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Macho Man Randy Cuyler is Tammi and Rusty's inbred son.

Unlike his father, he appears as a normal human baby, which causes several to question if he is really Rusty's child, however, in "Ink is Thicker Than Blood, Which is Thicker Than Water", when his diaper is removed he is revealed to possess a set of tentacles along with his other appendages, proving that he is quarter mud-squid. For the most part, Rusty cares for his son and tries to be a good father to him, while Early is antagonistic towards his grandson and treats him in much the same way as he treats Rusty. Tammi is protective of her son and does her best to encourage Rusty to spend time with him and be a good father to him.


When Randy was born the Dr. Cock didn't exactly deliver Randy, instead watching TV and talking to Lil about smoking an epideral. Randy fell on the floor, leaving Granny to say "what is that?" being shocked that Randy was Caucasian (though mostly because he has no squid traits.)

Initially he is shown to be fully human. His hair color is the same a Rusty's, but lacks many squid traits, as pointed out by Granny and Early. Early even stated that he didn't have Rusty's acne or rat tail, even though he is his baby, and hasn't reached puberty yet.

He is seen again with Tammi in "The Inkubator Lives". Rusty is unable to pay child support leaving Tammi to feed him hot wings from the restaurant where she works.

In "Ink is Thicker Than Blood, Which is Thicker Than Water" when Randy fell into a lake and removed his diaper, revealing a set of tentacles along with his other appendages proving that he is quarter mud-squid and that he is Rusty's son.

In "Cephalo-ectomy", a slightly older Randy is shown to be attending school with the other human children, however, he is ostracized because of him being part squid. Early and Granny try to teach Randy how to handle bullies, however, Randy was then expelled when he attacks the bullies with his tentacles. This causes Tammi to suggest that his squid parts be surgically removed so he can live a normal life, however, Rusty and the rest of the Cuyler clan decide to teach him what it means to be a squid. However, Early gets frustrated over lack of progress and Rusty comes to believe Tammi was right. However, when he goes to tell Tammi he is okay with the surgery, Tammi reveals that the surgery is too expensive and their insurance won't cover it.

Determined to get Randy the surgery, Rusty steals the back truck of Early's Truck-Boat-Truck and sells it online to Deputy Denny. Using the money he got from selling the truck, Rusty pays for the surgery however, he and Tammi discover that the surgery failed as Randy's tentacles regenerated. Rusty later reveals to what he had done and though Early is angry about his truck, he is proud of Rusty for behaving like a Cuyler. Early then ropes Rusty and Randy in stealing his truck back from Denny, during which Randy brutally assaults Denny using the methods he had learned earlier from Early and Granny, however, he takes it to far and seemingly beats Deputy Denny to death.

In "This Show Was Called Squidbillies", after Rusty married Tammi, and a fallout happens in the family, when Granny passes away, Randy, alongside his mother and father moved away from Dougal County and he appears as a teenager.



  • It's more likely that the reason for Randy looking more human is because of his inbred origins. When two organisms, be it plants or animals, that are closely related to each other inbreed, it results in recessive traits manifesting greater than dominant traits. This is especially since Rusty is half-human, and the human part of Rusty's DNA manifested after procreating with Tammi, who is fully human.
  • "A Walk To Dignity" is the very first episode to feature Randy without his mother appearing in the episode.