Squidbillies Listen to the Animals

Listen to the Animals

Listen To The Animals

Ain't it odd, that a house of God

Looks like a facade for training death squads and claiming jihad?

We're just sayin', ain't it odd?

Listen to the animals, for a better understanding.

The holocaust was faked! So was the moon landin'!

Now what about Obama, and his birth cer-tifi-gate?

He was born in Hawaii, that ain't no god-derned state.

He was born in Hawaii, that ain't no god-derned state.

Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK, he's a giant cyborg, built by the CIA. (Ich bin ein immortal.)

There's a government reciever, implanted in your brain.

I get my news from this beaver, so I know I ain't insane.

Listen to the animals if you want to hear the truth.

We got a quarter horse who aint a puppet for the jews.

A little birdie told me, "penicillin gives you AIDS"

Don't ever go to the doctor, they're gonna shoot you up with AIDS.

Make your paper money gold, buy yourself a bunch of guns.

Build a fortified compound, for when the revenuers come.

Steal yourself an airplane, crash it into city hall

Keep a rambling manifesto, you're gonna educate em all.

Don't talk to no police, they're working with the government.

Everyone is out to get you, you gotta kill em all dead.

Remember back when Florida had all them hanging chads,

Should of been a damn recount..........