatness of Fire"[]

Tennis Family[]

  • A leftover cracked glass photo with some fire on it at the beginning of the episode that Rusty holds up after Granny gives it to him after grabbing it and jumping out of the window when the Cuyler’s house is burning on fire as she mentioned has much Rusty loved it. Rusty then mentions that “I always enjoyed tennis times with that family what came with the photo album” while shredding a tear in one of his eyes and wipes it away. The photo's image then shows a family consisting of three African American woman and a large big African American father with large lips, which are all seen on the picture. They all are dressed up like tennis players. Early then claimed "them was fun times we had with the" and calls the said African-American family; a "black family" that played tennis all of the time. Granny thinks the dad pushes all the three girls "too hard" despite being successful and questions if they are really happy.

"Tuscaloosa Dumpling"[]

Grizzly Bear named "Dennis" and Salmon hat[]

  • To prove Rusty's maturely. Rusty fights a grizzly bear named "Dennis" on a chain and bloody neck with Rusty wearing a dead salmon on his head, as a hat, which drips out green liquid. The bear then eats Rusty, Granny gets a sponge and a water bottle spits water inside the mouth with inside the mammal, but Rusty breaks out of the bear via knife with a knife after the bear passes out and is killed.


  • Early mentioned that he saw a three-headed baby at a Ripley's restaurant in Gatlinburg. The baby isn't seen in the episode, though it appears on a picture of a Ripley's invitation.
  • Early and Rusty driven past three cars driven by unseen people on the road in their truck.

"Armageddon It On!"[]


  • When Sheriff can't enter Heaven and Squid Jesus said that the 4,400 person in a Heaven is cut, a large collection of crying children can be seen crying in beds, according to Squid Jesus Sheriff has to hang out with the because the babies who can't get in because they weren't baptized.


  • A large group of small baby angels carry and hold up Krystal to the doors of Heaven.


  • Several people appear on various televisions include a educational singing program with a girl and rabbit, a forest and, lake. A realistic man holding a pistol with a gun pointer covering him. A commercial and a realistic woman reporting Channel six news. The latter reappears on a television in "Anabolic-holic."
  • A different variation of Early also appears on a television screen.


  • A large population of the nude citizens are seen floating in the air by ascending to Heaven.
  • Squid Jesus mentions someone named "Peter" on his mic when Heaven is full and has over 4,400 people.
  • Later on, Sheriff and a large population of naked people with a female triangular woman resembling Steve, are shown at the Cuyler House, needing clothes.

"Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen"[]

Dead man lamp[]

  • Dan Halen has a lamp of a dead man, while portrayed as a prop, it was once a man, a bottle of beer on its crouch with flies buzzing around its corpse. This lamp reappears in "Rich Dan, Poor Dan."

People in Tanning Tattoos[]

  • Several man with tanning tattoos and women in bikini's appear in Dan Halen's tanning tattoos commercial.


  • A goldfish appears one of Dan Halen's Exotic Pets that can't survive on land and that has to moonwalk to get a drop of water that got spliced in half by Dan Halen.

Naked Children[]

  • Two naked children, with their privates covered by black censor bars, are seen working in the engine room in the Hair Dryery by throwing objects in an engine. However, more children are heard on the monitor crying in baby cries offscreen. While Dan Halen and Melissa are watching them on a monitor.

Homeless African American Man[]

  • Later at The VFW, an African American homeless man in a wheelchair is clapping for him after Dan Halen's born without knees speech, the homeless man then stops, Dan Halen then tells him "who allowed this freak in here?! find your own charity, foot man!". The uses his wheelchair to drive away. Dan Halen gets his plate of food and then punches out of the door while the homeless man falls down.


  • A helicopter is seen carrying a large rock.
  • Dan Halen mentioned to Melissa that he put pandas on his own moon, with his own face on it, which couldn't be done and were right as the pandas exploded on the moon, due to the moon's gravity.
  • Brian Bosworth is mentioned by Lil in what movie played a detective or playing a talking motorcycle he played, while Lil was in "The Hair Dryery" engine room.
  • Footage of live-action people are during the Chicago democratic convention are seen on a monitor. Dan Halen is shown straining a man with a chain, more of footage of the invasion of Poland, is seen. Dan Halen in the footage is shown next to Adolf Hitler and more Nazi's. The footage is shown in live-action.
  • Lots of pictures of unnamed people are seen in the history of Dan Halen are shown on-screen like Egypt and Berlin along with the final one being Dan Halen using a unicorn to slay a T-Rex, which is from a van.

"An Officer and a Dental Dam"[]

Race-Car Program[]

  • Early and Russell watch a race-car program on television, two race car drivers are seen with a recolored version of Glenn's Wife wearing green clothes and has orange hair are seen with a race car saying "Glug", with a man in the race car and they try to move it open up a cabinet and the race-car drivers hold it. The race-car driver says "the armoire is in the truck it's delicately enmeshed in the bungee cords, here we go, now!", everyone watch out!, he's gonna need an extra couple sets of hands to get that thing on board, now looky here, they are moving that thing with pride". Soon as the race-car racers carry it the cabinet explodes causing blood and a explosion, with the woman screaming on fire. The voice previously said "oh, he's gonna scratch that delicate finish".
  • Numerous racecars driven other race-car drivers and a large purple audience are all also seen in the background of the race-track.

Props in Dan Halen's Museum of The True South[]

  • At "Dan Halen's Museum of The True South", as Early and Russell travel through the museum lots of props depicting people are seen, but not of these props are real. A voice that depicts General Robert E. Lee is heard in the museum as a guide.
    • A statue of General Robert E. Lee is strangling a giant panda as seen as a statue, statutes of woman, and a man slaving General Lee are seen.
    • The next scene shows UFO's blasting skeletons.
    • A General Lee Statue is seen running from them also skeletons of dead people statues are seen with a skeleton being on fire.
    • The next scene shows two aliens feeding General Lee hot-dogs.
    • The next scene shows General Lee touching a book from Abraham Lincoln as statues,
    • A statue of Granny in a pink dress on a bed along with more statues of General Lee are seen with Granny and other people's feet are seen and legs of horse or sheep are seen later on.

Ticket Man[]

  • Dan Halen, Early, Russell and the Sheriff take a picture and a man in the corner gives them a ticket. They all then thank the man for the picture and ticket.

"The Okaleechee Dam Jam"[]

Tattoo Woman[]

  • A woman with a tattoo on his belly can be seen dancing with Early, Sheriff, Boyd, a man and Snakeman. She reappears in "Pile M for Murder", "Velvet Messiah" and "Events by Russell." However, she originally made a debut in the "Tanning Tattoos" commercial in "Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen."

Children in "S3E17"[]

  • Two children can be seen at the top of the "Moist 'N Wacky Water Park", one of them falls during the slide. Later three children are seen in the waters of the urine pool with a child's eye turning red, and gets his nose bleed.

Orange Bugs[]

  • Granny is freaking out in the Cuyler's outhouse because she saw green and a whole city of tiny orange bugs living in the outhouse, which Rusty told to say nothing about, and she said that the bugs chased her. Early then burns down the outhouse with a flamethrower. None of this bugs are shown onscreen.

Dead Fish[]

  • Dead fish are shown in a pool.

David's Carers[]

  • David's carers are seen with David Alan Coe singing with him and they also bomb the Dougal County Dam with him. They reappear in "Clowny Freaks."

Short-Headed Man[]

  • A short-headed man is also seen with the Cuyler's complaining to him with Early beating and injuring him to death. He reappears in the next episode and later on in "Velvet Messiah."


  • After line dancing in the Jiggle Hut ends, a male voice is then heard saying "well gentlemen, that was one great time."
  • A man's voice can be heard saying "oh, sorry, gentlemen, the wet t-shirt contest has been canceled due to statewide water restrictions" and the man's voice can be heard again saying "golks, we can only do so much with a humidifier, sorry" when Krystal is using it.
  • Three women in the contest are seen but get angry when the wet t-shirt contest gets canceled.
  • Many unnamed people are seen in an audience.

"Pile M for Murder"[]

Dan Halen's voice[]

  • Dan Halen has a voice inside his head speaking, who is voiced by "Riley Martin", saying "build it, It's time, build it!, It's time!".
  • Dan Halen's voice is heard again at the end of the episode after six months have passed. The voice echo to him "sell it". Dan then sighs. The voice then echoes "It's time". Dan tells his voice that it was over six months ago and that he is not even zoned to sell beer.
  • The voice echoes to him and asks him to turn attraction into a yogurt shop instead. Dan mentioned the word "no" to the voice three times. The voice ends up replying "for fat republican white women?". Dan then though it was a "stupid idea". Six months then pass and the idea becomes a reality but nobody shows up. The voice echoes to him one last time replying with "screw it, man, write it off".


  • Kittens are seen in a box as the Cuyler family wanted to sell them.

Hot-Dog Vendor[]

  • A orange hotdog vendor also shows up selling hot-dogs and gives Reverend one, with the latter protesting about Mount Murder. He heavily resembles the Pizza Delivery Man.


  • Doves are seen being let out of a cage by a Mexican and all fly away, oddly these doves make hawk noises instead.


  • A large group of frogs fall from the sky as Dan wanted to bathe everyone.


  • Construction trucks driven by unseen people are seen building Mount Murder.
  • Dan Halen mentions a woman named "Shelia" and told her to hold her calls.
  • The words "Mount Murder" are spelled out in a marching band.
  • Skulls of humans and some creatures are seen throughout the episode as background imagery, though red eyes do appear on two human skulls during one moment.
  • Early is seen watching television in a flashback with Granny, cars can be heard whizzing on the television along with a announcer shouting indistinctly as Early talks about Serway, and his memories with her, with a voice also heard on the television.
  • A man resembling the dad from the Adult Swim series "The Brak Show", along with a woman with a tattoo on her body, and the man with a small head. Early previously injured last time are all seen in the crowd when Mount Murder is opened. He reappears in "Velvet Messiah."
  • Eyes open up on Mount Murder are shown.
  • A moving Ferris wheel on Homicidal Hill is seen, which is implying unseen people are riding on this Ferris wheel.

"Mud Days and Cornfused"[]

Dead Opossum[]

  • A dead opossum, that was mentioned to be run over by a car, appears at the mud day petting zoo with a rotten sandwich in its mouth with flies swarming around it.

Charlie Daniel's Band[]

  • Shuckey mentions a Charlie Daniel's band as Mojo Nixon is seen playing with the band by Charlie Daniels. The band plays the "Devil Went Down To Georgia". However, it was actually just a normal band. Early mentions Charlie's name and Russell finds out that a hat and guitar are playing in the cornfield, but it turned out to be Charlie's head instead.


  • An unseen person driving a red truck carrying a parade float of fake and plastic men dolls crashes into Sheriff and Deputy Denny's burning mud themed parade float.
  • A female voice is heard to receive word on Dan's speaker mentioning Mr. Corn Maze to Dan Halen.

Season 4[]


Four Aliens[]

  • Granny teleports with four little aliens on her three of them hold blood knifes. Granny replied with "somebody got a new boyfriend I'm out", then she teleported away.


  • Later at Lerm's wedding, a cameraman is seen taking pictures of Lerm, and ripping up his bride Lil Cuyler.

Audience and UFOs[]

  • Later on, a large audience of people watch Lerm's speech. At the end, a large group of UFO's are seen in the air, and shoot lasers all over Dougal County while the audience screams in terror.

"The Lair, the Bitch and the Bored Rude"[]

Corn-Dog man[]

  • Krystal is shown a carnival ride called "A tilt-a-Whirl", making out with the Corn-Dog man who was mentioned as that by Early. The Corn-Dog man's design resembles one of the pedophiles from "Tween Steam".

Man and Woman[]

  • Later in the episode, Russell is reading a story in a book called "hearts of war", about the love of a man, and woman with Russell's faces on them. The man mentioning "I ship out in the morning, I'm sorry, but it's my duty". The woman says "What about your duty to me?, I love you!". The man replies "Don't say those words, don't ever say those words, we'll polish off those Krauts and i'll be back in the fall, we'll have our whole future a head of us". The woman replies "remember me!".

Reptilian Early[]

  • A giant reptilian version of Early comes out of the water destroying his ship, and replying "stop glazing your knuckles and get out here!", this ends up as a fantasy, and didn't actually happen.


  • Early, Sheriff, and Dean Koontz read a book parody of "Jack & Jill", a boy, and dog are seen on a page, Claire is also mentioned, at the end of the episode.
  • After Russell shoots Early, Sheriff, and Dean Koontz to death for a evil mastermind with a shotgun a bunch of police sirens are heard.

"The Fine Ol’ Solution"[]

Gorillas, Alligators, and Sharks[]

  • A large group of Gorillas, Alligators, and Sharks appear throughout the episode as security running patrol shifts with the Gorillas, and Sharks for the wall first constructed by Early. Later when, the wall is built, and covered around the Cuyler house. a group of the species are shown fighting with some sharks shown to be passed out. The sharks are shown taped with shotguns. While the alligators are colored green or gray. The gorillas have a ability to throw the alligators. The Gorilla throwing continues again, after a raccoon is stopped.


  • Later on, a raccoon comes out of some bushes the patrol begins with the gorillas throwing both the alligators, and sharks. Early then replies "uh, Mexican raccoon?, come to steal American raccoon jobs?", Sheriff then says the raccoon is trying to get a nut.

Brown Bird[]

  • Months later, a small brown bird flies to the inside of the wall to a starving Early, and Granny. Early then eats the bird leaving off it's head. The bird was carrying a note.


  • A float in a Mexican Parade has three statues of men trying to trap a giant statue of a squid resembling Early.


Blue Bird and young birds[]

  • The episode beginning shows, a blue bird coming to his nest feeding her young until she is shot by Early. Feathers of the bird fall on the ground with Rusty.


  • Early shoots a beehive, and the bees scatter in the air, and head to Granny by covering her up.

Dead Opossum[]

  • Squid Jesus spawns a dead opossum, and revives it. The opossum is shown with blood, and its yellow ennard coming out of it's body. The opossum is shown squeaking but crushed to death by Early's truck.

African Child[]

  • In Thunderclap's flashback ,which took place in Africa during a "Smackdown Slamathon" for wrestlers without borders fighting with a man while a large starving African audience watches them. Thunderclap tagged his partner too hard killing a African child with flies buzzing around him with blood & half of his body revealing its skeleton.

Thunderbitch Beth[]

  • Thunderclap has a ex-wife named "Thunderbitch Beth", taking away Thunderclap's "Thunderhummer", his two children and drives the Thunderhummer taking away his house from him, after his incident, making him lose this stuff.

Thunderian and Thunderclare[]

  • Thunderclap has two over two children named "Thunderian" and "Thunderclare", however, after his incident, he only spends every other weekend with them, as his ex-wife then grabs his children, making them cry.

George Lowe Voice[]

  • George Lowe appears a Wrestling Promo voice, in one of Dan Halen's commericals.


  • "Be there Saturday for the trouncin' on the mountain! it's gonna be a lot of ink on the floor!". "As mean Ruby Jean "the sagging senior", puts her winless record on the lane against Rusty, the "ultimate octo-hick" cuyler", "It's a blood feud all proceeds to go literacy only on pay per view!".


  • An arm is seen grabbing Thunderclaps's belt, which is presumably Thunderbeth's.
  • The channel six news lady from "Armageddon It On!" and the man speaking to the viewer on the television from "The Appalachian Mud Squid: Darwin's Dilemma" reappear in this episode on a television.
  • Two kittens, a rabbit, and a chipmunk, are seen in separate cages with a male chicken. The chipmunk has the same design taken from the chipmunk hallucination from "Wing Nut." Its unknown if this chipmunk is the same hallucination of the one in that said episode.
  • Some background people appear at the stadium and the courthouse.

"Confessions of a Gangrenous Mind"[]


  • Granny is seen talking a unseen trucker named Pompidov (who is voiced by Stan Robak) on radio as she wants to date him. Which she calls him "Papa dog", the phone is crashing, implying that he died in the episode offscreen.


  • "Who's that breaker out there?".
  • "That's 10-4 Lucy, this is papa dog, 'bout to pick me up a holy assload of pinecones, over".
  • "10-4, 10-4 Lucy please I get that ya want the sex what say I make a dirty detour and we hit you up on the flip f' 'hind t Amber Alert sign south of 4-4-1, you copy me?".
  • "You bet I got beaver fever bringing you a wire bende and some of them heavy duty shop towels I respect we'll be uh oh!".
  • "Who put a goddamn".
  • "Shoulda strapped down the load".

African-American Slaves[]

  • In the past there are a group of African slaves doing work by picking up cotton. Ruby Jean is seen during these times celebrating with the slaves for example a bunch of female slaves skip through past her throwing cotton balls.
  • Two other slaves with whips play jump rope with Ruby Jean, male slaves are shown throwing cotton balls while other females use big white wings as fans.

Blue Bird[]

  • Ruby is seen holding a small blue bird from the previous episode that flies.

Dan Halen and Dr. Julius Erving's horses[]

  • Later, Dan Halen is seen riding a brown horse, while he is dressed, and has a whip.
  • Dr. Julius Erving is also shown to ride a dark brown horse similar to Dan Halen's horse.


  • Throughout the episode, Granny mentions about Russell's grandpappy.
  • Granny mentions about Russell's great great great granddaddy like his decals, and banners, as he put them on water fountains, bathrooms and buses. He was a world-class organizer. In the same scene, a man next to the water fountain then the man strays her.
  • Lil mentions that Russell's granddaddy was a fat, stupid, thieving, hair-as-crap butt grabber who wrote rubber checks to prostitutes.
  • At the end of the episode, Granny also mentions General Sherman as Russell's great granddaddy which mean that the Cuyler's are yankees and won a war.

"The Big Gay Throwdown"[]

Prisoner Silhouette[]

  • In a flashback, Early is seen in community showers while a large silhouette of a prisoner staring at him. Early mentions to him "uh, would it be alright if we didn't have that date tonight, c-man? I'm a little headachy from that wine what we brewed in the toilet". The prisoner pushes some soap to him soon Early bends over, and the prisoner heads to him and rapes him in the shower offscreen.

John Wilkes Booth[]

  • The soul of "John Wilkes Booth" is mentioned by Sheriff's Demon Parents as he previously said to them he was going to play kickball to him in the fourth ring of Hell.

"Atone Deaf"[]

Beer Delivery Man[]

  • A beer delivery man carrying boxes of Glug is seen at the beginning, when The Jiggle Hut closes in the morning.


  • At the angry management lesson at The VFW, Prisoner / Tattoo Artist with two other prisoners are seen doing community service.


  • At the "Shoe Shop", the shop's owner named "Bob" crashes out the store tied up, and ends up grunting.

Half Naked Man[]

  • Later, a half naked man shows up when Krystal falls in love, exposing her clothes while Early has to run a camera recording a supposed porn-o. Early say 's "Is this the sumbitch that gave you the gonorrhea?". The man mentions "now that ain't one that make you blind is it?". Krystal replies "I don't know, it ain't blinded me yet, and momma likes what momma sees". The man comes to her, and say's "well let's get this done!". Both then start kissing.


  • Later, Early apologizes to a statue of a opossum on two boxes (with the words "dumbass creature"), and Early gets a small piece of meat from it.
  • A mounted exploded animal which Early mentioned he shouldn't hunted him with dynamite.
  • While not a real character, Early then apologies to a "Telly Trout", (which is a parody of a Big Mouth Billy Bass), which Early presses the button, and the fish sings "splashing down the river, cause that's where my baby's gone". Early later beats up Rusty with the toy.

"God's Bro"[]

Live-Action Woman breasts[]

  • Live-action footage of Woman breasts covered in bras colored pink, and other colors like red, and black are seen laughing in the commercial with Dr. Horny.

Hooker Doll[]

  • Later on, Dan throws a dead hooker doll in the portal.

Dairy Cow[]

  • A dairy cow is turned inside out by God's Brother with its skin, and insides revealed.

Alternate Universe[]

  • God's Brother creates a alternate universe. The universe appears a upside down universe. Early, Reverend, and Granny, all have alternate counterparts of themselves they interact with, until the alternate universe ends.

"Reunited, And It Feels No Good"[]


  • Granny has unseen scorpions inside her sac pinching her. Granny say's "something - something crawled on my face!". Early then replied "oh yeah, them's the motivatical uh, scorpions, yeah I put in a couple for ya, they're gonna fastasize you".

Roach family[]

  • Durwood enters the house, the family is showing off their house to him. Early points to a small roach. then heads to Rusty pointing at the roach's family. Over five small Roaches with one first Roach. Then three roaches, and then one last roach are seen crawling all over Rusty's body in the said scene. Early also say's "their bury in the skin".

"Not Without My Cash Cow!"[]

News Reporters and Clone Audience[]

  • A large audience full of people such as clones of other people like Donna, Boyd, and a clone of Melissa appear with various news programs about Russell's whereabouts.
    • The cameraman from "Tween Steam" also reappear in a program called "8 baby arms: The Baby Rusty Story".
    • A bunch of news reporters are seen discovering trails made by Sheriff, amd Deputy Denny.
    • Two other news reporters resemble Shawn Coleman and a African.
    • Later, two weird news reporters are seen while Early, Rusty, and Granny look at a plane.
    • Soon news trucks around the county leave the house, near the end of the episode.

Python Dancers[]

  • Two Python dancers are seen dancing for Granny's drink "Python Carbonated enegry drink" as a advisement.

Movie Characters[]

  • A realistic movie versions of the Sheriff, Early, and Granny, appear on a television, they are worried about Rusty's disappearance.


  • "I'm afraid we lost the trail"
  • "Lost the trail?
  • "Listen, Early, I'm try"
  • "No, you listen! I want my baby Rusty back!!"

Male Stripper[]

  • Durwood is later seen in a strip club with a male stripper. The male stripper's arm are seen on-screen, and the male stripper has two gun holsters.

Voice on Durwood's phone[]

  • A man saying "child services". Durwood is calling, because, he adopted a baby. When, the stripper gives him a hat of money. Durwood replies "Oh, no, no, no, no thank you". Durwood then said to the caller "I was wondering the department where you give out the government money check? greeny, leafy, spendy money?".

Makeup Woman[]

  • A makeup woman shows up, after Early's request to airbrush him up then come, and gives Early a little six-pack she then goes away. This makeup woman reappears in "The Squid Stays in the Picture."

Nancy Grace[]

  • Nancy Grace is mentioned by Early Cuyler as he is on the phone was someone. Later on, Russell mentions her as, he is on a wishing well while dressed as a mouse (Marty Mouse). Early calls on the phone for someone to tell Nancy Grace gone again (presumably Durwood, and Fiona again).

Season 5[]

"Need For Weed"[]

Dead Opossum[]

  • Sheriff shows he has a dead opossum pet used for hunting, and sniffing for drugs, and weed. Sheriff thinks he is scopin', and playing dead. This is the fourth episode in the show where a dead opossum is seen, the others were "Mud Days and Cornfused", "Anabolic-holic" and "Atone Deaf".
    • Also a bunch of flies that buzz around him.


  • Sheriff also has a pet Gerbil inside some purple tubes that, he is going to used to hunt for some marijuana.


  • A weird woman is also seen watching Early infected with weed in his truck. Early said she was a "abortion doctor". The woman then closes his door, and turns off his light. The house is the same house from the pilot episode, where a man was lighted on fire by Early.

"The Many Loves of Early Cuyler"[]

Woman Breasts[]

  • Early hallucinates that their are woman breasts wearing a yellow shirt saying "good head/dead". This woman is only a hallucination, and turned out to be not real.

Stepbrothers, and Stepsisters[]

  • Krystal's Cousin mentioned Russell can go in the yard with his stepbrothers, and stepsisters, as a large group of children are seen cheering, however these children may be friends instead of having any relation with The Cuyler's.

Unnamed Woman[]

  • A bunch of unnamed women are seen throughout the episode seen dressed, and most of these women don't have lines or speak but dance, and clap to the "boy, I wanna do it on the dance floor" song from a "Torture Pop" CD from Deputy Denny for eight months. Two woman are seen making out with each other many times the two women's names are "27", and 26". Women are also seen when Early has rat poison punch for a party. A passed out woman is later seen, passed out with Deputy Denny. None of these woman have any personalities, or speak


  • The "good head/dead" part, which Early mistaken for women breasts was actually a newspaper clipping of a earthquake saying "6000 Dead" in India, implying that over 6000 people in India died from an earthquake in that country.
  • Later racecars can be heard, along with women shouting.

"Dead Squid Walking"[]

George Lowe Voice and Prisoner's body[]

  • George Lowe's voice is heard speaking during a execution promo voice, saying "Dougal County's first execution in 45 years, live in your living room", a image of a man's prisoner body is seen with a television on his head.
    • After a scene with a few dogs coming out of a box saying the words "Intruder", the voice then explains this line "Its time for the dogs to saw the meat, as Ga Ga Pee Pap Cuyler takes an express train to the big dirt nap courtesy of the state of Georgia, guess who's gonna win the state of Georgia, only on pay-per-view, order now."

Woman seen in flashback[]

Dairy Cow[]

  • In a flashback, Ga Ga is seen riding a fairy cow with the number "five" on it while carrying stuff he sold. Later on, Ga Ga Pee Pap horns a horn, and is seen riding on another dairy cow, except with this one, the cow has a number "7" on it instead.

Bee Club[]

  • Ga Ga then breaks a beehive full of honey bees that swarm a Sheriff Clone as their training bees that work at a bee club. The Sheriff Clone is shown to be a allergic to them, and passes out.

Drive Thru Voice[]

  • A voice (who is voiced by Dave Willis) is heard speaking on a drive thru of a space themed restaurant. Sheriff asks that he can order a moon meal Jr. with a Cheyenne Cinnamon toy, for Denny. But, the speaker is later damaged by Ga Ga Pee Pap.

Voice Quotes[]

  • "He cleaned out the condiment bar and took out all the napkins, and then he turned around and gave 'em all back to me".
  • "He said we better watch out he's gonna get us again".
  • "Yeah, there's another car behind you".
  • "If you could just please park forward".

"Young, Dumb and Full of Gums"[]

  • President Obama is mentioned due to him putting fluoride in the drinking waters of Dougal County.
  • A entire audience of clones of several clones are seen in Dan Halen's speech, and these clones are seen rushing to head to fight for the water.
  • Some minor citizens, later appear as vampires.

"Holodeck Redneck"[]

  • Plenty of minor, and one-shot/time characters appear only in the The Holodeck fantasies, making most of these characters don't actually exist.


  • Sheriff fantasies in his imagination, as he imagines two puppy dogs licking him, and butterflies flying in the air of a flowery environment.

People In The Holodeck[]

  • Five attractive blonde, and tanned women in bikinis, show up in Early's holodeck fantasy. The five women show up with Early, a bunch of live-action breasts are shown on screen.
  • A beach couple is also seen, but Early beats up the man (that has a sight resemblance to Shawn Coleman) with a bottle of beer leaving the man bleeding, and the woman wearing a green bikini shocked, and he jumps on her.
  • A crowd of men wearing swimsuits, and women in bikinis are shown at the bottom of a pool saying "Jump!, jump!, jump!", on repeat. Early mentioned to all of them, "y'all want I should jump?", all of them than cheered, all except Devon. Early jumps, and falls on the ground, and the all the people gasped. Early then said "PCB, baby!, whoo!". The crowd then cheered. The crowd then, decreases during the sunset with a small crowd saying "jump, e-dawg!, jump!". Early then said "w-w-whoo!". The same things happens to Early previously.
  • Six people are seen on the beach, until they changed into their own different forms:
    • A man becomes half cyborg.
    • A another man grows a big head.
    • A woman becomes half disappearly.
    • A another woman becomes a pink monster caveman.
    • A man has outfit with a green-yellow gas mask.
    • A man who's head is a part of a mechanical four legged spider body.

"Frivolacious Squidigation?"[]

Stoned Man[]

  • A stoned man debuts in this episode, which he is high, and takes control of the "Yuri's An-drop-Off Carnival" ride. When Early, and Granny attend the ride by first being measured by their height. The man first lines are "whatever, man", he chuckles, and then said "I'm so high man". Early then said "you want me to sit on the safety or the cushy part?", the man replied "make it your own, bro". He turns on the ride for them.
    • Coincidentally, this man becomes a supporting background character in later episodes of the show, and appears in church in his later appearances. His latest appearance in the show is in the episode "Events by Russell."

Unnamed Woman[]

  • After Granny gets injured, as the ride is destroyed as Early on a rocket zooms past a unnamed woman in a stand called "I survived Yuri's Androp Off". Early then said to her "I'll take a hat, two mugs, and a button!". Later, the woman gave Early, the stuff.


  • Two paramedics try to break out Granny, who is trapped by the crushing from the ride by using a blowtorch. They carry her to a ambulance, which does drive off. These paramedics reappear in the episodes "Squidbilly Manfishing" and "Gun of a Son."


  • Later, Granny is seen ascending to Heaven but is pulled by two angels sent by Squid Jesus, and take back Granny.


  • During the trial, five judges appear in the courtyard, but one of them having their brain ripped out by Dan Halen, and eaten by Granny making her act like a zombie. The other four judges walk away with Dan Halen outside the court.


  • Other people are seen in court.

"Fatal Distraction"[]


  • Early runs a over a deer in his truck.

Elderly Stripper[]

  • Early is seen in The Jiggle Hut with a elderly stripper stripping while Early talks to her, and then he climbs up the pole to touch her. Later Early runs over a deer on the road with it's head splattered in blood. Early's GPS shows a image of three Chinese infants that built him, as he was assembled in China, Later, Early's GPS has a box that he claims it is the head of "Bin Laden" (refering to Osama Bin Laden). But it is the head of the elderly stripper that Early saw earlier in the episode.

"Clowny Freaks"[]

African's children[]

The festival of the clowny freak[]

  • At the "The festival of the clowny freak", a bunch of photo-shopped imagery of human people that shows the activities, and features of the festival.
    • It first shows, "keg sucking" with five live-action people, one of them is drinking from a keg.
    • Next, is wrestling, and features two live-action children fighting.
    • Two live-action girls are seen doing donkey rides (the donkey is also live-action).
    • Butt slapping as it features a live-action elderly woman's ass farting.
    • A guy that makes puppets have sex the same screen shows a live-action man with clown make-up on, and eight creepy dolls (plus, the last one on the right resembles Jigsaw/Billy The Puppet from the saw franchise).
    • Yo mamma, and shows a live-action elderly women.
    • A live-action murderer locked up in prison.
    • Seventeenth stages with "horror rap", a man holding a guitar is seen.
    • A photo-shopped image of Daggah D is also shown. He say's "no, I won't be there, dawgs, but y'all should chillax by the merch tent, make it rain, bitches".
    • A announcer is heard saying "and it's all this Sunday, clowny daggers, y'all".

Insane Clown Posse Concert[]

  • A Insane Clown Posse concert is seen at the end of the episode, several people with Insane Clown Posse themed makeup are seen. A rapper with two careers from "The Dam Jam" episode is singing "Ba-rat-a-atat-tat, smash yo face with my bat, the fat of my bat slap yo skull with splat, now how you like that?, oh you don't like that?, nurse, 10 ccs or my eastern, stat". Early then, starts getting away with hitting and injuring people with his bat including killing one person. The crowd starts booing at Early's antics. The main rapper replies "up front, old guy with a bat". Early is taken away by two security guards. After Early's response to the songs lyrics. The main rapper replies "It's symbolism, that bat is like my fractured youth, now get him the f*ck out of here", as Early is dragged by the two guards. The main rapper's final lines are "All right, all right, drag him by the merch tent".

"Lean Green Touchdown Makifying Machine"[]

  • A large group of minor characters appear in this episode.

Football Coach and Kids[]

  • At the "Home School Football Championship", a applause is heard. Granny mentioned two kids in the football field named "Ezekiel", and "Jebdeiah" are going be bringing the outside pressure. A another two named "Malachi", and "Nebuchadnezzar" playing a cover two and four other kids named "Matthew", "Mark", "Luke", and "John" are seen as they're supposed stacked up in the box.
  • Later Rusty plays football with them, and the kids face him, and knock him down. Soon, Russell wins the football game as he grabs a flying football. Granny shakes her ass at a kid.
  • A football coach shows up freaks out Granny. The coach only lines are "come on, kids don't end all day thanking our lord and savior for a frigging field goal". The kids were praying for Jesus Christ.

Football Players and Athletes[]

  • Later, a football player is seen throwing a football at a giant Sheetrock University stone. A football player, and coach are seen on "Sheetrock University" items.
  • A Triangle Shaped Guy is teaching athletes in a football class which is a orientation.
  • A football player is seen chewing a football. Five Sheetrock university football players are seen picking up Russel, and only say "Sheetrock U!" on repeat.

Coach Lackey[]

  • Dan Halen also has a inflatable coach named "Coach Lackey" appears a few times in the episode. He is pulled by Dan Halen, and only say's "This kid's got the stuff!". Dan Halen mentioned he was a wonderful recruiter.

News Reporters[]

  • A bunch of news reporters taking pictures of the football signing up are seen in The VFW.

Green Snakes[]

  • Tim Treebow is seen holding four green yellow eyed snakes, in a similar manner to Early's actions in "Giant Foam Dickhat Trouble", with Tim speech being "forgive him, lord, he knew not what he did".

Unnamed Men and Coaches[]

  • A large group of men and coaches appear in a recruiting line to have sex with Granny. None of them have lines.
    • One of the men is a coach wearing a towel, and wears a hat. The coach tells her "well, I really enjoyed meeting you, And I endured the things we did uh, I really was hoping to talk to your grandson about the great opportunities we have down here at Alabama tech". Granny says "to be honest, I think he's pretty well decided. The coach then says "you didn't say that when we started w-w-why'd you make me do those things back there?". Granny then said "you had your fun now send in that fella from from the semen holes on the way out". The man last lines are "Its pronounced "seminoles". Granny mentioned to Russell that the person he asked who was the guy. Granny answered nobody, but she then replied "but if that feller recruits like he bangs, he ain't gonna have no kinda team this fall".
    • A man resembling Galvin then comes in. The man said "well, you must be Rusty's grandma". Granny then said "That's right, and let's hope you're from the big ten". The man said "Mountain west, actually Mountain west". Granny said "Hmm, mountain' rear". The man takes off his glasses, revealing his eyes and replying "oh, yeah, great, one of -- one of these deals of it?, let me just mentally prepare for this". Granny then said "the hell you doin' boy?, you keep the ringson, you goin' deep".

"America: Why I Love Her"[]

  • Like "S5E9", a large cast of characters, that exclusively appear in this episode.

Pond Fish[]

  • A large school of fish appear in a pond, the fish are goldfish and green are seen flopping out of the water when the lake is drained.

Dairy Cows[]

  • Early milks a dairy cow. Later on, Rusty tries to milk a red and brownish cow which kicks him. A dairy cow belonging to the Al-Qaedans is seen eating grass, Early then shoots the cow with his shotgun, killing it and steals the cow. The dairy cow's body reappears later in the episode, even when a car crash happens.

Osama Bin Laden[]

  • While he was being referenced in the episodes "The Okaleechee Dam Jam" and "Fatal Distraction", a physical picture of Osama Bin Laden is seen as Rusty noticed it, but the Al-Qaedan's paint blue paint all over it, and one of them calls it "Kenny Bin Loggins", "Highway To The Danger Zone".

Animals seen in "Listen to the animals"[]

  • A female blue bird crashes into the window of Sheriff's police car causing a major car crash. Tthe bird sings the song "Ain't it odd" along with a red cardinal that flies near her, they then sing. Sheriff then said "uh, you know, these' birds have got kind of a point, there", then he groans. Early mentioned that the only things he trusted "Glenn Beck", and singing woodland creatures. The song "Listen to the animals", has a bunch of woodland creatures sing, aside from a squirrel, a female blue bird, and a cardinal, animals that sing, and perform the song are a rabbit, beavers, a goat, a raccoon (who also mentions President Obama annd his birth certificate since he was born in Hawaii), a deer, a horse playing a xylophone, a bear, and a gopher from Early's hat.
  • At the end of the song as a rabbit sings the animals get angry at him, the rabbit mentioned "what? well, Gore won the popular von, And he shoulda had a recount, I think", he is than shot to death by Early.

Lee Harvey Osward[]

  • Lee Harvey Osward is mentioned by a goat that he didn't kill JFK instead he is a giant cyborg built by The CIA. The next screen shows him in a giant cyborg suit wrecking havoc on a city with two ships in the background. Lee Harvey Osawrd's only lines are "Ich Bin Einimmortal".

Virgin Women[]

  • In the song "Yellow Cake". After finds a attractive Al-Qaeda on a dating website called "Hezbollah Hotties", where virgin women covered in black outfits are shown as pictures with Granny adding her face to one of them.
  • Later in the episode, in the song, "We Did It". over six virgin women are seen in Heaven waving their hands at the Al-Qaedans.

Jackyl Band and Groupie[]

  • In the song "Raised by Jackyl", a band called Jackyl is seen raising Rusty as a baby, and first seen singing the song, a member is feeding baby Rusty at first, and poke his ass with a needle, made him learned karate, trained him to use, and sit on the potty. He was also taught to turn the other cheek
  • Jackyl plays their band while Russell is sleeping, they are showed playing in a band in front of a audience which Rusty is shown to run a board whenever Jackyl plays live, in a gig in Lawrence.
  • Four members, are shown sleeping while Rusty is driving the truck before he got hit. Four members, are seen smoking though a bong, Rusty asked where did babies come from to them, and Jackyl tell him to grab a groupie woman off of Willy. Two show him, how it's done, a member is typing sex education, he says "the ejaculate leaves the penis, and that fluid is called "semen." Rusty mentioned how has to be Roman there. Roman's only lines are "hell, man, that's called double-teamin'".

Drive-By Truckers[]

  • The band "Drive-By Truckers" play on the lawn when the Al-Qaedans are heading to the Cuyler House, and sing the song "For This Land". The band consisted of six people, five males, and one female. Three men play the guitars, one man plays the drums, one man play the xylophone, and the only woman plays the guitar, during the song, which eventually ends for three-grand.

Satellite Worker[]

  • A Satellite Worker is seen working on Early's satellite service provider but Early knocks down. The worker is then lighted on fire burned alive, and tries to enter his satellite car. But, his car is burned by Early's flamethrower, and explodes.


  • The Al-Qaeda without arms and legs has a picture of his face on a handsome man's body.
  • Several trucks and auto, driven by unseen people, are seen constructing the yellow cake on digging a hole to China.
  • A popup add of a blonde woman in a pink breasts covering her naked breasts is shown it is known as "penis enlargement", and it says "ever feel like there is a giant hole in your life that needs filling?", "click here learn more".
  • In "Raised By Jackyl", Rusty was taught to turn the other cheek, a man is shown kicking Rusty's ass and beats him up while he wanted him to kiss his ass.
  • An audience of people, including some notable ones such as Boyd, are seen in the concert for Jackyl in "Raised By Jackyl".
  • Unseen person driving jets are seen along with a USA rocket ship is seen in Early's fantasies during the song he performs "Democracy wins again!"
  • Four blonde tanned bikini wearing ladies from "Holodeck Redneck" briefly return in this episode.
  • A deer is killed by Early in a similar manner to the one seen in "Fatal Distraction".

Season 6[]

"Asbestos I Can"[]

  • In the "God Bless The Confederacy" song:
    • Humans are depicted such as two hands in handcuffs giving a thumbs up
    • Yankees which died from a General Robert E. Lee.
    • A drunk father.
    • A mother cooking up crystal meth, and a person's face melting from the meth, three with a truck, a sports car, and a boat.
  • After three members of the Cuyler Family were killed by accidently crashing into a tree, with a bunch of cars crashing into the same exact tree killing most of these people, including someone driving a monster even drives on the destroyed cars, and falls off the edge.
  • A man is later seen recording the song "(I Like) Driving in My Truck" with Early, and T-Pain.

"Class of '86"[]

Man at the Gym[]

  • Early beats up a man at the gym, the man say's "Th-the register's up there just t-take it, just -aah!", as Early shoots his arm. Early then replies "I ain't here for money, you give me a towel, a locker, and you calculate my resting metabolic and my body-mass index!, I need to get cut like them old boys in "300!".


  • After Sheriff shoots Dan Halen with a shotgun, a woman is seen running out with Glenn's Wife, and Shawn Coleman.
  • A voice is heard after Early's bullying lesson, talking to him, and his only lines are "actually, no, it, it isn't", and "no, we gave you the script". Early ended up replying to him "I'll say what the hell I want to say, you fucking damn son-of-a-bitchin' pencil-neck mother f**ker".

"Velvet Messiah"[]

  • Live-action woman breasts from "Holodeck Redneck" are shown when Early is drugged from the octane, which he inhaled from a squid blanket from a African American's car.
  • Granny is seen streaking on a baseball field saying "Glug", and four kids which are baseball players watch her
  • A cement truck comes by to fill the hole where Granny is at with cement.
  • Billy Morton's father is mentioned in the episode, as he nailed his tree branches and 2x4's so he can get around.
  • The small headed man, the woman with the tattoo on her body from "The Okaleechee Dam Jam", and a man resembling the dad from "The Brak Show" from the third season, also show up in this episode, as many people show up for Early walking on the water like Jesus Christ, when he portrays as him. All of them soon lost interest into watching Early, and leave.

"The Big E"[]


  • A unnamed voice can be heard on radio is used throughout this episode, when Early becomes the new radio announcer, after beating up the old one.


  • "And now back to Brock "Liberty" Bell!, are you ready to Brock?"
  • 'You've been opinion whipped!"
  • "Chappin' hides on the gives!, Brock Bell"
  • "You're listening too cool A.M. 1680, the heat!"
  • "Live from out mountain top bunker in Dougal County on cool 1680, the heat you can't spell "freedom" you can't spell "liberty" you can't spell "U.S.A." without The Big "E"!"
  • "Ushed!"
  • "Locked in the freedom box!"
  • "You're listening to your new opinion, courtesy of the big "E"!, "The Big "E" is back and shooting from the hip, where the brains are what come up with the ideas!"
  • "Are you ready to get your lid flipped?, it's the Big "E"!, "Get the cream in you!, Early Cuyler on cool 1680, the heat!".
  • "Train your semiautomatic cross-hairs on the liberal bull-mess"
  • "Pump your sawed-off though guns with the big "E"
  • "You're listening to your new opinion, courtesy of the Big "E" lid flipped!, two creams!
  • "The original straight shooter, the big "E" shooting the breeze and shooting the truth!"
  • "Guns!"
  • "Truth!"
  • "Bang"
  • "He's a cowboy".

Two Gay Men[]

  • When Early mentioned that "marriage is a divine institution between one man, and one woman, where the man owns the woman unless the bitch runs around on the man", two gay men driving a car hoarding this.


  • Sheriff then removing hair off an inmate named "Luther" with cream during his execution, while Sheriff is on the phone talking to Early. Sheriff then told him that he needed to chill out and would reunited with a girl in Heaven that he previously strangled.


  • A bunch of people appear in a audience with Early and holding guns while firing in the air.

"Keeping It in the Family Way"[]

Chuck Norris[]

  • An animated of Chuck Norris makes a cameo on a television exercising in the gym, while Rusty dating Tammi watch him, while Russell explains that he is gonna fight ninjas.

Television Voice[]

  • A small voice is heard saying "Now, what about the ladies?".


"Snow Daddy"[]

Snow Daddy's mother[]

  • While not real, a picture of Snow's Daddy's mother is seen in a picture.


  • A man resembling Shawn Coleman, and a small man watch a crime investigation, which happened when Early fell into a icy lake, and they would eventually in the same said icy lake.


Security Guards[]

  • Security guards are seen working at the said mall are seen chasing Russell acting, and being a pervert in the clothes arise in his fantasy, but the eventually three of them then captured Early using a shotgun in the store. A similar thing happens at the end of the episode where Granny does the same thing with cat eye contact lenses.


  • A large cast of unnamed citizens appear throughout the episode, entering Ballmart, but only serve as normal background characters.
  • One person, that is wearing glasses, almost wanted to try a sample of "Butter Bomb Jalapeno Popperit Blasters", but was slapped by Krystal.

"The Pharaoh's Wad"[]

Liquor Store Clerk[]

  • Early goes to a Liquor Store, as a man working for that said Liquor Store is seen buying liquor from him, but then breaks it in a repetitive manner, as he goes back in the store to order a new one, the man doesn't speak onscreen. He later reappears in the episode "Trucked Up!", which is the final episode of the sixth season, and has a few recurring appearances in the show as a background character. A recolored version of the clerk appeared in "Cooler-Heads Prevail." Before that episode, their was a man that had a identical design to him, who briefly appeared in the "Ballmart" episode.


Sphinx and Locusts[]

  • The Egyptian Poker Machine he plays has a video-game sphinx heard saying "hey!, you can step to Egypt?". Early replies "Well, hell yes, I do", the Sphinx says "I'm gonna bring the plague's down!". "Round 1" begins with a huge swarm of locust covering most of the screen. Early continues to play the poker machine. The sphinx is shown holding cards throughout the episode, with Early beating this sphinx many times. Also when Early wins the sphinx replies "Damn it!"


  • Glenn and three big guards throw Early off Dan Halen Sheet Rock International.


  • Early has a gun to shoot himself with in-front of five men, who usually serve as normal background characters in later episodes, the men only say "all" than groan, Early then replied to them "yeah, I told you!, winner, winner, chicken dinner". The men start to leave, and drop their money to Early, but Early then said "Let's go, hey, hold on, now, who wants to bet I can't do that a sixth straight time?", all of them say "yeah!". Early then said "I like that!, we got some takers!, hell yeah!", the five men run away as Early shot himself.
  • At the end of the episode, a man is seen carrying the broken Egyptian poker machine is seen, while the poker machine is replaced by a claw machine.

"Return of Gaga Pee Pap"[]

Dead Fish in Lake[]

  • Ga Ga Pee Pap kills a lot of fish from The Lake, after he adds dynamite into it. Later on, Early swims in the water with the dead fishes.


  • in a flashback with a younger Early, and Ga Ga Pee Pap in a hook shop, Early grabs a white bowl of worms, Ga Ga points his gun at the worms.


  • Two bodies of two people holding hands are seen at a Sheetrock University game.
  • A hawk seen flying, and making a hawk noise during the sunset is seen when Russell, and Ga Ga are seen watching the said sunset.
  • Two cars drive on the streets.

"Trucked Up!"[]


  • Early watches a monkey in a truck on television.

Dead Fish[]

  • A bunch of dead fish are in the water of toxic waste in the Atlantic Ocean.

Dead Hooker[]

  • The legs of a dead hooker are seen in The Scrambler.

Security Officer[]

  • Early in his Scrambler truck is seen with a security officer, who is voiced by Billy Joe Shaver, the officer says "what are you hauling back there, son?". Early mentioned he had two tons of tobacco in their but however than looked in the truck, he mentioned "looks like you got 130 pounds of dead hooker, 40-some-odd Mexican illegals, and three keys of -- ahh! -- pure china white", Early then said "well, hell, I -- you know, I did hear some thumping but". The officer says "okay, I'm gonna have to ask you to step out of the car, sir". Early then replied to him "I demand asylum!, what's that thing you gotta say in the movie picture when it's uh, don't get you in no trouble?". Early then gets caught by his security guards.

Security Guards[]

  • Two security guards grab him but Early escapes, but get captured by two more guards, and beaten up.


  • A bunch of human citizens are seen at a beach of the Atlantic Ocean, including Devon from "Holodeck Redneck". Most of these people run away from "The Scrambler", except a man holding a soda can who only appears happy.
  • The Liquor Store man returns again.
  • A African American man with Early with a air-bug in Early's ass says "come on, man, let's go with that air bag!", Come on, easy". The man pulls the airbag, it turned out to be case of money. The man then says "you can count it later, okay?", Early then says "No, no, no!". The African American guy says "it's all there". Early then said "really?", but groans, and says to him "It feels a little bit light". The man then says "what do know?, can't put one over on you, can we?!".

Season 7[]

"Rusty and Tammi Sitting in a Tree, B-A-S-T-A-R-D"[]


  • Russell gives Dr. Cock one of his hogs for 4,800 dollars. Dr. Cock holds a pink hog resembling one the Meth Hogs, the hog then squeals at him. Dr. Cock told him he would take him home, and start laying golden eggs as he promised.


  • Russell heads inside a nursery of sleeping babies in beds to see Macho Man Randy Cuyler, only three sleeping babies are seen onscreen.

"Beware the Butt-Cutter"[]

  • Sheriff mentioned that he is dating Ukrainian woman over E-mail, and he needs to send her a picture which Deputy Denny can take a picture, Sheriff mentioned is the culture of Ukraine, because they need to send a picture of someone's penis, and shows them to heir parents and the parents bless the marriage.
  • Denny mentions three campers go missing at the head of the app trail, after Sheriff takes a picture, and Denny receives the photo of Sheriff in front two dead bodies with their asses ripped, while they have a body there faces are unseen with one of them having a green jacket, and blown hair, with five asses are seen to be hung up with one of them having a "butterfly" on their ass.
  • A third person with a ass cut off, the body is next to the Sheriff.
  • Granny is seeing a man's ass lifting weights in a gym, a black guy that comes, and replaces the man, then also lifts weights.
  • Several people also attend a casino.
  • A man is also shown working there giving chips as Sheriff asked for them for $200, Granny gives a $5 chip for a woman from "S5E6", the same woman gives Ruby tea as Ruby said the name "John", it is mentioned as "John Long Island Ice Tea" as Sheriff mentioned on walkie talkie to the "A.P.B."
  • Granny mentioned see got a ticket for the "Youngest Mandrill Sister" in the magic show.
  • Dan Halen is revealed to be the "Butt-Cutter" by cutting the asses of several people to wear as a butt themed suit but fames Early Cuyler as the killer.

"Squidbilly Manfishing"[]

Unnamed Man[]

  • At Lake Okaleechee, Early is in a wheelchair with a unnamed man carrying him after recovering. Early said to the man "can you make that noise quit?", the man mentioned they he can't, due to it being a public lake.
  • After Early, and Russell's interaction, and Early throws his salad plate on the ground, Rick say's "excuse man, is this young man bothering you?". Early replied "of course he is!, can't you see the damn anger and consternation in my sumbitchin' face?!", showing his new face. This Early jumps up to the man saying "don't get upset, you'll loosen the stitches". Early then said "what?, now I'm worried". The man say's "the stitches are fine, teenage friends". Early then said "well, that's good as you can see, I'm very relieved now". Rusty mentioned he needed him, then Early said to him "listen to my older brother bein' a cutup, look at his frown lines, crow's feet that's stress".


  • Sheriff is being picked up by two paramedics at the end of the episode. These two paramedics previously appeared in the episode "Frivolacious Squidigation."

"Green and Sober"[]

Drugged Customers[]

  • A drugged customer is seen knocking on the window of the Cuyler House presumably looking for meth. Granny mentioned that their her "customers". Three drugged customers are seen in the window with two males, and one female, a drugged someone tries to enter the door, soon Sheriff close the door on someone, two other drugged people are seen in a another window, all of these drugged customers are seen on the porch, one covers his head while Early shoots his shotgun.

Jiggle Hut Guard[]

  • Lil at the Jiggle Hut is trying to enter the building, but a guard is seen telling her that she isn't supposed to be let in, but Lil mentioned that he doesn't wanna check the list again. Lil has sex with the guard in a car with the same guard telling her that she is on the list.

Three Man Band[]

  • Lil complains to a three man band to play a song called "Buffett", but the band leader told her that they don't take requests. Lil then has sex with all three of them in a car, one of the members mentioned if they can do "Cheeseburger In Paradise", but the band leader replies "please, don't talk to me I can't focus".

Married Man and his wife[]

  • Lil flirts with a married man, who tells Lil that he is married, and his wife is next to him, despite Lil mentioning that his wife isn't next to him. Lil then has sex with the man's wife in a car, and the man takes pictures of their sex.


  • When Lil is thrown in the trash flies buzzing around her.
  • Some people attend a Rehab at the VFW, and appears as a audience clapping for its presentation.

"The Legend of Kid Squid"[]


  • In a flashback of "The Old Sweet Gum Tree":
    • General Lee is seen signing a peace treaty of Appomattox.
    • A Yankee is lynched on the tree, however it was too small, and the Yankee uprooted it, and ran away but the five men shot him with his shotguns.
    • During the "Battle of Atlanta", three men run but one of them puts his gum on the tree, three Jets are seen in the air with one of them shouting in Japanese, and crashes down to the tree during the events of Pearl Harbor. The unseen man then died.


  • Denny mentioned a unknown solider named "Rick" carved his name on the tree, with it saying "Rick Sux", before he was burned under it.

Man attached to ATM Machine[]

  • A man is attached to a ATM Machine from Early's truck boat truck from his bumper, as the ATM Machine burns. The man only lines are "oh, it's hot it's gotten so hot".


  • On a Monday, Early at the "Old Sweet Gum Tree" is hit by a man with a bag of dog feces.
  • The voice from "The Big E" say's "Swagger-Jacker" appear on the radio as Brock is speaking with Early about his crime.
  • Later a large crowd is seen in front of the Sheriff's Office shouting "kill him!" on repeat, and holding signs such as "Tree Hater", and "Tree Killer", and they start burning a Early inflatable, due to Early being the one who poisoned the "Old Sweet Gum Tree".

"From Russia with Stud"[]

Irina's papa and KGB[]


  • Irina kills a goat wearing a heart themed sweater with a knife, Sheriff then grabbed the half bloody sweater.


  • Early rips off the body of a raccoon, and uses it's remains are used as a head.

Rif Raf[]

  • Sheriff has a album saying "Rif Raf" with five men on it on road-tracks.

Irina's boyfriend and Early's ladies[]

  • Sheriff, and Early watch Irina at a Motel on a monitor fell in love with a much more attractive man. Sheriff mentioned it was her brother, however both continue to make out with, and then seduce with each other even order a pizza from the Pizza Delivery Man.
    • Early drives with two hot and attractive blonde women in a red car on the monitor, Irina opens the door to meet them, Irina's boyfriend enters, and grabs Early's hat, and takes his two attractive women in the motel, they end up seducing with each other in bed. After Sheriff, and Irina get married, and their own honeymoon. Irina then left with her attractive boyfriend on a motorcycle leaving Sheriff in tears.

Fire Ants[]

  • Sheriff is then buttered with honey to have fire ants from Early covered all over him, and Sheriff runs away complaining out the door.


  • Sheriff then got a divorce from a African American man in Ruby Falls.

Season 8[]

"Granite Caverns"[]


  • A bunch of tourists with cellphones appear throughout the episode and come to the "Granite Caverns".
    • The first tourist wearing a pink baby pouch, and green glasses says "I'm so getting a tattoo of that", the second tourist says "check it out, I got it last month extra-small". The first tourist then said "oh my god that fits totally wrong color's ridiculous, it's perfect", Rusty then came, and said to them "Now, now, please, gentlemen we don't allow close up photography". The second tourist mentioned that they are shooting a documentary on this with our phones, and question a interview?. Rusty then said "that thing got a microphone?". Rusty grabs his cell-phone beat boxes with it, Dan Halen then came, and said "Rusty, leave these young explores who, on second though, appear to be grown men in their 30's to revel in the subterranean wonders, okay?".
    • Later two tourists are by King Early with one of them grabbing Early's crown, and Early replied to them "give me back my crown, bitch!", the tourist then said "he's doing it!, keep filming him!". Dan Halen tells Russell to the tourists, two of the tourists (male, and female) have Cock Johnson on their t-shirt, except for one of them with a wallet chain, that one took a picture. Dan Halen mentioned that he is cool, Rusty then mentioned that he can't murder nobody as there people.
    • After Rusty mentioned that Dan Halen ordered him to kill everybody in the cave, King Early gives out his shotgun, and shoots in the air, in front of four tourists, Early mentioned to them "I am the king of space, and I mastered all your earth weapons, as well, you wearing that t-shirt from the band that I like you just pretended to like them, or maybe you don't like them and you're makin' fun of me for likin' them, I like them, they gooder than hell, I seen 'em, and they still good, too". As he is talking to a tourist that has a Dog Jackyl t-shirt, the tourist then said to him "vool, this is a band?". Early shoots in the air, and then said to him "and you wearing that baby tote, even though you ain't got no baby in it.
    • The tourist then said "Invisible baby, get it?, check it out, man, I got the stroller and everything". Early then shot in the air again, Early then said "you're next" the tourist move away with his scroller, the Granite Caverns then started to rumble, a tourist then said "oh, my god, look at that fake boulder". A tourist moves, and say's "Watch this I'm gonna let it hit me", the boulder hits him, and injuries him, he groans, and coughs, he then said "fake blood hysterical", in a weakly voice. The tourists then took pictures of him. A another tourist said to the injured tourist did said "dude, dude, look at me you're gonna be fine as soon I get a signal, this is gonna go on Tumblr". A bunch of tourists run away from the caverns due to the it breaking apart, although the tourist still took pictures of the falling rocks.


  • A person in a car drives past Early dressed as Spider Man, and Sheriff as Uncle Sam.

"The Inkubator Lives!"[]

Homosexual Superheroes[]

  • Magma is seen spurting lava at two homosexual superheroes on television burning off their skin.


  • Later on Rusty splits out ink to a car causing it to spin around making the tires screech, and causing a offscreen crash.
  • At Jugg 'Unz, four women are seen working for Dan Halen to have his pencil put into their breasts, these four women have bigger breast sizes than Tammi, though the last woman's breasts are never checked by Dan Halen.

"Drone to the Bone"[]

Unicorn, Seahorses, Insurgent Blueberry, Flying Bee and Peppermint Fairies[]

  • In "Ballmart", Russell plays on a free unicorn styled video game arcade machine where he controls a flying purple unicorn blasting white, and pink seahorse enemies with icing, some of the pink ones have red stuff on them. Three of them turn into skeleton once defeat..
  • in the same game there is a enemy called the "Insurgent Blueberry", which is a blueberry enemy that is right on his knees, obviously praying. Sergeant Shaver mentions "come on, pop him!", Rusty told the sergeant "He's observing his holy season ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong, and he's praying to his broccoli lord". Shaver mentioned that he does that five times a day.
  • A flying bee is briefly seen in the game for a second.
  • The purple unicorn then attacked the blueberry with three peppermint fairies flying around him while the blueberry explodes with the words "You Win!", splattered all over the screen.
  • The unicorn then is on a giant cake had his mission accomplished with him in a military outfit with fireworks exploding around him as he got a high-score


  • A poster of a buff man wearing a American headband, and wearing two shotguns are seen with two woman wearing American bikinis along with planes are seen on a military themed poster called "Dude... Army!".

Roach and Yellow Centipede[]

  • A roach, and a yellow centipede are seen crawling on Early's muddy hat.


  • Early kills a deer with a missile leaving nothing but a leg, Early heads to it for the meat.


  • Terrorists are also mentioned, and referenced in this episode as Shaver mentioned they were practicing on capturing terrorists at a Terrorist Training Camp.

"A Jailhouse Divided"[]

Dead Bodies[]

  • A bunch of dead bodies of unknown people with flies buzzing around them that appear in a bus that Early drives as Early called them supporters. Early mentioned "Underground" to Rusty, and Sheriff who are shocked, and covered their noses as he got them from presumably a graveyard. Rusty mentioned he only needed that names not the bodies, Early mentioned he can keep all of the jewelries out of them, he grabs a neck dressing, with a swarm of maggots coming out of the body. The dead bodies later appear at a table in the "Jugg 'Unz" restaurant.


  • At a election at Jugg 'Unz, several people attend the election between town Sheriff.

"Stop, Jammer Time"[]

Elderly Woman[]


  • The woman was told to keep her hands up in the air as what she does it for Judge Jammer for the judge clamor, though not actually a character as the plastic skeleton in a fake coffin is more of a prop but has a voice that says "I just wanted done more for the road", this was a reminder for drinkin, and drugging driving leads to dying.
  • A bunch of people along with Steve, African, and Donna's Ex-Husband, including a few tourists are seen taking pictures on their cellphones of Early having sex with Darla in a car, when the car drives away he hits, and injures two people, the people gasp, one of those people has a "Rif Raf" shirt on.
  • A woman having a sign saying "smells like old lady" as a punishment for her.
  • Later in the episode, Judge Jammer has a tickle party full of naked men, and women wearing masks, and a few outfits including some necklaces covered their private parts are seen at this sex party, all of their crotches are covered with leaves. These men, and women eventually walk away after Early's takes pictures of Rusty acting like he is being rubbed by Jammer.

"Thou Shale Not Drill"[]

P-Nut's Bull[]

  • Sheriff is chased by a bull during a rodeo, and dressed up like a clown, however, Early then shoots the bull, which was the only bull ever owned by P-Nut. Half of its face still remains.

Chinese Baby[]

  • In Dan Halen's flashback, he mentioned to a group of people he was going to drop a Chinese baby off his building, and it would die if the people upgrade his elite premium cable package, which the the crowd gasps.


  • Rusty, and P-Nut captured a fish (resembling a catfish) from the Lake

Men Beaters[]

  • Dan Halen has two men beaters in a office, he would call on P-Nut on.

Two Children[]

  • Two children are depicted in a "Red Whiskered Shalemander" book, the book told that if they didn't finish their okra the Shalemander would climb out of the Earth, and un-darn all their socks.


  • Many people attend a stadium for a rodeo, gasp when Early kills P-Nut's only bull, and appear in Dan Halen's flashback. (explained in Chinese Baby section above.)
  • A man, and woman holding corn-dog guns to fire free corn-dogs to give to people, they also stray ketchup, and mustard all over the audience in the stadium.
  • A big Galactagon truck driven by a unseen person drives by the Cuyler House, since they want to drill around the house member of Galactagon holding spray paint is seen with the Fracturing Boss, the Galactagon Truck drives the truck away from the house.
  • Some minor attendees attend P-Nut, and Lil's wedding at the church, however, these attendees throw Church books at P-Nut for gas rights until Reverend told them all to pray to Jesus Christ.

"The Squid Stays In The Picture"[]

Movie Crew and Stunt Double[]

  • Early, and Rusty fire a arrow taped with dynamite on it which explodes with a man screaming, a stunt double's leg who is wearing a green suit is shown to be bleeding after the explosion Early, and Rusty come to him as Early complains that he was bow hunting, and calling the stunt double a "dumbass". This is shown to be a movie filming set with people filming a movie about a monster.
  • Later on, Sheriff shows his audition to a man, and woman from the movie crew in a movie. The man, and woman have various lines, and talk him for the audition.
  • The Movie crew is later seen filming scenes for a monster movie, (including the man Sheriff previously interacted with during his audition), a man with a microphone saying "monster climax, take 1A and action". Until Early interrupts by saying "you want you a monster, huh?, you meet the monster!, the monster is you!". Early fires a flaming arrow at a stunt double saying "what's going on? I can't see---ahh", as Early's arrow lights himself on fire, causing panic with the entire movie crew. Early also lights some gasoline causing a large fire, and screaming from the crew.

Makeup Woman[]

  • The female makeup artist from "Not Without My Cash Cow!" returns again for Tance. She reappears panicking and screaming with the movie crew, after Early starts causing panic by lighting some gasoline causing the large aforementioned fire.

Tance's Guards[]

  • After Early complains to Tance, and he heads to his trailer as Early tries to open the door two guards are seen, when Russell is working on a microphone a voice can be saying "Cuyler, we need you at gate two now", Rusty told him "roger that". The two guards pull, and grab him away from the door while Tance is busy, a another guard is seen. Three people have Early's shack to film a movie.

Deer Tick[]

  • Rusty has his own deer tick on him, which is big as a nickel, Early shoved away to mentioned that he wanted to show his ticks.


  • Darla makes out with a another woman.
  • A woman appears in the Jiggle Hut who is attracted to Tance Jackerman, but Early tries to make out with her due to affection but runs away.
  • Glenn, a police officer, and Sheriff are killed by a Giant Rat/Giraffe Creature.

"Gun of a Son"[]


  • The two pandemics from "Frivolacious Squidigation" and "Squidbilly Manfishing", carry a injured Rusty, after he was shot by a drunk Early earlier in the episode.


  • During a "Civil War!!, Reenactment Today" event to reenact the civil war days, a bunch of men are acting like soldiers of the civil wars using their guns to pretend that they're battling or being killed in the wars. Early tells Granny to get someone's gun. Granny heads to the man, and says "oh, I hate to take it!, off one of our own". The man then said "well, I declare I fear the scoundrel is trying to absorb with my", until Early jumps on to him, and beats him up, while he says "ow, stop it!, stop it!, stop! you guys, time's out! you know we're play-acting, right?". Early grabs his gun, and Granny grabs his sword. The man then replied that he built that gun off the internet.

Season 9[]

"Hetero-Cephalo Agenda"[]

Bear Audience and Appalachian Black Bear's father[]

  • A bear audience shows up when Early and the daughter of Appalachian Black Bear's marriage. Later when the black bear attacks Early, after some complaining the bears attack pretty much everyone, and end up killing Shawn Coleman, Dr. Cock, a Mexican, and ripping Glenn in half.
  • The father of Black Bear appears, next to a gray bear speaking in yellow subtitles saying "there might be salmon inside those people" as the father said about a Bear and a squid, and both head to the attack to open them and double-check if this is true or not.


  • In the city of Atlanta, the family traveled there for a pride parade, a man driving a car fast passes a sign.
  • A massive audience in the pride parade is seen celebrating, floats of gay related people such as a cowboy slurring whip cream into a Indian's mouth, a man with a hat and bubble cross blowing a bubble, a woman with her breasts being covered kissing a black woman, two men in diapers and dressed as babies, a person with wiggling dick balloon, two gay men on a giant cake float throw flowers at Early and he is considered to be next, a half woman is also stripping in front of Early and Early told him/her "do you dance with me I ain't gay no more" then he walked away.
  • Sketch Quinn's wife from "Bubba Trubba" makes a cameo.
  • On the news, Early heads up on the cake float kicking off the float's vases, a bunch of cameraman take pictures of Early's marriage of him and a paint can cameras also flash when Early marries the daughter of a Appalachian Black Bear.


Darlene and Becky[]

  • Early is shown to work with two co-workers while he tries to grab a snack from the vending machine Early mentioned their names are "Darlene and Becky" as both seem to not like their job, and have cups of coffee, then Early say their names again while he is holding a rock, and breaks the glass of the vending machine making Darlene to look at him, Early then said to him "free greek-yogurt-covered gummy nuts, baby!".

House Fly[]

  • A small house fly buzzing around him lands on Early's face but buzzes away when Early lifts up his limb at his face.


  • A man named Lyle driving a forklift with one of the wheels then hits one of Early's limbs.

Guard Dogs[]

  • Early's limb was covered in dog food and put it though a gate, and is bitten by three guard dogs, the same dogs from "Rebel with a Claus."


  • A African-American man puts his attendance, Early shows a another person who is being shocked by putting his limb in a machine cutting off his limb.
  • A yellow Dalen motor is seen whirring as Early gets excited for them to be cut off but Glenn stopped it.

"Taint Misbehavin'"[]

Nurse Strippers[]

  • Three nurse strippers are shown stripping in the clinic, Dan gives the stripper money along with Dr. Cock putting a dollar in the underwear of one. They are later seen again with Dan Halen in his pyramid.

Second graders[]

  • At Dougal County Elementary School, a bunch of schoolchildren are heard shouting, and talking, a different looking Dan Halen mentions to the children "hello, kids, I'm Dan Halen, Dean Halen of the screamin' teen tween screen scene we all know its fun to lay on our backs, twerking our taints spread eagle toward the sun, but I'm a living example that such choices will come back to haunt you", the crowd gasps, Dan then chuckles and he says "hey, look, gang! it's my old friend Toomy taint! which is Sheriff in a body costume which makes the children walk away, Sheriff told him "don't run off, sure, private parts maybe a little scary but you know what's even worse? cancer", air is hissing in the air called "Cody cancer".
    • Early is seen wearing a cancer costume heads on stage to see the children Sheriff then said "don't worry sunscreen's like a magic force field against cancer" which he sprays him with, after Early beats up Sheriff he tells them "kids, always remember cancer is mean, so screen your tween!" Early then told him to it was right to protect their taint however one child was the last one screen in the audience, the others left offscreen.
  • Second-graders are shown to revealed their privates to scrutinized their betweens with "Dan Halen's screamin' teen tween screen machine" van until it was stopped by Donna as a teacher, Dan Halen then said "but everyone gets a free taint cancer awareness magnet" and Donna takes the children away as second-graders can't be shown doing this. Four children with Deputy Denny watch Sheriff and his taint.

White Tigers encased in Glass[]

  • Granny is seen pulling a White Tiger trapped in glass with Dan saying "slave, that's not a bean, bag it's one of the only three white tigers in the known world!" and told her it goes back up on the top of the pyramid with two other white tigers trapped in glass.


  • A woman is heard screaming when Early throws Dan's desk out of the show
  • Dan Halen's building becomes a giant pyramid in Dougal County four bears are seen pulling blocks while the pyramid is being built.
  • When the pyramid is completely built workers, and people are heard screaming, while Dan Halen tells them to calm down.
  • Three crows are seen flying in the background of the pyramid along with a helicopter driving away after putting the inside of the top of the pyramid.
  • The entire population of the Dougal County citizens are seen wearing light white clothes in the insides of pyramid. The rest of the citizens do nothing aside from standing there unfortunately everyone eventually passed away of unknown causes.
  • Glenn opens a glass jar full of small scarab beetles.
  • A few animal fossils are seen in the ground as the screen moves to the underworld to River Styx.
  • The dead man statue from "S3E15" makes a appearance.

"Ink Is Thicker Than Blood, Which Is Thicker Than Water[]

  • Some unnamed people are seen attending lunch at a restaurant, they're legs are only visible onscreen.

"Bunker Down, You Hairy Dawg!"[]


  • A large group of snakes appear throughout the episode, which are venomous sidewinding swamp constrictors come out of a railcar, as the snakes consist of various colors, and species like a Cobra, now according to Doug Richards, the snakes are very aggressive, and breed quickly from a railcar.
  • The snakes invade the location along with a green snake that eaten Deputy Denny as it is all under control the same snake looks at him, and bites him while scatter all over Dougal County.
  • The snakes eventfully flood the Cuyler House, and follow them to the bunker, Sheriff is shown to be afraid of all of the snakes. The snakes mysterious enter the insides of the bunker using the glory hole. Early shoots the venomous snakes with shotgun until heads to the glory hole to blocked snakes entering the bunker, which does work according to Granny.


  • A Chinaman is seen on the computer of Early's doomsday bunker with a machine building the insides of a underground bunker.
  • Later on a man is seen holding a dollar with Early and Russell throw dollars of money from a "Copier" shop.

"A Walk To Dignity"[]

Squid Throwers[]

  • In a flashback four citizens called "squid throwers" are people that any member of the Appalachian Mud Squid, and wouldn't ever pay the squids nothing due to the Squid being one of the most hated creatures back then, they would toss Ga Ga Pee Pap into some fire, barbed wire fence, and sometimes that pay Ga Ga with pennies according to the Sheriff they would whip his face as hard as they could, one after the another.


  • Several people are seen in The VFW including the Dougal County Elementary School Chairman having Shawn Coleman, and a second co-chairman with him at a desk, a bunch of people including two children (one of them is a female resembling a Mexican child) attend, and argue about Early attending elementary school when creatures are not allowed their and people hold hateful signs complaining to Sheriff Sr. and Early entering the school, they also throw objects at them.
  • A massive audience of the Dougal County citizens hear Sheriff's speech in Dougal County at the Dougal County Elementary School the citizens put similes on all of their faces as he wanted to reveal a statue in front of the school from a large blue certain while the statue did become messed up Early then spoke to the audience about the separation of humans & critters in schools.

"Granny Hotfoot"[]


  • Throughout the episode, pigs wearing appear in a hog race, and the first race starts with them wearing clothing having various skin, and the clothes with numbers on them are used throughout this episode as part of a hog race they race against Early, Rusty, and Granny.
  • When Granny is dressed as "Granicus Hotfoot!" two hogs dressed as knights carry her.
  • The same Pig themed knights are tumbled over by Early's truck boat truck, with one of them splattering some blood for the two hogs, one of the pig knights is shown trying to lift up a dead pig knight splattered in blood, the said pig knight moves to the finish line with his dead buddy, and crosses it with a picture taken.
  • When the truck boat truck driven by Early spreads dirt allover the stadium, a pig is shown floating in the air with dirt
  • All of the other hogs were killed, and covered with flies buzzing around them, and flies, one of them also has his pig body remaining.
  • A pig body is covered in dirt, while an another being held by an employee.
  • A knight themed pig has a needle into its ass then causing the pig to snort it also tips over with blood coming out.
  • A another pig with much darker colored skin is seen in a cage.
  • At the end of the episode, Early is thrown out with a pile of pig corpses along with Granny.


  • A floating white rabbit is shown floating in the air as the race started all three Cuyler say "rabbit!" which flies away offscreen. A trophy Granny mentioned that the rabbit went back in his hole.

Ethan and his Mother[]

  • Granny talks to a chubby kid named "Ethan", as Granny signed a autograph with him and she said to him "here you go, chubby you know, you should drop out of school and race pigs, its much easier, and you get laid a lot" but his mother is right next to him and the mother moves him away from Granny. The two don't speak on screen. Ethan and his mother would later make cameos in the episodes "Trackwood Race-ist", and "Jacksonville Jackass".


  • Two horses are being carrying by a person holding a cigarette in his mouth and wearing a cowboy hat.
  • A Apple Farm/Hog Race Owner and four citizens in a ride though at a Apple Farm during a tour, when Granny passes the citizens with them looking at her in a apple suit.
  • Some minor citizens appear as specters for the Hog race.
  • A trophy woman with apples covering her breasts, and is half naked with a bikini gives Granny.
  • A man holding a cigarette in his mouth serves Early and Rusty pig food in a pig pen.
  • When the owner of the hog race announces that Granny Hotfoot won't be racing tonight, the audience screams in terror, but the owner told them to calm down as the animals would be dressed as movie stars make the audience cheer, and applause. When the owner reveals "Inky Tuscadero" who is Early dressed as a female with red hair, the audience starts booing at him, and throw some objects on the ground like tomato's, cups, cans, apples, paper crumples, and lettuce then the booing continues.
  • Lots of screaming between the audience in the hog race, and some citizens get dirt on their faces when Early wrecks havoc using his truck-boat-truck.
  • The owner of the Hog races tells two employees "okay, that's it, show's over we're going corn maze put 'em all to sleep", one of the employees has a pig body with him, and their covered in dirt, a employee sticks a needle into the ass of a hog wearing the same knight costume the employee grabs Early out of the cage and pinches him with a needle on his ass as Early's chatting with him, Granny complains about the shot, while Rusty escapes the cage.


Attractive Nurse[]

  • Early is seen with a attractive blonde haired nurse sticking a needle for his handsome face.


  • Early is shown to have sex with a elderly woman named "Doris" in a bed in the nursery room as she is covered in the blanket naked, Doris does not speak, and her eyes do open.


  • A few people are seen in the courthouse during this time.

"Hybrid To Hell"[]

Copperhead Snake[]

  • A copperhead snake is also seen in a inflated Santa Claus decoration for more than five years. Early mentioned that there gonna put him out on the street on Christmas time, he told him to not be a scourge. He then said "they Christmas snakes", the copperhead is seen trying attack its way out of the inflatable with its fangs though Russell puts in a different plug. The snake ends up disappearing offscreen.


  • In "Hybrid To Hell", several people watch Early drive his truck-boat-truck at a parking lot at Ballmart causing a massive amount of pollution in the air, and walk away.
  • Later in the episode, a voice on the television mentions "the couple has but a single goal".
  • On the television, a voice shows the bad affects on the environment this include the penguins losing their habitat with the ice of their environment melting, a turtle's foot is stuck on a soda six-pack wrapper, and a bird trapped in oil, as Russell mentioned that their destroying the planet with pollution.

"Jose, Can You? Si!"[]

Immigration Guards[]

  • In "Jose, Can You? Si!", five immigration guards (four are male, and one is a female) come out of the door, and one of them says "immigration! everyone on the ground!", the Mexicans hide from being Immigrated back to Mexico, including one named "Rodrigo" who hides in the "chitin' slurry", but the five men find him after Early telling him he got one their hiding. The men are shown to have pistols, these guards are seen working with Dan Halen when the Mexicans are being immigrated. The woman points to the door of the bus to Mexico to immigrate the Mexicans.


  • In a flashback on at a large sailor ship, Granny is shown to hooking up with sailors by seducing with them, and then the men cheering about it, and Granny did come out with two of them having kiss marks allover their bodies, this presumably happens again. Sailors reappear again in the series' finale "This Show Was Called Squidbillies."

Squid Eggs[]

  • Granny had some leftover squid eggs that came out of her that were eaten by Wade the Shark.

Season 10[]

"Lipstick on a Squid"[]


  • Pigs/Hogs from "Granny Hotfoot" appear in the episode are being research at the "Animal Research Laboratory" and their eyesight are being cleaned. and the pigs only squeal. According to Dr. Wu, the pigs were brought from a farmer.
  • Three pigs are seen in cages while Rusty is being tested by Evan spraying his hair off.
  • After Rusty and Prosperity burn down the "Animal Research Center", pigs squeal after being set on fire.

Nurses and female assistants[]

  • A few nurses are seen working the "Animal Research Laboratory" in the episode such as a African-American nurse giving the Cuyler family a small jar of pills.
  • Dr. Wu and a female nurse study and test Early's skin being burned off in a container along with Granny being fat growing hair by writing it down on paper on a clipboard.
  • Rusty said "That nurse been checking me out" while a African-American nurse is scribbling on a clipboard paper with a pen.
  • When Dr. Wu and his female assistant director study Early in a maze, Dr. Wu's female assistant says "we can't make the maze any easier, if we take down the divider it will just be a room" before Dr. Wu talks to Early in the maze.
  • Two female nurses are seen with Dr. Wu in the morning after last night's fire on the research center.


  • Prosperity is shown protesting about animal rights outside a Animal Research Center as she gives a purple-pink golf woman walking by a "Animal Rights" booklet that has a sad cat on it.
  • Prosperity protests about a picture of injured chimpanzee in a leglock and saying "was his eyesight worth thicker, longer-lasting lashes?", two pictures of this chimpanzee are seen, as she continues to protest about this image again.
  • A bunch of male and female Greek citizens are seen at a Theta house, with a dressed up woman being chased by Troy.
  • Rusty flirts with a dressed up lady holding a fake mustache, but she walks away later on.
    • Rusty: "You want some makeup, I can get you free makeup through my work Blush, masacara... (girl grunts) lipstick, I got a bunch her."
  • Two women are seen next to him and walk away after they thought Evan was calling them that, Evan walks to a dressed up woman next to a another woman and walks with her.
  • Two firemen are seen washing the fiery remain of the research center with a hose from a firetruck.

"Southern Pride and Prejudice"[]


  • When Early joins the "EBISSE" aside from Boyd and Glenn three other men are seen, when Early asked about the entire group Boyd mentioned a man named "Renfroe" while he isn't seen onscreen he was mentioned that he was taking a quiz and Boyd told Early that they should wait on him. The three men join Glenn and Boyd to pull a giant confederate flag to the mountain and start chanting.
  • They continue to climb a very large mountain chanting but they weakly continue to do this, Shawn Coleman along with four other men are seen riding in a cable car, they all enter the cable car chanting up the mountain shouting "take the gondola!" but it breaks down thanks to the flag being ripped from a tree which then crashes on the ground injuring them all.
  • Four men of the EBISSE holding confederate cans of beer are seen sitting in chairs over a campfire along with Glenn and Boyd hearing Early's complains they all eventfully laugh at him.

Live action octopuses, squids, and footage of the Confederacy[]

  • Rusty is seen in the library listening to a live-action tape with five live-action octopuses shown onscreen with two men on the television with a man's voice saying "I do declare these seafaring octopods picks cotton with tremendous speed, as if they'd been set ablaze, it might delight you you to know that I write this very letter with ink from the hind glands of Bocephaleus" the screen shows a him with a live-action squid, "my finest eight-legged beast" as Rusty mentioned "beast?."
  • The next screen shows two live-action squids with the man's voice continues to speak in the words "these Alabama nights have grown lonely, but I've found comfort in the briny crevices on Buelah, my house squid" the screen shows a picture of a squid with a woman's body, "In between thrusts, I gaze into her unblinkng, watery eye, wondering if there's a single through behind it, yes, I'm too weird to find a human mate, I sired three oblong eggs with her, two of which she has eaten" the screen shows a large squid with a large squid egg next to Jefferson Davis (who is the president of the confederate flag of the United States) with four other baby squids next to him and two of them are on his elbow, "In any event, no one will prove these eggs are my children unless someone were to find this letter, where I confess the matter quite blunky".
  • Granny mentioned about a mule long gone that they ate which she thinks is good meat. Though the mule doesn't appear onscreen.
  • Russell shows a video to Early, the video depicts live-action footage and shows a man and pans to him riding a giant squid, a voice says "and when our horses were killed, we tried to ride the squids into battle, but the ignorant eight-legged brutes proved womanly, feeling at the first sign of conflict, they can't fight and they taste terrible".
  • The footage shows three squids, "and you can barely fire them out of a cannon" as the live-action footage shows various soldiers and squids with one of those squids in a cannon, "though we would still do so for fun" as cannons sounds are heard, "I tried to sign them over to the enemy at Appomattex, but they were wise to my ruse", a drawing of squids, various men and some horses are shown, "I suspect that we'll be forever stuck with these worthless eight-legger's and and all their future entitlement-draining spawn".
  • A picture of General Robert E. Lee is shown with two giant squids is seen.


  • Several people attend the "North Georgia Regional Dwarf Toss" six years ago in footage.
  • A African-American man attends Dan Halen's meeting about "SeptemOktobNovemberfest", with a picture of three people dressed up as the "KKK" clan during a race.
  • When Confederate flag imagery is banned in Dougal County, a Mexican shaped African American in a Ballmart uniform moves past the Cuyler family when all imagery is banned on shelfs, including a entire box of small confederate flags on it. He and a Mexican take away a Johnny Rep "Whites Only Christmas" Santa Claus bobble head decoration in Ballmart.

"Trackwood Race-ist"[]

Woody Scouts[]

  • Many children and parents attend the VFW for the local "Pine Log 500" in the episode and appear as the Woody Scouts.
  • A child chief is in charge of judging a small truck's ounce is seen judging Early's small truck-boat-truck, telling him that his kart is only three ounces to be certified to run but as Early adds a small pair of truck nuts on it, the chief claimed it was over ounces and he ends up smiling.
  • A African-American pulls up a lever for the test run between a race for Early and his grandson Randy.
  • A Woody Scouts Trainer does the "Woody Stouts" motto with Billy Morton along with three other children and their fathers.
  • Granny reads a magazine of Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Woody Scouts Trainer claimed that she loves to masturbate to it. She reads the magazine next to four "Woody Scouts" children holding iPods but walk away, Granny also had pictures of "Knute Rockne" in swim trunks which Granny looks at the insides of.
  • A Woody Scouts man pulls a lever for the race between Ethan (from "Granny Hotfoot") and Early in which Ethan loses the race as one of the wheels of his shark kart falls off, Early says to him in response "oh, Ethan, you best tighten them lug nuts before you race, now" making Early win as Ethan's mother is also seen.
  • Early then completes with a African-American child named Cooper and his father is seen, Early say's to Cooper "hey, Cooper you know why they call these heats, don't you?" Early presses a button and Cooper's car explodes with fire coming out, in response he says "fu*k 'cause I'm a burnin' your ass! that's why" making him win again.
  • When a wheelchair kid named Tanner and his father are about to win a until a Bald Eagle grabs a wheelchair kid's kart as Early wins.
  • Granny calls the name of a Bald Eagle by the name of "Clem" and grabs Tanner's kart but it flies away with Granny.
  • Listed on a billboard the other children names listed are "Dawson, Beau, Skye, Johnny, Timmy, Xavier, Logan, Skyler, Cooper, and Tyler."
  • When the Woody Scouts Trainer announces the champion race clapping can be heard along with someone's red shoes and green shoe seen in the half-seen audience.
  • Four children are seen playing on their iPods during the race.
  • When Early wins the race he grabs Ethan's mother and kisses her, Ethan holding a iPod and a small trophy with two other children are seen.
  • Early then presses away a child next to a small trophy stand saying "goshdam millennials!" by storming out.

"The Peep"[]

Unknown Comic[]

  • Sheriff mentioned his dream was to be a comedian he used to put would use a see-through freezer bag to act like the "Unknown Comic" as a picture of a man with a paper bag on his head is seen but this was too dangerous so his father forced him to get into law enforcement in a flashback.


  • A radio voice is heard saying "that was Mr. Steve Ravens with his 1983 comedy classic "The Peep", "Mr. Ravens and his pranksters of parody tour" and then claimed that it will be at the Dougal County VFW on September 8th.
  • Several people attend The VFW for Steve Raven's show for some entertainment from Granny Cuyler as the audience cheers for her and tells someone in the audience to come up and pull her finger which falls off her but then leaves the stage.


Elderly People[]

  • A group elderly people including one with a wheelchair from a nursery home attend the funeral of Vicki's Father, due to the death of her father at a gravestone, until Sheriff starts twerking on a tank which starts to wreck havoc on the gravestone causing all of these elders run away in panic as the tank blasts and destroys gravestones until the tank falls and destroys the coffin of her father. Over seven elderly people are seen, however nobody was hurt or killed.



  • A bunch of schoolchildren appear in the episode in the playground during recess but act like bullies about Randy, which start screaming and mock him because of his squid tentacles and call him "spider pants" after he climbs on a door wall, which starts to make Randy burst into crying, but later in the episode, the schoolchildren continue to bully him, until two schoolchildren are shoved into Randy's squid tentacles and are killed, making a lot children scream and run away which Randy gets expelled from. Children also are seen with drawings of hand print turkey's.


  • "I ain't touching you, you got a spider in your pants".
  • "Spider pants".

Cosmetic Center Doctor[]

  • At the "Dougal County Cosmetic Center". a African-American doctor is seen as Randy is getting surgery about his squid tentacles being removed, he says "why don't you take a peek for yourself?, here I can peel back the bandages and..." until his squid tentacles grow back as he opens up the bandages, as in response he says "whoops, I don't know what's that about" Rusty then said to him "I though you cut off his wigglers", the doctor then said "well, they grow back I guess" then he chuckles, Tammi then said "what do you mean you guess! that cost us $10,000, so you better cut them off again", the doctor then said "I could keep cutting them off, but they've just gonna keep growing back, maybe you ought to just accept this is who he is".


  • Two teachers are also seen at the elementary school.
  • During a hunt a cardboard cutout of the former President Obama saying "dope" colored in America's signature colors red, white, and blue appears but is sprayed by Early's ink.
  • Other cardboard cutouts of Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and a cardboard cutout of a man holding a saxophone named "Stick Willy" who is called "Bubba" by Early are seen while Hillary Clinton is strayed by Early after Early, but Granny failed to spray Al Gore and Randy failed to spray the Bill Clinton one due to the lack of ink.

"Greener Pastor"[]

Waffle Barn Waiter[]

  • At The Waffle Barn, Kyle Nubbins is seen ordering on the restaurant's menu from a Waiter who has glasses and he is wearing a waffle themed smith writing his order down. As the order is "side of harsh browns down and quartered pummeled and flummoxed, please", but after Early's negative attitude toward Nubbins, the waiter then claimed that "we could just lock him out" but Nubbins puts down some cash for him as he wants to created a bridge between him and Early.

Church Attendees[]

  • A bunch of attendees appear at church in the episode (such as the stoned man from "S5E5), everybody remains quiets when Early speech as at least four other people (not usually seen in the church) are seen as Kyle Nubbins replaces the role of the Reverend. Then everyone watches Early shoot a another hole in the roof with his shotgun.
  • Several people attend The VFW later on eating and have lunch there.
  • Several people attend the Church's fundraiser, and talk to each other but all laugh when Kyle Nubbins falls down in the water of the pool dunk.
  • Later on when rain falls from the Church's roofs as Early stolen the money for the church's roof as Nubbins talks about this, Boyd knew it was Early (who is dressed in red) and a man replies "Early took the money" as what happened during the Church's fundraiser, Kyle Nubbins and everyone else then pray to Jesus Chris.
  • Later on a bunch of people watch a sumo wrestling completion between Early and Nubbins with the crowd only responding in cheers and applause after Nubbins wins.
  • The attendees later cheer for Early being pulled by a dog.


  • Early almost gets hit by a incoming red truck that a unseen people was driving as a bridge between both Early and Nubbins is acted but then Kyle pushes Early out of the way before he was hit.
  • Two crows are seen flying in the air as Early shot a hole in the roof of the church.

"Squash B'Gosh"[]

  • In one important plot point in the episode Granny opens dead body parts of humans from a gravestone which are involved with the creation of the Squash B'Gosh Dolls including Granny pulling out a human skull out of a gravestone.
  • Two people pass by Early's, Granny's, and Russell's Squash B'Gosh Doll stand.
  • Flies swarm around the body part added to the Squash B'Gosh dolls.
  • At the end of the episode, a bird is sitting on a tree but is then killed by a Squash B'Gosh Doll.
  • In the background, a bloody skeleton of a person was killed by the Squash B'Gosh Dolls offscreen.


Black Friday Shoppers[]

  • A bunch of Black Friday Shoppers (including Shelia) are later seen trying to enter Ballmart for Black Friday but are stopped by the Sheriff and were not allowed to be let in as they need to go home for their thanksgivings until Ballmart opens up two hours later making the crowd complain they are later seen camping outside of Ballmart in chairs and tents. Later in the episode, Sharif mentioned he got complains from the said shoppers how Rusty is keeping his dog Biscuit from his thanksgiving feast in a car and would camp out to save 20 bucks on a hoverboard doorbuster.


  • Gale is a dead woman who died on Black Friday last year and a picture of her is seen, Sheriff then mentioned "remember how we lost Gail last year".


  • A horde of buffalo are seen in a flashback.
  • A Bearded Squids are eating parts of a deer.

Season 11[]

"Dove In An Iron Cage"[]

Prisoners, police officers and prison security[]

  • The prison of Dougal County is crammed with prisoners locked in cages, police officers and security guards that guard the place.
    • As Rusty walks with Sheriff and Denny in the prisoners' room, one prisoner mentions "we got a new bitch in here, fellas" when Rusty arrivals, the prisoners say various lines such as "look", "Chiquita!", both then laugh, and an another one tells Rusty "come sit by me, you little bitch",
    • During the "Dove In An Iron Cage" song, Rusty is seen as a prisoner handclapped with other innocent prisoners walking aside three security guards holding shotguns, and a officer resembling the Security Officer from "Trucked Up!".
    • Rusty and the prisoners then work by digging with pickaxes as punishment, Rusty gets a "Black Panthers" tattoo from a tattoo artist prisoner, Leroy then gives Russell a dollar as Rusty pulls out a box of tobacco from his ass.
    • In the community showers' Jean and Paul from the Adult Swim series "SuperJail!" make cameos after Rusty drops the soap in the showers', but both of their hands then touch the same soup covered with small hair, the gay men then kiss them other (in reference to their gay relationship in SuperJail!").
    • The tattoo prisoner then continues working on Rusty's prison tattoos writing "white power."
    • A African-American prison named Leroy gives Rusty a another dollar and Rusty pulls out a large box of cigarettes, the same tattoo prisoner then writes "Latinos are neat" on Rusty, Rusty also serves prison food to a couple of prisoners, Leroy gives Rusty an another dollar but is then stopped by the Sheriff for Rusty to get a stack of Teeny Weenie plushies from his ass and give them to the Sheriff.
    • In a therapist rooms, a therapist is seen writing the problems with a sad prisoner crying with Rusty and another prisoner feeling bad about him as they pull their hands on his shoulder, but the another prisoner then injures him by stabbing him with a knife in the neck, but then stopped by the police guards who beat him up with bats.
    • In the jailyard, Rusty walks past a muscular prisoner named Ricky who says to Rusty "white power, Rusty", in response Rusty says to him "hey, Ricky, white power, my man!" Leroy tells him "what's crackin', carrot head?", Rusty responds with "Leroy, death to whitey am I right" and Leroy says "all nightly".
    • After Rusty beats up a Mexican prisoner named "Jesús" with a small knife, which starts triggering the prison alarm the police guards then beat him up with bats and take Rusty away throw him into a dark room for punishment.
    • In the second part of the special, a prisoner talks with his wife that has a infant and a daughter with other people conversating (with other family members) are heard in the background.
    • The next couple of scenes show a police officer scraping the mayonnaise off a sandwich, an another police officer does the same thing, his name is revealed as Thomas, as Sheriff asks about his joke when they ordered over 1,300 sandwiches to Rusty and that covered up Rusty's cell.
    • Rusty escapes through a small hole one of the rooms he falls through is the community showers, he bumps into Jean and Paul again who get angry at him, but Rusty gives them a bar of soap, making them happy.
    • Jackknife from "SuperJail!" makes a cameo here washing his hair but his face isn't seen and an another prisoner is seen washing himself in the background.
    • After Jesús gives Ricky a bookcase that has Rusty inside it, he moves it away and then next to Leroy, Rusty mentions to Ricky "good luck, with the racial purity, Ricky", Ricky mentions his tattoo name: "white power" to his name. Rusty then mentions to Leroy "Leroy, death to whitey, right?" Leroy then says "damn straight, You ready to do this Ricky?", Ricky tells him "ready as I'll ever be" both then punch each other to break Rusty out of the prison, this causes a prison fight, and the prison alarm turns on, some prisoners mention "fight!", while others say "there is a fight!".
    • Police guards, along with Alice and Jailbot from Adult Swim's SuperJail! come out of the doors beat up and strangle Ricky and Leroy. prisoners light and throw flaming toilet paper all over the place, as havoc is breaking out between the prisoners and the guards in the jailcell room.
    • Leroy pulls out Rusty and stuffs him inside a guard's pants, Leroy kicks him and the guard is then thrown out of the door, his body lays on the ground as Rusty escapes.
    • The prison's security has lights flashing all over the prison yards.

Chuck Norris[]

  • Chuck Norris from "S6E5" makes a cameo exercising in a gym on one of Denny's monitors when Denny interacts with Early dressed as President Jimmy Carter and Granny dressed as President Wolf-Man.

Dodo Birds[]

  • Rusty mentions that he wants Dodo Bird hot wings, even though Sheriff mentions that they are extinct, Rusty then responds with "well you better Jurassic Park them sons of bitches!"


  • Several rats are seen eating the leftover remains of a Rusty dummy made out of lettuce. and other pieces from the 1,300 sandwiches Rusty ordered for his escape, as Sheriff freaks out until Rusty returns to the cell.


  • At the beginning of the episode when Sheriff arrests Early, Early's says "I didn't flash that woman", she looked my junk" implying he showed his beak to a unseen woman, Sheriff questions the woman, Early mentioned he didn't get her name.
  • When the Judge sentences Rusty to death by the electric chair in the courthouse, camera flashing can be seen as some people attend the courthouse sit in chairs, people then leave after the trial was over.
  • A large group of people protest about Rusty's trial, a band of people are seen with Steve Earle at a concert, the audience is shown cheering with Steve Earle in his speeches, the crowd also boos as Steve Earle say's "he has no priors!" about Rusty, as they continue to boo, after Steve Earle mentions that there gonna get together and set Rusty free out of jail, making the crowd cheer again. When Steve gives the mic to Early and mentions "y'all yell, get fucked up!" the audience stops clapping their hands, as Early and Steve's chatting continues the audience doesn't receive any respond even when Early uses a mic, Early mentions to a mother with a daughter "you can violate my privates any time you want to big boobies!" mother then has her arms pushing her daughter away a little from Early, Steve Earle's band then sings a song they have written called "Dove In An Iron Cage" as the audience cheers for the band.
  • A large crowd sings "Amazing Grace" and pray for Jesus waiting for Rusty's execution, a cameraman records Doug Richards reporting the News on Rusty's waited execution.
  • When Rusty falls to the ground with Tammi, Macho Man Randy Cuyler, Kyle Nubbins, Shawn Coleman, Steve Earle, Glenn, Troy and several other people who previously sung "Amazing Grace" stopped when Rusty appears. When Rusty is informed by Doug Richards, the people then cheer for him as a cameraman records this. However the people are then upset as Rusty has to wait for the due process as he heads back to the prison via climbing on the wall.

"The Guzzle Bumpkin"[]

Stingray, Black Bear and Bullwhip Snake[]

  • One of Rusty's videos involved him being the Guzzle Bumpkin and was going to fight a black bear (most likely the Appalachian Black Bear) with a bullwhip while he is duck taped to the back of a large blue colored stingray, the bullwhip turned out to be a snake instead and it torn most of his face off then the black bear outrights injures Rusty, presumably both the snake and stingray most likely didn't survived this encounter.


  • Randy was sent to the hospital after he swallowed three pounds of crickets, and whole thing of fishing hooks seen in a X-ray (due to the influence of the Guzzle Bumpkin).


  • Jason "Wee Man" Acuña had a stunt where they stuffed him inside a gorilla uterus so the gorilla can give birth to him, but then the gorilla died because they aren't supposed to give birth to human men, according to Wee Man, and told him that it was "super illegal."

Sub-Saharan Africans[]

  • As Coolio appears in Sub-Saharan Africa, starving African children, a baby, and parents are seen as their country doesn't have any food and they're staving, Wee Man gives them Guzzle Bumpkin related products, Steve Blumin mentioned they have to eat it in three minutes as they're village turns into a shake park, the people then eat it all.


  • Glenn, Shawn Coleman, a man and a African American man watch a video made by Rusty at work, the African American asks "I though a Bungee cord was supposed to snap bad?", Glenn then mentions "It's freaking rope, dude just you got to watch it", all of them laugh at the video until Early comes.
  • Rusty in a another video is pulled by two horses, cars, a truck, a small dog, Biscuit, Irina, and Granny on a small tractor. They pull off all of his limbs.
  • A audience of people wearing hats resembling feces dressed with the Guzzle Bumpkin attend a stunt on "New Years Eve" involving Rusty being pored on a large pile of dog feces for 100 grand where flies swarm around the feces.
  • Later as Early disguises himself as Rusty, a voice is then heard saying "drop that shit" as the audience gets excited for the stunt.
  • The feces does have small parts covering the suits of the various people in the audience, a couple then kisses each other, with four more couples then kiss each other.
  • Construction workers use vehicles to lift off piles of dog feces while flies swarm the piles of dog shit everywhere, as Early comes out of the feces eating it a construction worker then closes the garbage door trapping Early in the truck.

"Jacksonville Jackass"[]

Georgia Bulldogs GPS[]

  • A GPS related to the Georgia Bulldogs appears, the GPS says "dawgs sweep left onto exit 435 to I-75 South, and run Lindsay, run!", "Lindsay Scott!, Lindsay Scott!", a image of a yellow faceless football player is shown, the GPS then says "straight until you reach the 10, Interstate 10!".

Florida-Gators Fan[]

  • Sheriff rubs himself against a large man for his breasts, it turns out to be a man that is a fan of the Florida Gator (he is voiced by Dave Willis), he mentions "you best take care of your bro here, He about to get swatted down", Sheriff then vomits on him, and replies with "I'm sorry, my botormoat runs on vomit, could it, would it, be cool if I kissed you?, I-I saw that in pornography", the fan then replies "you bro better step off I want to catch a vape" as he moves away.


  • Several unnamed people appear throughout the episode, these unnamed individuals are first seen walking through a large parking lot, hanging out, sitting in chairs, playing cornhole and having a good time, while Early, Rusty, Granny, and a drunken Sheriff goof around the parking lot.
  • When Sheriff reveals his blurred penis after he takes off his clothes, Rusty mentioned that there was children here but Sheriff mentions that they can handle it.
  • When Sheriff uses his gun some people do scream.
  • Some legs of people walk past a American themed van.
  • Sheriff also interrupts a conversation between two men, and beats up his friend who has hair chest, with blood splattering, injuring him to death, Sheriff steals the man's tickets making the Sheriff have free tickets, Early also throws a can at the man's body, Rusty also gives him a dollar.
  • More unnamed people and security guards are shown attending a game (including Shelia but with dark-skin) in lines in the gates.
  • When Early fights with Sheriff by pulling a phone, a security guard is seen telling them "Is there a problem here, fellas?", the drunken Sheriff then explains why Early wouldn't let him drink alcohol from his fake telephone, but security grabs the phone from Early, and sniffs it then pours out the alcohol out but Early and Sheriff complain as then the Sheriff lifts up the trash can trying to drink the alcohol but instead poor's out garage as the guard moves away.
  • Ethan and his mother from "Granny Hotfoot" and "Tracewood-Racist" with Florida Gators outfits makes a cameo, but Sheriff pushes them in the way.
  • Early, Rusty, and the drunken Sheriff move through a seated row of a audience.
  • Early pulls somebody's fan and breaks it, also grabs someone's hat beats it, and throws it away, making these people mad, the man then puts on his hat back on.
  • Drunk Sheriff on top of the stadium with an audience looking at him, they even look at him, Sheriff falls down the stairs, and the stadium and becomes naked, two security guards then head up to him, as Sheriff wakes up the two guards then arrest him with handclaps, moving him away.
  • Football Players are seen in the stadium.
  • Sheriff is seen in jail with two prisoners, which one of them resembles Ricky from "Dove In An Iron Cage", look made at him.
  • A police officer is also seen when Early and Rusty enter the jail, the officer also writes on a note as they leave as Early steals Sheriff's keys.

"The Knights of the Noble Order of the Mystic Turquoise Goblet"[]

  • Throughout the episode, Dan Halen speaks to a voice from the Turquoise Goblet.
  • One of the facts shown in the "Fact Hack", are full of conspiracies are former President Obama born in Kenya as a arrow pointing at it, along with a poster of Hilary Clinton being a reptilian saying "Hilizard Clinton."
  • Several people attend the The Knights of the Noble Order of the Mystic Turquoise Goblet event dressed in turquoise robes and end stuff from Donna's catering which are BBQ poppers, as Dan Halen reveals Granny as the last "Appalachian Mud Squid" as she is covered in BBQ, the crowd gasps. The crowd listens to Dan holding a magical speaking turquoise goblet he holds, when the turquoise goblet tells "everyone get nude" the crowd turns off their robes, shake up themselves, and make out with each other as said by the turquoise goblet like the wind and told by Dan Halen. They then stop after Dan speaks to the goblet. Later on, as Glemm & Glorf's UFO drive to the event it is then noticed by all of the men, while Glemm & Glorf look for a turquoise goblet a man has a full-body tattoo of the goblet.

"Ballad of the Latrine Marine"[]

  • An unnamed woman, Glenn's Wife and a female Mexican are seen at the door to the closed girl's restroom.
  • A magazine featuring four different people are seen (depicting a breakup between two people), Early mentioned that Brangelina broke up as reads the magazine.

Crow Flock[]

  • Near the end of the episode Early's newborn baby squid offspring are all eaten and killed by a flow of crows including the eggs. This flock of Crows have much different designs from the ones from earlier in the show.

"Debased Ball"[]

Businessmen and Businesswoman[]

  • Dan Halen talks to two businessmen and a businesswoman at the beginning of the episode, he mentions to them that "we see Dougal County as a destination for people to fill up on gas when they're en route to far more interesting places, but as long as you're stopping to drop a deuce, why not take in a minor league baseball game at the future home of The Dougal County Pecan Logs?!" Dan then tells Glenn to distribute the hats, Glenn gives the hats to the three, one of the business tells Dan "that looks like a turd" due to the appearance of the Pecan Log, Dan throws the hat at Glenn and takes back the hats due to them being wrong, the businessman then said "look, if we're going to relocate our single-A ball club to Dougal County, we're gonna need a name with more zip, more spunk, more fire in it's belly".
  • Dan in response says "absolutely! sure, I get it, you want a better team name, We'll do that, look, the stadium is done , it's taxpayer funded, just give me the money!", the businessman asks Dan about who Early is by punching a trash can. As Early gets into a fight with a vicious opossum, Dan mentions he is a "wit", the businessman says "and that's indigenous to the region?".
  • The businessman mentions the name "the Dougal County Ornery Mud Squids, I like it", the second businessman told it for being "golden", the first businessman then told him to trademark it, Dan Halen then replies "fine, slap him on the hats you want!, Just give me the money!, do you think you're the only swindle, I have on my schedule today?"


  • Early gets into a fight, and starts punching a vicious opossum living in a trash can as the mammal is heard growling at them.

Debased Ball Audience[]

  • A large audience full of unnamed parents and children appear throughout the episode as background characters in the Debased Stadium. Early fires out t-Shirts to various parents and their children cheering him on in the stadium, claiming if the gun was real, everyone would have been dead. Early chases a child wearing a baseball cap and knocks him over. Someone dressed a tree comes by, two children and two adults grab the sticks of the fake tree to poke the "Nitwit" as many voices are heard.
  • Other parents poke Early as the "Nitwit!" while others clap.
  • The mother that Early flirted with from "Dove In An Iron Cage" makes an reappearance as she takes a picture of Nitwit Early and her on her phone, Early told her that he will signed the boobies and calls her a "little girl", the mother then screams and runs away from Early.
  • Other people, and children start to poke Rusty and Early a many times in the episode.
  • A person with his phone takes a picture with him and Early together.
  • As Early brings out his phone as his bobblehead depicts him having sex with a goat instead of a sheep a fifth stick pokes and Rusty leaves, a person continues to poke Early with a stick, Early then grabs the stick from him then pulls out his gun and fires out a T-Shirt at him, the person tells him "thanks Nitwit", Early mentioned he was trying blow his damn head off.
  • When Rusty protests at the Debased Ball stadium as many people all over the stadium's entrance, a little gingered haired girl pokes Rusty with a stick and her father tells him "thanks Nitwit."
  • Granny talks to a kid and his parents, but get upset went Granny talks about her vagina and shows her blurred privates to them with the mother covering one of the child's eyes and they leave.
  • As Lil attends the baseball game twerking, a man throws coins into her hat, as some people walk in the background.
  • As people are told to clap their hands, an another stick by someone pokes Early listen to the song "Take Me Out To Watch Baseball", parody of "Take Me Out To The Ball game", they start to become quiet.
  • After Rusty hijinks the big screen and tells everyone that Squiddly the "Nitwit" is a thrice convicted felon and shows footage of him drinking hair spray, this does upset many people such as a mother, everyone then leaves the stadium quietly, a parent tells his son "let's leave the bobblehead here, son." Before leaving the stadium.

Baseball Announcer[]

  • A Baseball Announcer, who is voiced by Casey Motter, comments on the "Nitwit" actions in the Debased Ball game, most notably acting as commentary on Early's "Gif off my land!" for a sunfish mascot, and him chasing a Pill mascot, claiming that "he ain't stopping the oxy-trottin'", and claiming that he is gone and lost his own mine again, as explained in an animated hat shuffle game called "Hillbilly Hat Shuffle" where the "Nitwit" loses his brain is shown onscreen, and the announcer claims that "his mine is gone forever due to a lifetime of alcohol abuse" since no brain was found in any of the heads. The baseball announcer then told everybody to switch for "Rile the Nitwit" and time to poke the "Nitwit" with sticks.
  • Later on, the announcer mentions "come on, party people" to clap their hands, the announcer then tells them "and now please rise and join "Squiddly the Nitwit" in his backwoods-country rendition of the classic, "Take Me Out To Watch Baseball."


  • A large deer shows up in the forest, it was noticed by Rusty, Early cocks his gun, and shoots a T-Shirt making it run away, while the deer grunts.
  • Someone dressed as a mascot called the Savannah Sunfish appears in Debased Ball, and tells him to "Gif off my land!."
  • Early chases somebody dressed as a Pill mascot.

"Tortuga de Mentiras"[]

Guatemala People[]

  • Early encounters a guard with having a shirt saying "Futbol" when he brings him copper wires from the wooden house in a wheel barrier for money for a party, as male and female people from Guatemala appear in the party.
  • A Guatemala hooker is seen smoking cigarette and Early dressed in a Mexican mustache, and sumboro speaks in Spanish the lines "your breasts are large and sexual, may I pour a full gallon of milk upon them?", however instead, Early milks a brown dairy cow's utters, as the hooker is seen holding a wheel barrier full of money, but then three Guatemala men show up, Early asks "Senorita?", but the three men then beat him up, and spilt milk on him.

Guatemala Police Officers[]

  • As Early is then caught three Guatemala police officers show up to take, and beat up Early away after Early was previously stealing copper wires from the houses being built, Early was presumably arrested and was sent back to Dougal County after this.

Guatemala Family[]

  • A Guatemala mother, father, child, and a baby then show up in the house built by Kyle Nubbins, Sheriff, and the church attendees until it gets caught on fire, due to Sharif, freaking the family out, none of the family ever speaks in the episode, but they do make facial expressions.

Brown Dairy Cow[]

  • A brown dairy cow is seen near a motel in Guatemala, also at one point Early milks the utters of a brown dairy cow.


  • Church attendees are seen in the church listening to Kyle Nubbins about their upcoming visit to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala to build homes for the people there and head to a bus at 03:00 in the morning, while Early leaves the church.
  • They are later seen saying "Kumbaya", other people are shown working on houses there.
  • When the church was revealed to burned on fire due to Early, who starts causing fear to the church attendees coming out of the bus, one of the attendees even washes the flames from the church with a hose.
  • After Granny unknowingly kills Early with a shotgun, and blames lightning on it the attendees stare at her, one of them says "oh, yeah, oh yeah, yeah, look like lightning", everyone is then in shock by Granny who shoots Glenn's leg after answering after how Granny shot Early.

"Duel of the Dimwits"[]

Gingered Haired Child, her Father and Horse[]

  • At the beginning of the episode Early tries to kill a horse with a shotgun, a gingered haired child and a father are seen with a horse, but Dewey and Dewey Jr.'s weedwhacker then whirs scaring the horse turning off with the little girl and the father runs after them, Early misses his shot.

Construction Workers[]

  • Male and female construction workers as part of Sheriff's survey crew are seen measuring the landscape between "the Duvalls" and the "Cuyler's" lands. While being interrupted by Early and Dewey's stick fighting, a third worker with glasses, and a small goatee is seen.

"The War on The War on Christmas"[]

  • A audience full of unnamed citizens are seen in this episode celebrate Christmas season of the "Winter Solstice festival" (one of them is a recolored Glenn's Wife with red hair) listening to Dan Halen's speech about his gigantic evergreen Christmas tree called the "Evergreen of Seasonal Inclusiveness!".
  • Jews are mentioned because a candleholder is seen on the tree, Dan mentions Kwanzites, after Dan told Sheriff he would have his lungs removed if he tells him a another word because of a different menorah on the tree called a "Kinara", Donna and one person are in shocked. The crowd then murmurs, Dan then mentions the "Athesists" and "Agnostics" to have a portrait of Neil deGrasee Tyson staring at aliens and black holes.
  • As Dan finishes his speech as the Denny puts a large "glitter-sphere of ambiguity" on the top of the tree and the lights on the tree light up, with every citizen celebrating (as of note: many citizens are clones of other citizens in these scenes).
  • Sheriff also mentions Muslims.
  • Dan Halen then opens Ballmart for people that can now enter it.
    • In the original version of this episode, the scene had a man resembling Doug Richards was seen in the store, but removed in later versions of the episode, for unknown reasons.
  • Inside the store, two people, two recurring background characters, are seen at the coffee shop with a female Coffee Cashier, she gives a man some coffee and respond she tells him "thank you happy holidays." Later on, two same men in the same shop stare at Early, who is portrayed as Jesus Christ, later on he leaves to wait for his coffee to be ready.
  • Kyle Nubbins and co. disguise themselves as the "Birth of Baby Jesus" when someone in a car playing rock music drives by the church past them.
  • When Early joins Kyle Nubbins and co. to sing the "Merry Christmas" carol to a African-American who opens up his door to heard the sounds of them, this man is shown to be married with Shelia, listening to the songs, but they repeat themselves, the couple then closes the door.
  • Early, Nubbins, and co. sing "Silent Night" to a couple, then the last couple of lyrics were changed different as lyrics made by Early, with him and Granny singing their version of the song, the couple then closes the door. After, Kyle Nubbins and co. leave Early rings the doorbell on the couple's home the man hides between his window, and Early threatens the man.
  • Several children attend the "Winter Solstice festival" on the "Non-Denomination Holiday Express" train, a man drives the train for the children, a father and daughter are seen as the father pulls the shed for his daughter, and a Mexican throws snowballs at two kids having fun in the snow.
  • Many people scream when the "giant glitter sphere" is broken, also many children below see this.
  • Everyone notices Early is on top of the giant Christmas tree holding Randy, until the giant tree falling down, all of the citizens then grab onto the tree by Dan's commands with everyone doing it, but the tree then falls down, many people are heard screaming as the tree collapses on the ground, and starts killing and injuring a lot of people, many people are heard groaning, and children are heard crying as the tree is falling.
  • On the "Fourth of July", many people attend, and celebrate the holiday at the end of the episode.

"Dewey Two-ey"[]

Honey Bees[]

  • Early asks that he would make love to a hive of honey bees if he didn't follow Dewey's commands of wearing a bikini, having a squirrel taped to him, and read a paper on the watertower to everyone in the county, Dewey Duvall Jr. has a hive of swarming bees he carries for Early, but he decided to do the speech instead.


  • Many people then heard Early's speech as people smile such as the Father & Baby and Brock Bell.
  • Many people see Early reading his paper on the watertower in a field around the said watertower.
  • A unseen person driving a construction truck carries and moves away all of Dewey's dangerous fences in its trunk.

Season 12[]

"Forever Autumn"[]


  • Throughout the episode, various unnamed tourists appear in the episode. The citizens are first seen with cellphone, and start to take pictures of the Autumn environment, including a Family.
  • Many cars driven by unseen people are seen on the road in Autumn.
  • People appear next to a "Dougal Inn and Suites".
  • A woman buys a "Pine Christ" from Granny with money, and two people (Asian and African-American) eat homemade taffy.
  • According to Dan Halen, the tourists leave the attraction when all of the camouflaged Autumn leaves fall off.
  • Several people attend the Cuyler's family farm in the episode. However, after several animals such as a deer, a family of ducks and Dan Halen's own horses are killed by the toxic chemicals of L.E.A.F., the tourists are shocked, and scared. For example, the deer explodes in front of a man and woman, the tourists look at the blood splattered on them when Dan's two horses exploded, and they run away after a family of ducks explode.
  • A couple is shown on Dan Halen's hayride, the husband tells his wife "honey, look at the pumpkin!", the woman then said "oh, my god!", the husband then tells his wife to "get your camera!", but freaked out by its red eye opening. The couple who previously looked at the pumpkins look at Dan Halen when Rusty shows a corpse of a dead deer.
  • Later in the episode, many people suffer through the dangerous chemicals that mutated in the forest, the people did show up to Early dancing on the stage up until Granny's face melts off and she puts her face back on to dance. When a bunch of Tree Monsters come alive, the first Tree Monster ends up toning someone apart, Early and everyone else heads inside the house to hide from the trees however the trees break through, which they start killing themselves with Early's shotgun, and beating up each other. One tree also has a dead person on his branches which was previously the first person to be killed by the killer trees, Rusty points to the dead man saying "daddy, this man wants his money back". The tourists are last seen excavating from the Cuyler house and the dangerous environment.
  • Two cars driven by tourists are also seen driving away.

Tourist Customer 1[]

  • The Cuyler's come across a man driving a car as Rusty tells them that they got a customer, the man's only lines are "hey" until Early pulls out his shotgun, and replies with "get off my land", then the man heads back to his car, and drives away from them.

Tourist Customer 2[]

  • A another customer comes by later on, the man walks to the Cuyler's fruit farm, and the Sheriff. The man mentions that they are selling fruit. Early points his shotgun at him, Early then practiced saying "get the hell of my land" due to the Sheriff teaching him not to threaten the tourists with his gun-play, the chucking man picks up a orange and pointed out that fruit itself is actually rock painted as an orange. Granny then told him that they never go bad and "that's our perma-flesh guarantee".
  • Early then pointed out to him "well sell it by the pound, rocks weigh more". Early then grabs him, and told him that it is simple math and calls him a "dumbass", Sheriff then whispers to Early "try adding a smile now", Early then looks strained, and tells him, "they're a good conversation place", Early ends up shelving a orange painted rock on his cheek.
  • The next scene shows the same man with his wife driving away from the Cuyler's farm.

Dan Halen's Horses[]

  • Dan Halen has two Horses are seen carrying people on a hayride in the episode, as Dan Halen is the one carrying the tourists on the Hayride. Later in the episode, the two horses explode by the cause of L.E.A.F.'s toxic chemicals, causing people and Dan Halen to be splattered with blood.


  • At the Cuyler's family farm, Rusty is seen riding on a hostile and vicious medium sized Opossum in the "Ride You A Possum" attraction. Later in the episode, a kid named "Dylan" mentioned that his opossum exploded. This opossum resembles the opossum from the trash can from the episode "Debased Ball."


  • An inflated deer is seen being inflated with Dan Halen's toxic chemicals from L.E.A.F., the deer ends up exploding, with its blood covering the ground, and in front of a lot of people (including a couple, a husband, wife, Early and Rusty) being covered in blood. Its leftover remains are seen falling on the ground. Rusty later on, starts driving in a tractor, and shows Dan Halen a dead head and neck remands of the deer that previously inflated and exploded. Dan had to throw it away.

Family of Ducks[]

  • After Dan Halen's horses exploded, Dan Halen tells the tourists to look at a family of ducks, which are seen in a pond, but the mother duck and her babies explode from L.E.A.F.'s toxic chemicals, scaring off all of the tourists, Dan told to not look at the ducks but to look at their phones instead.

Live Action Animals[]

  • A commercial showing Dan Halen telling about Dougal County's current state, the commercial shows photoshopped, and live action footage, a live-action eagle flying is seen, though the eagle has a red-tailed hawk cry instead. Other live-action stock footage of these animals depicted are a grizzly bear, deer, lion, llama, monkeys, cats, orca/killer whale, dogs, snake, chickens, a chick and an African elephant are all seen in this commercial.

Talking Infant[]

  • At the end of the episode, a mutated tree pulls out a infant from a bag full of infants, the baby's only lines are "mommy, mommy" but is eaten by the tree, as the tree finds children to be delicious.


  • A crow flies in the air at the episode's beginning.
  • A bird is seen flying in the air.
  • A African American man can be next to Boyd's Wife and Glenn in Dan Halen's meeting, while Glenn presents his "Groovy Gravy" mascot pitch, as Dan presents "L.E.A.F. ("Leaves Ever Autumn Forever"), and shows its power so the leaves can stay year-around.
  • Throughout the episode L.E.A.F. themed planes driven by unseen people stray toxic chemicals into every regular tree in Georgia.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Galvin greets a couple of people into Ballmart at the beginning of the episode, the first one was a man and a woman, the second was a African-American mother and her child, and the third one was the Female Coffee Cashier is seen walking with a friend.

"Muscadine Wine"[]

Ray Hubbard's Snakes[]

  • At Ray Hubbard's Snake Farm, his farm is filled with snakes owned by Ray Hubbard seen in cages, including one seen around Ray Hubbard's neck, Ray tells Rusty to by a snake to get guitar lessons, Ray shows two snakes to him, which are a copperhead and a cotton-mouth, Ray then said he needed to move some snakes.
  • At the beginning of the episode's second part, Rusty brings a colored snake with fangs and a pink bow around it over to Tammi's house, which freaks out Tammi, who kills it with a shovel ripping its head off killing the serpent.
  • Later in the episode, during Early's cruise robbery, Rusty brings out the same dead snake with a pink bow to Tammi, as much of Tammi's display.

Security Guard[]

  • A security guard appears on the cruise, and refused to let Early and Tammi sing "Muscadine Wine" on the cruise, as pulls down the microphone's cables, and claims "you ain't officially booked to play anywhere, so pack up your gear and get on", and he also claims Early is "blocking the shrimp."
  • Later in the episode, during Early's cruise robbery, Early points his 12 gauge shotgun to the same security guard from earlier to put shrimp in his bag along with crushed ice.

Bottlenose Dolphin[]

  • At the end of the episode, a bottlenose dolphin jumps out of the water and makes a dolphin noise, the dolphin is also wearing the same blonde wig that Early had on, but threw in the water earlier.


  • In the first part of the episode, several people walk through a Bible-themed amusement park in the background.
  • Later on, Early and Tammi sing "Muscadine Wine" to a bunch of Church attendees, which cheer, and other people are seen with the Sheriff and Deputy Denny outside the church.
  • Early signs a autograph from a African-American man.
  • A person driving a car passes Ray Hubbard's Snake Farm.
  • Several citizens cheer for the cruise.
  • Early runs to a man holding a plate with shrimp on it, as Early takes away the bandana since it wasn't a napkin.
  • Two people hear Early using the guitar.
  • Two guitarists playing guitars are seen with Early, Steve, Nikki, and Lucinda, on a giant rock climbing wall about the word "outlaw".
  • A man drumming around the strings of the rock climbing wall is seen.
  • Many people visit Steve Earle's concert until Early pulls out his shotgun to start his robbery, as he steal items from the ship, everyone pulls their arms and shoulders to each other to protect themselves.
  • Early points at a man wearing a cowboy hat, Early tells to him "gimme all them drink cards too!, them hurricanes is 13 damn dollars a piece!".

"The Reenactment of the Repulsion of the Siege of Cuyler Mountain"[]

Soldiers of Bill Sherman's army[]

  • Several soldiers, part of Bill Sherman appear throughout this episode, though not of these soldiers speak or have any lines. In a flashback, Jefferson Cuyler defended a mountain from a union brigade for two straight days, by using a single solidary cannonball killing a solider, and then killing two other soldiers holding shotguns.
  • Three soldiers are seen in Ollie's fantasy, more soldiers are seen, but don't speak with lines, other soldiers are seen next to a large cannon, and put gunpower inside the cannon, Jefferson passed a beer to some soldiers including himself.
  • Later on, Jefferson used the cannonball to wipe out a entire army of soldiers, it knocked many of these men out, one solider was near a cannon but hit by it, then took out more men.
    • According to Early, Jefferson killed over 150 soldiers from Bill Sherman's army with this cannonball, as he was in a tree surrounded by dead soldiers.

Bill Sherman[]

  • Bill Sherman is the leader of a solider army during the war times, he is seen walking down below a tree, but like his whole army, he was also killed by Jefferson's cannonball.


  • Two horses are also seen in the background.
  • Ollie rides a small horse in the reenactment.

Soldiers in the "Reenactment of the Repulsion of the Siege of Cuyler Mountain"[]

  • While men are dressed up as soldiers holding fake shotguns, a reenactment of this past event is reenacted, as many soldiers pretend to be dead to reenact the events of the war times.
  • Rusty grabs a large cannonball from a fake dead solider covered in spaghetti noodles and sauce.
  • Early throws his cannonball at a solider holding spaghetti, Early knocks over other people with the said cannonball, Sheriff throws a cannonball at a solider knocking him out, Glenn knocks out a solider with a bowling ball, Deputy Denny does the same thing with a bowling ball, and a solider gets hit on the head by a another solider.
  • All of the soldiers, including Glenn, follow Early, Denny and Sheriff because they want to hit Ollie with the balls, soon everybody is shocked that Ollie is killed by a explosion's (presumably his horse too) in the car after Rusty throws the cannonball in there.


  • At the beginning of the episode, flies swarm around some leftover trash.
  • Several people are seen in the VFW, but when Early's shotgun fires, Randy and a unnamed woman move away in the background.
  • According to Early, Jefferson had a whole Arinsal of balls one of them that was included was a goldfish in a circle shaped bowl.
  • An audience full of people attend the "Reenactment of the Repulsion of the Siege of Cuyler Mountain" event, that are only seen via silhouettes. After the reenactment ends, the audience claps at the story's ending.

"Rich Dan, Poor Dan"[]

  • After the live-action theme song, an animated version of real-life actor, based on Jason D. Williams, is seen on the opening sequence in parody of the show's usual trucker opening sequence, Rusty says to him "hey, man, let me play that thing, come on!", his only lines are the ironic "do not touch the trim!" from the original opening sequence.
  • A man gives Early and Glenn letters instead of their paychecks.
  • Glenn, Shawn, a African-American, and two individual men complain to Dan Halen about their paychecks not being receive, due to the company experiencing a kink in the new payroll system, after Glenn is beaten by Sheriff after asking Dan, everyone moves away to a elevator.
  • Pictures and some characters from "Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen" are seen in Dan Halen's large home, most notably the picture of Dan riding a giant unicorn, when the Mexicans come to take out all of Dan's property to the bank such as Dan's dead man lamp, who was once a man and is portrayed as a prop, which Dan showed to the Blondie Stripper in The Jiggle Hut to take instead of him, and his White Tiger encased in glass.
  • The Skinny Stripper from "Not Without My Cash Cow!", reappears in the Jiggle Hut with Early, Darla and a Blondie Stripper, alongside the two said strippers, the skinny stripper was given out dollars bears, went Early "ought" cover for Dan Halen, when he was about to be kicked by Ellis. Darla and the skinny stripper then both stripped for Early and then stretch up the latter's tentacles, alongside Ellis.
  • According to Dan Halen, he had over hundreds of employees working for him.
  • An moving helicopter with someone driving it appears at the end of the episode.

"Cooler-Heads Prevail"[]

Female Voice[]

  • Granny tries to open a Sasquatch cooler owned by Glenn, but a female voice is heard claiming "access denied, unregistered user, access denied" as this portrayed as security to prevent Granny from opening Glenn's Sasquatch cooler.
  • At the end of the episode, after the Cuyler's get a new cooler, as Granny presses the button, but says the same "access denied, unregistered user" from earlier, it later claims on saying the same thing on repeat.


  • Church attendees attend Kyle Nubbin's church, are listening to Nubbins, however, Early comes in with a Sasquatch Cooler, a few of the attendees glare or just stare at him, such as the stoned man glaring at Early, Nubbins later dismisses all of the attendees as Early's cooler smokes up the place, people run out of the church, and The Jiggle Hut, before Ellis kicks out Early and his Sasquatch cooler.
  • Flies are seen swarming around the trashcan.
  • Several people are seen at a football game, including a dark-skinned Shelia.

"Blue Lives Battered"[]


  • An female African-American nurse is seen in the episode in the hospital, when Early asks her "he's very emotional right now, I'll get this", Early drinks some pills, Early then inflates as he asks the nurse about the pill's effects, the nurse simply responds with "uh, they thin your blood, and they increase your blood pressure", Early then claims "pretty good buzz, I'll tell you that", he then leaves.


  • A live-action photoshopped orange cat is seen in Sheriff's man-cave video, the cat mutters its own "meow".
  • Snakes from "S9E5" appear on one of Deputy Denny's YouTube videos of the news of that episode, one of them even is shown shallowing Denny.
  • A crow is seen flying on repeat in Deputy Denny's "10 minute YouTube video Gif".
  • A deer comes out of the bushes in the Sheriff's YouTube video being chased by Early.
  • A family is briefly seen in Sheriff's YouTube video, the family consisted of a mother, father, and a sleeping baby, the parents heard screaming in the footage.

"There's Sucker Porn Every Minute"[]

Motel Crew[]

  • In the episode, a motel crew films the set of two different porn-o films involving Early and Krystal. None of these guys speak in the episode.
    • A cameraman named Lucas records Early and Krystal's space-themed porno on-camera, and an another person named Alphonso holds a microphone. A another person also appears, which holds up signs, with words on them, for Early to say.
    • Lucas continues to record a another porno involving Early and Krystal later in the episode, the microphone holder the same man holding those signs are seen again.
    • When Early leaves the motel, Krystal tells the crew that they are going back to film her farting on cakes. An another cameraman is seen, but he is unnamed, and a man places a birthday cake on a table, this cake was used for filming. She also tells Lucas to switch the telephoto. Meanwhile, Early, while outside of the motel, runs away crying, while Krystal is singing "Happy birthday, Mr. President" while Lucas records her farting on a birthday cake, which is seen in the green curtains of the motel window.
    • Later on in the episode, Early tells Lucas to frame Rusty's face out, as Rusty walked into the motel with samurai outfit on, and for a Japanese Dad of the The Wiggler Tsunami.

Buff Beakman and CalamariCop[]

  • Two commenters are mentioned in the episode, who comment on Early's porn-o video. Buff Beakman scores a direct hit "for this beak-seeking missile."
  • CalamariCop posts raindrops and eggplants, on a comment of the video.
  • When Sheriff discovers that Denny has been a member on BigWigglers.com since 2007, Denny claimed that he got hacked from someone, and he also claims to be a friends login, and he doesn't get off on it.

Live-Action Arms[]

  • Three Live-Action human arms with tattoos of fan-art of Early and beak from the porn-o video are seen on Early's cellphone.

Protesting Church Attendees/Motel Protesters[]

  • Church attendees are seen in church, and later leave the said church to protest at the Motel in the afternoon with Kyle Nubbins due to Early's illegal pornography. Some of the attendees include; Glenn, his wife, Randy and Shelia, where they hold some signs there, where they protest while Rusty meets up with Early, and then the Sheriff, who interrupts the protesting to his speech. All of the protesters later on record Sharif's speech with their cellphones, Sheriff even told of them to put all of their phones down, but continue to this.

Granny's Beak[]

  • Similar to Early's Beak, Granny has an elderly beak of her own that appears three times in the episode. The beak's first lines are "She said she's down to clown!". Despite Granny being a female, her beak was given a male voice.
  • The beak shows up again, as Granny mentions that she would give anything to be in a motel room, as she is called "Grave bait", she shows her beak and it mentions "Ah, let's go in there and have some fun!", to "Let your beak flag fly!".
  • This beak shows up again for the third and final time, when four Japanese men walk past Granny and Krystal, Granny shows her beak and the beak states its "down to the clown."

Rusty's Beak[]

  • Rusty's Beak is briefly seen in the episode, coming out of Rusty's samurai outfit, its only lines are "It ain't my call, but I wouldn't do it."

"Events by Russell"[]

Jiggle Hut Attendees[]

  • Lots of unnamed people attend the "Events by Russell" event at the Jiggle Hut throughout the episode.
    • Attendees are first seen when Early is seen in front of a line at the episode's beginning.
    • An audience watches the "Hairiest Chest In Dougal County" event and cheer for Rodrigo's win. The audience then starts to party before Rusty is taken away by Early. Rusty previously told them "All right, let's get some asses out of the seats moving to some beats."
    • Many people are seen partying in the "Events by Russell" event.
    • Several unnamed people watch, and cheer a limbo completion twice in the episode, they also watch the Gravy wrestling event, and a few people we're shocked at Krystal killing an another woman.
    • When Early's hose strays the electronic DJ Set, causing the bar to be lighted on fire, and objects fall from the celling, causing several people in the bar to run away from the fire.
    • Some citizens carry Krystal from the fire while others watch in fear, and a few people end up watching, with shocked facial expressions, to the fire and Rusty later on ripping the throats out off of Early, Denny, Ellis, Sheriff, and Granny.


  • Three unnamed women are seen a few times in the episode, such as two of them wrestling in pudding, one of them gives Early a glass of beer, which was on a plate after the Gravy wrestling, and three of them are being strayed by Early's hose, for a Wet T-shirt contest, which also technically falls.

Woman in a Georgia Bulldogs bikini[]

  • A gravy wrestling events happens in the Jiggle Hut begins, thanks to Early, the woman from "The Okaleechee Dam Jam" in a Georgia Bulldogs bikini is seen in the Gravy pool, while a large audience is seen around the gravy filled pool, however, Krystal, also called the "Gladiator of the Gravy", ends up killing the said lady in the Gravy wrestling event and her corpse falls into the gravy, despite Early saying that their should be no gouging or fish hooking.


  • The stoned man from "S5E6" appears as he puts away chairs and moves away.
  • Early raps by using a small beehive but is attacked, and then gets stung by small honey bees coming out of the hive.

Season 13[]

"One Man Banned"[]

  • When Rusty was protesting at Ballmart at the beginning of the episode, a few citizens are seen listening to him, though, one man does enter Ballmart's doors.
  • One of the female citizens from "Events by Russell", is seen running away and screaming when Early stated that he was going to blow Ballmart sky-high with hotdog taped to a clock.
  • Bart Simpson, one of the main characters of The Simpsons', makes a cameo in the episode, but is pixelated, due to copyright issues. When Early is dragged away by Sharif and Denny, he tells Bart to help him, but Bart tells him that he doesn't have a cow.
  • At least three people are seen in Dan's Lucky Buck, as a man entered the dollar store and two of them are seen shopping at the said dollar store and even look at Early, when he was speaking by using his freedom of speech. When Early stated that the number 95 is 69 backwards, an African-American man is seen smiling at him, thinking it was funny.

"Let ’er R.I.P."[]

Funeral Attendees[]

  • A few people such as two men and two elderly people, including Glenn's Wife and Troy, are seen attending a funeral, which Kyle Nubbins priests. They also look at Bubba, when he walks. Two other recurring men also attend Lindsey's funeral and tribute, but back away from a Tiger and run away from the beast.
  • An another person, seen behind Glenn and Sheriff, is seen attending Bubba's funeral and a pig pickin' laua.

Dead Bodies[]

  • Bubba is seen picking out someone's brain through his nasal cavity of a dead body of a man.
  • DIY Funeral Guy does corpse prep on a another person in his "Top 10 Embalming Hacks" video that Rusty watches.
  • Granny dug up a dead person from a grave in the ground of the Georgia Graveyard, and Early told her not to dig it up.

Lindsey's Children[]

  • Lindsey and his wife have at least two children that attend Lindsey's funeral and tribute, which consist of a son and daughter. The son is also splattered by blood, alongside his mother, after a Tiger bites the leg of her now-dead husband. Lindsey's daughter backs away. The son and daughter are last seen running away from the tiger, that also bitten and dragged away Sheriff, via feet.


  • Two men are seen trying to fit a person's coffin into a car.
  • In a flashback, Rusty is seen riding a 10-point buck-cycle that Early made for him, which is a dead deer that was made and into a bicycle, with the deer's antlers' made into bars and told him to keep his feet on the clavicles.
  • In an another flashback, Granny is seen wearing a fancy gown made out of dead skunks and green and gray rats that Early made for her, which the latter splashes cider vinegar on Granny to "depungify" her stink and is ready for church.
  • At a pig pickin' laua, a dead pig, with a apple in its mouth, is seen being cooked.
  • Other people such as the Liquor Store Clerk attend Bubba's Discount Burials, and are seen in a line for consolation designs for anyone's dead relatives, while Granny tells them to not push and single file in line.
  • The Stoned Man is seen at The Jiggle Hut, drunk and passed out, while holding a bottle of Glug.

"No Space Like Home"[]

People that attended the Bidding[]

  • The Liquor Store Clerk and a few other men, including a woman, are seen walking to a bidding for auction of the number 37, next to a storage unit, while Early tells everyone to go home now, as he claims that it ain't for sale, which is technically for sale. Later on, all of the people that attended the bidding go away from the storage unit from the smell.


  • Several Rats are seen in Early's storage unit, where these rodents came out of the door, when it was opened and when Early enters it, and several rats are even seen in the storage unit such as three of them on a toilet.


  • A opossum can be seen in the storage unit, eating garbage, but Early kicks the creature and it chases him.

Goldfish from Unplugged Fish Tank[]

  • When Ga Ga pours out the water of his unplugged fish tank, two dead goldfish fall out of the tank.

Animal Skulls and Bones[]

  • Several animal skulls and bones such as a bat skull that Ga Ga put into his noodle soup, to get away with it, which Noodle Buddha took away to the trash, and possum bones from a peking duck and tires, are seen throughout this episode such as bones and skulls first seen in the storage unit, which Early collects, bones of a possum plevis were found from a tire, Early putting a rat carcass in a unlimited data plan to bones seen in the jailcells' bed. Early also put the bat skull and more animal bones in Ballmart clothes such as crisp new boot-but sparkle jeans, summer cargo shorts, and the breast pocket of a hot-ass rodeo shirt.

Phone Shop Woman[]

  • An African-American woman can be seen at a phone shop, while Early complains to her about to pay for an unlimited data plan with a rat carcass in it, by refusing, Rusty also tells her that he wants a wireless headset, which is a skull with headphones on it, and asks "Is this how y'all do here?".


  • Flies are seen buzzing in the storage unit, and out of the old piano.
  • Someone drives their car on the street across the storage unit area and Noodle Buddha's restaurant.
  • Baseball players are seen on Sharif's baseball cards.
  • Two different men is seen at a table in Noodle Buddha's restaurant. One of them was seen when Ga Ga and Early had noodle soup at the restaurant, and the other is seen the other day when Ga Ga ordered peking duck.
  • Rusty mentioned that he wanted a wireless head-set that was a skull skull with headphones.

"Scorn on the 4th of July"[]

Three Wounded Warrior Members[]

  • Two African-American men and a man with a gray beard are part of a motorcycle group called the "Wounded Warriors", where Sharif, Leroy, Glenn, and recently Early, are a part of, who also salute and drive away onto the roads to the sunset.

Waffle Barn Waiter[]

  • The Waffle Barn Waiter from "Greener Pastor", appears again when he leaves a bill to him.

Fourth of July Audience[]

  • Two audiences of people attend the Fourth of July parade, and cheer, the audience also gasps when the plane, that Early and Ellis are on, crashes. A huge audience are also seen at a 4th of July service to honor Denny, for saving Early and Ellis from the plane crash, they also "Boo!" and complain after watching a video on the big screen of Early lying that he served, which Denny recorded.


  • One of the attractive women from the aforementioned "Holodeck Redneck", "America: Why I Love Her", and "From Russia with Stud" episodes, appears in a soldier costume, called "Sexy Soldier", which appears as a product at the Halloween Store.
  • A man is seen driving a Fourth of July themed car and holding a small American flag in the aforementioned 4th of July parade.

"Zen and the Art of Truck-Boat-Truck Maintenance"[]

Early's Fantasy[]

  • After Early meditates, he has a football fantasy of some kind, where he is a Georgia Bulldog, and bites the arm of a Florida Gator, that represents the Florida Gators, then blood pours out of his arm to splatter onto the ground, which morphs into a stem of a flower, as Early's tentacles then come out of the said flower and morphs into Early, in that flower, and the Florida Gator holds hands with him in a circle alongside a Auburn Tiger, that represents the Auburn Tigers, an blue elephant, wearing a shirt with an "A" on it, and a orange tusked pig, with a pig on his shirt, can be seen, while at the same time, Early mentions his mantra, as least two times during this fantasy. An Eyeball, which opens its eyelid, is also seen in his fantasy, and appears on Early's trucker hat, when he is meditating himself.


  • A dancer, in a red bikini, that resembles Darla, that wears a Virigin mask on her face, dances on the pole, at the Jiggle Hut, which Early loosen's up her hip flexors, if she knows, as he didn't want her pulling a glute when her ass is clapping. She also pulls out her hand for a cent, when Early asks Ellis about the loose cents on the ground, that were winged by Ellis' daddy/father J-Mad.


  • In Yogi Daniel's Yoga Studio, two women are seen doing some yoga, alongside with Glenn, his former wife, and Kyle Nubbins.
  • When Early woke up from the fantasy, he stated that he was "gay", and runs out of the building, for somebody to help him, with a man and Sheila outside of the yoga stuido, since he stated he was "gay", this man and Sheila then walk away from him.


1996 Summer Olympics[]

  • Several people attend the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, during the summer, with one lady, from "Events by Russell", with a mole and eyelashes, running and holding an Atlanta sign for these said Olypmics.
  • During this flashback, Sharif auditioned for the mascot "Whatizit", or "Izzy" for short, for these said Olympics, for the Triangle Shaped Man and another man, but was afraid that he wasn't going to get in, as he mentions "Let's just say white privileges doesn't always come through when you're competing against other whites", as Troy, Evan, and another man are training for this.
  • Three mascots for the Olympics are shown off, as someone is dressed as a peanut named Whodatiz, and a peach named Whatchamadiddle. The third mascot was named ThingAMAJig, which was a Mexican wearing character costume.

1996 Ducktown White Water Competition[]

  • Many people are also seen attending a 1996 Ducktown White Water Competition, and cheering for Who Gives A Flip.
  • The ginger-haired child, from the episodes "Duel of the Dimwits" and "The War on The War on Christmas" respectively, is seen with Dylan and two Mexican children from "Let ’er R.I.P.", who attend the aforementioned White Water Competition, and they open their mouths at Who Gives A Flip, who they were watching.
  • Ethan is seen again, and Who Gives A Flip is seen next to him.
  • Others also watch Who Gives A Flip.


  • Over four people are seen competition at the aforementioned Ducktown White Water Competition, where they would paddle their canoes in the water, unless their canoes flipped over, which does happen. Three people are eventually medalists. One of these men has a tear under his eye, until his pants are lifted down, revealing his underwater, while Sharif and other two medalists laugh at him, while the said medalist gets mad at him.

"Ol' Hootie"[]


  • A large group of Red Ants are seen at some ant hills, which Early lands into after siding his homemade surf 'n' slosh, when he gets out of the hills, he bitten by a couple of ants.

Raccoon Skull[]

  • Denny finds a skull of a raccoon in a burned barrel, which he holds with a pencil, assuming that the skull was Granny Cuyler's, thinking that the Giant Owl left it. Sharif then yelled Denny's name, while the latter stated this was a crime scene, and tape it off, while Early stated it was a skull of the said raccoon, that he was going to make into a gearshifter, while Denny puts the said skull in a zip lock bag and mentions to him "Well, we'll see if the boys at the GBI agree with you", as he thinks that Early's owl story is a bunch of hooey.

Dan Halen's Horses[]

  • Dan Halen's Horses from "Forever Autumn" return in this episode, as a part of Dan's hayride through a apple orchard of his, they also get scared when Ol' Hootie passes by through, which is followed by Sharif and Anastasia Evertree, in the former's police car.


  • Emmet is Lil's new and unseen boyfriend, whom she is moved away with, in a new house, as she needed to get away from the Cuyler family, such as avoiding Early, and her own addiction triggers, while Lil is mostly trying to be sober. Emmet is actually not seen in the episode, but is heard onscreen, by stating the words of Lilith's name and "that is everything alright?", while Lil claims that it was just a salesman, even though, she was just talking to Early. Emmet's name is mentioned again by Early Cuyler, who pounds on the door and states that "That bitch (Lil) is an addict!".

Mice Necklace[]

  • Sharif tells Early to put back on a necklace that has mice on it, which tickles him and several of them get off the said necklace.


  • The recurring African-American man background character and the lady from "Events by Russell", and "One Man Banned", respectively, are seen in Dougal County with Glenn, Sheila, Billy Morton, and the Father and Baby prior to the giant owl flying towards the town.
  • Several people from "Forever Autumn" are seen at the hayride of Dan Halen's apple orchard, which two citizens grab and pick off apples from a tree, which Dan told them do, these citizens are eventually shocked when Ol' Hootie passes through, after Dan told them that their was nothing to fear of a giant owl, because he thought it was a liberal.
  • Ol' Hootie is seen destroying the boat of a man, that then is seen drowning in the waters of a lake, and a few boats belonging to people, with three people also falling into the lake's waters, become victim to the owl.
  • Many people are killed by various owls, which are the offspring of Ol' Hootie, that wreck havoc at Dan's apple orchard.

"The Liceman Cometh"[]

Dougal County Citizens[]

  • At least four citizens at seen at a amusement park, one is a female walking with a man, that was one of the Pedophiles from "Tween Steam", and three other people are seen glaring at Early, Rusty, and Granny at the Southern FotoFun.
  • Various citizens rush to grab all of the shampoo bottles to kill head lice, which are itching all of the hair of these citizens, Bobby told all of the citizens "One per customer", due to the store having various citizens.
  • Many citizens are seen attending church, but due to the head lice outbreak, they are all itching their hair and heads and are shouting.
  • An entire angry mob of bald people are seen outside of the Cuyler house, which are angry and wanting burn all of Early's trucker hats, as their holding flaming torches and continue to itch their heads. These citizens come into the house by busting down the door, alongside Tammi, Denny, Nubbins, Dan Halen, Glenn, his wife, and several recurring citizens of the series such as Shawn, Donna's Ex-Husband, Steve, and Troy, crushing Granny in the process, they confront Early by coming near him, before Glenn pulls out his shears to shave Early with. These citizens are last seen itching their bald heads, after all of the trucker hats that Early has owned over the years and the head lice burned by Deputy with a flamethrower and then melt to the ground, as much of Early's display.

"This Show Was Called Squidbillies"[]


  • A fly can be seen inside Granny's old wedding ring in a few scenes featuring the ring up close, it's unknown if this fly is dead or not.


  • Two Sailors from the episode "Jose, Can You? Si!", attend Granny's funeral, although they appear much older than they were in their debut episode, one of them also looks up to see a frying pan being whacked in the air, because of Granny hitting the ghost of Ga Ga Pee Pap, and three sailors appear on the Cuyler's family tree.


  • A few other people such as one of the coaches from episode "Lean Green Touchdown Makifying Machine", appears on the Cuyler's family tree.


Note: These characters that make semi-recurring appearances in the show, though these characters are mostly used and serve as background characters.

Stadium Audience[]

Any episode that has the Stadium featured as location involving any event has a large audience full of weird creatures such as weirder people, humanoids, cyclops, reptilians, and clowns with balloons. These creatures are usually holding finger gloves. They don't do that much except doing non-stop cheering as a large audience. In the episode "Webnecks" for example, the audience appears in a stadium full of Super Computers.



Children first appear in "Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen." They are underprivileged inner-city, uneducated children with no home and no future but forced to spent a summer at a summer camp. These children are seen at the Volcano fuland for winners funcamp, six kids with different appearances and wear brown bags, one of them is a kid in a wheelchair. Dan Halen shoots a bullet and the race starts. A kid in a wheelchair falls into the lava, the children after seeing it move away until Dan presses the switch to make them fall in the lava. A child in a wheelchair and a fat child reappear in "The Okaleechee Dam Jam", playing in fluids.

Lots of children also appear as stepbrothers and stepsisters, which are voiced by Sadie Willis, to Russell in "The Many Loves of Early Cuyler". Some of them are little girls in swimsuits, including one in a wheelchair. They also appear in "Clowny Freaks" at a birthday party, a fat kid can be seen bouncing in a bouncy castle, a wheelchair kid and a another kid are seen playing with a piñata. The kid seen in a wheelchair is revealed to be named "Tanner" in "Trackwood Race-ist. He attended The VFW in completing in a "Pine Log 500" race and he is a member of the "Woody Stouts". However, he starts sobbing when a bald eagle carries off with his kart before he won the race.


Semi-Recurring Gallery[]


Note: These are minor characters in Squidbillies that are usually mentioned throughout the show, appear frequency though most of these people or animals don't have much of their character and others are from other media related to the show.

  • Jesus Christ or Satan, also referred as the devil and sometimes "Lucifer", are often mentioned throughout the show by the Reverend and other characters such as Granny or Early. They are usually referring to Squid Jesus or Squid Satan.
    • A drawing of Jesus appeared in "Velvet Messiah" and he also appeared on a "Join EBISSE" booklet, who is praying next to a confederate flag in "Southern Pride and Prejudice."
  • The show also has numerous recurring citizens that reappear in more later episodes in the recent seasons, starting with the sixth season. This includes animals such as crows, dairy cows, grizzly bears, deer, honey bees, flies, opossums (often referred as possums), fishes, and snakes.
  • Many names of real-world celebrities, people or fictional characters from other properties are mentioned by characters in numerous episodes.
  • Some episodes have voices heard on the Cuyler's television.


  • Crows appear a lot in the series, which can be seen flying in the air as these crows are usually recurring creatures in the series flying in the sky starting with the first and last episodes and this crow is the first and last character, animal and creature to appear in the series, most notably appearing in numerous episodes such as "Krystal, Light", "America: Why I Love Her", "Greener Pastor" and "Blue Lives Battered."
  • In the episode "Class of '86", two crows are seen flying in the night sky when Dan Halen looks through his big window and a crow appears in the sky in Deputy Denny's YouTube video in the episode "Blue Lives Battered."
  • In the episode "Limbitless", two crows fly, and rip up Early last two limbs. The two crows both return later on to rip up his growing limbs in the restrooms.
  • The crow's final appearance to date is in the series' finale "This Show Was Called Squidbillies", where it can be seen flying in the night sky.

Animal Fossils[]

  • A animal fossil seen in the ground is seen in the show's intro and located in the junkyard where Krystal lives does some minor appearances in the episodes such as "This Show Is Called Squidbillies", "Office Politics Trouble", "Meth O.D. to My Madness" and "Sharif."
    • In the previously mentioned "S2E6", the skeleton of the dead animal appears, as Dan lets the Sheriff pick up the skeleton as Sheriff mentioned "uh, you want me to pick up this". Dan Halen replied "yes, the skeleton!". Sheriff replied "OK, I'm the law". Sheriff sniffs and claims that he "smells meth."

Trampled By Turtles Band[]

  • Trampled By Turtles, a real life band that appeared as animated versions of themselves were shown speaking and then sung one of their albums songs called "Stars & Satellites". At the Jiggle Hut in 2012 music video made by Adult Swim called "Trampled By Turtles".


  • Starting with the episode "Butt Trouble", a swarm of flies buzz around various objects and characters at many points of the series as background imagery, such as in episodes such as "The Reenactment of the Repulsion of the Siege of Cuyler Mountain."


  • Unseen people driving different types of vehicles such as cars, semi's and trucks are seen in numerous episodes.
  • Birds and crickets are often heard in the background in many episodes, for example, cricket noises were first heard in "Take This Job & Love It", which often is heard at night in later episodes such as "The Tiniest Princess" and "Earth Worst".
  • Some minor citizens also appear in a Squidbillies Movie Theater themed short called "Don't Talk PSA Squidbillies" from Alamo Drafthouse's YouTube channel, which is a educational short included a boat themed transformer fighting a truck themed transformer. A security guard appeared in the same short and wanted Early, Russell, and Granny to all leave for talking and texting during the movie, when it is playing. He ended up taking away Early and Granny. Russell also had his phone but he put it away to follow the rules of the movie theater.
  • Many people are seen in an audience in a commerical called "Go Braves", where the Cuyler family is seen at a baseball game.

Miscellaneous Gallery[]

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