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Locust are minor characters in Squidbillies. They exclusively appeared in the episode "Armageddon It On!".


Locusts are a species of insect, that are based off their real-world counterpart, despite being called "chiggers" by Granny and "grasshoppers" by Early. A huge swarm of these creatures appear at the beginning of the episode, with Early, Rusty, and Granny trying to grab and eat them. However, they are interrupted by one of the Horsemen of The Apocalypse, who shows up to warn them about the plague of flying Locusts and the rapture. One locust lands on Early's trucker hat, and only has one line, which he claims that he swarms around his face, but the Locust is then eaten by Early.


Unlike their real-world counterpart, Locust depicted in the show are colored green and have black eyes, with yellow circle like pupils. They have the body of grasshoppers and the stingers of scorpions. Like real Locusts, they have wings to fly in the air, but can sting like a scorpion. The Locusts also have green human like faces with a beard.