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Mattress Christ

The Mattress Christ store is a sales place owned and operated by Reverend. It serves as a purchasing shop so the residents of Dougal County can buy their beds, as well as other resting furniture. The store has several slogans.


The Mattress Christ store was, as given in the name, a place to buy mattresses. The store had spring beds as well as waterbeds, it also happened to have numerous slogans outside the store as well as a parking lot where customers could park and a giant Jesus sign above the store sign. The only known employees are the Reverend, and at one point Early, however he was fired due to his rudeness to customers and destruction of store property.


  • "The Meek shall inherit the $aving$"
  • "Though Shalt -Not- Overpay"
  • "The Last Temptation of price"
  • "The King of Kings (of bedding)

Appearances Edit


  • At one point in "Take This Job & Love It", Early tried to continued to work at the store although he was already fired.
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