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Mephistopheles Traveled Below to a Southern State Whose Motto Is 'Wisdom, Justice and Moderation is the fifth episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on February 17, 2008 on [Adult Swim].


Rusty sells his soul to the devil in exchange for guitar skills. To preserve his ego, Early does the same.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Too Cool For You!!"


Guest Appearances[]



  • This episode has the longest title and variety of music/songs than any other episode of the series.
  • This is the third episode in the series to not feature an Early trucker opening since the "Pilot" and "Rebel with a Claus".
  • In the Cuyler band, who sings Early's Gospel at the beginning of the episode in church, Early plays the guitar, Rusty plays a bass guitar, Granny plays the drums that has the words "Jesus Makes Me Happy" on it and Lil plays a xenophobe with her name on it and the name "Gibson" appears on it too.
    • "U2" also appears on the same xenophobe.
    • "The name "Gibson" also appears on two brown radio sets.
    • The speakers in the church are listening to the song.
  • Donna, her ex-husband, Shawn Coleman, two Mexicans and Reverend attend the gospel.
  • When Early sings his gospel in church, at one point, he sings the words "your best submit to your husband." and "lest your organs be devoured", the screen pans to Donna, her ex-husband and Shawn Coleman sitting in the church seats, and Donna puts her hand on her mouth, and looks worried, this indicates that her ex-husband is still her husband at this point and not Glenn, which is retconned in later episodes of the show.
  • According to Rusty, Early used his trumpet for an oil filter, since his trumpet doesn't belong in the band.
  • The words "homeboy", "U2", his name, fake blood stain and a small confederate flag appear on Rusty's guitar, which he plays.
  • When Rusty is playing his aforementioned guitar on the porch of the Cuyler House, he has a microphone taped to a radio, which is taped to a large stick.
  • This is Squid Satan's first and only major role in the series.
  • Squid Satan is voiced by Brendon Small, the same actor that voiced Dr. Jerry and his replacement Dr. Cock.
  • Squid Satan is imitating Peter Frampton when playing Rusty's guitar.
  • The female scream heard in the episode was previously heard in "Wing Nut." The scream is heard over two times in this episode.
  • Rusty is revealed to have bones, despite being a Appalachian Mud Squid.
  • Rusty is seen pulling the skeleton of Roy Clark from the grounds of Hell when he is performing.
  • When Sheriff is throwing ice tea from the straw and cup's top onto Rusty's demon form he is holding a large "SIP" cup.
  • Rusty's face changes to a demon when Reverend looks at him in the window while playing "Power Ballad."
  • When Rusty is performing "Power Ballad", and Reverend walks to in, he starts to hold a lighter and a opened page of the bible.
  • When Sheriff's head is lighted on fire from some green liquid from the window, and runs away, he is calling a Medic, he screams "officer down" and tells to send the E.M.T., also a female voice is heard on that phone.
    • Also that phone resembles his steak house invitation from "Swayze Crazy."
    • Sheriff is never seen in the episode ever again after he runs away right before Reverend summons Squid Satan.
  • When Squid Satan pops out of the ground and covers the land of Dougal County in flames, screaming demon like creatures are seen in flying everywhere.
  • A reddish Hellish Jay from "The Tiniest Princess" makes a cameo in this episode popping out of the ground from Hell when Reverend summons Squid Satan.
  • Apparently, jobs and high taxes, which earn real money, are down in Hell, according to Squid Satan, "which is not everything you hear."
    • Though, he does say a "no" to Rusty, since he would be raped by fire all day, and are longer down there.
    • Plenty of drinks are mentioned, which are obviously fire, which is a root that makes you thirsty for more "flippin' fire."
  • The aforementioned Donna's Ex-husband who was married to Glenn's Wife in previous episodes has a singing role in this episode in the song "Hoofprints."
    • A Desert, footprints, hoofprints, and a pool of blood with two molars show up in the song, the latter is claimed to be his divorce. His divorce is most likely Donna.
    • He calls Squid Satan "Dark Master", and later on Early later calls him "Dark Lord and Master."
    • Fittingly, Squid Satan has hoofprints, which disappear, which is part of the song he is singing is based on.
  • When Early plays his guitar, he says to send out his axe, which is not one.
  • Reverend gives Squid Satan's song one halo out of five.
  • Reverend is shown to have grubs crawling on him in one of his scenes while he is resembling a demon with horns and goat feet, while nailed to a wall mentioning about the "nonstop lizard-meat social", which is served raw, as their Dark Master desires it, digesting the bones and standing on their heads in piles of unspeakable manure.
  • Despite the Cuyler House being destroyed by Squid Satan, it remains intact in the end of the episode.
  • When Early is a demon, he along with Rusty (also a demon) are playing their guitars (the latter has a bass guitar), he has the abilities to climb up the ceiling of the his house, produce spiders webs, climb down to the floor of his house via web and give birth to demon spiders.
  • At the end of the episode when Early and Rusty are demons, the said demon spiders that pop out of Early's head has the body of the creepy fire ant from the episode "The Tiniest Princess."
  • The song "Power Ballad" plays in the episode's credits.

References & Allusions[]

  • The episode's title is another way of saying the name of the Charlie Daniels Band song "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" and the episode's plot is very similar to the song.
  • The code of Hammurabi is mentioned in Early's gospel.
  • When Rusty is using a demon guitar from Squid Satan, he sings "jingle balls, shotgun shells" but Squid Satan interrupts, and claims not how he and Rusty learned it from, the song he sings is similar to the famous Christmas song "Jingle Bells."
  • Ravages of Alzheimer's are also mentioned by Reverend.