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Meth O.D. to My Madness is the sixth episode from the second season of Squidbillies. It first aired on October 22, 2006 on [Adult Swim].


Early buys land and tries to make money on it, including drafting Lil into cooking Meth. But the meth lab explodes after Meth Hogs passed out.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Remember 9-11 Irregular"



  • This episode reveals a lot of information.
    • That Indians moved into the North Gregoria Mountains.
    • The Settlers moved in, and gunned down most of the Indians, and Horses.
    • Everyone was driven to the suburbs by a black family, driving a vehicle with rap music.
    • The Gay Fur Trappers came, with a house, and other belongings
    • A massive Gorkinite wiped out them with a piece of a mountain.
    • Then the strip mine sand quarries raped the land with construction trucks constructing the landscape.
    • Leaving a crater later used for a nuclear testing site, which ultimately cleared the land for "Captain Kooky's" family style fun time pizza palace and nudist hog waste lagoon vacation resort (for lesbians only) but didn't last a year.
    • The crater is now the first investment property in the budding portfolio of real estate of Early.
    • One of the people that Early buys his land from is a man wearing a yellow biohazard suit, who takes off in the helicopter.
    • Lil Cuyler has on a confederate flag themed blindfolder, which is covering her eyes similar how Rusty's eyes covered by dirty underwear, and Ruby's are covered by a black bag as blindfolds.
    • A diarrhea creek is shown in the Cuyler land full of blue tents, a large tree, and the massive crater.
    • Early's sign says "Ham Hunt".
    • Early was the only one attending Dan Halen's bidding between a picture of Early's picturesome land.
    • A animal fossil is seen in the ground.
    • Lil heads to Boyd's store to buy druggery for the Meth Lab.
    • One of the meth used at the Meth Lab was crystal meth.
    • Early has two pictures of a woman who done a just a teeny little bitty taste of meth.
    • Early has a black wallet with a layered squid on it.
    • Someone named "Uncle Travis" went to Gatlinburg, and torn a hotel room.
    • Rain of Hog urine comes out of the sky.
    • Hog Lagoons have high ammonia content on account of giant holes filled with hog pee, which can explode.
    • Some gases build up under the plastic that lines the bottom of the Hog pee lagoon.
    • Snakeman is part of Early's hog hunting camp, and can camouflage himself behind a tree.
    • A Dale Junior Poster, and matching bandana are stolen by the Meth hogs.
    • Early has his own '96 Atlanta Olympic Barbeque Pump which can light stuff on fire.
    • Early has no insurance, has Sheriff explained that he is doing insurance fraud.
    • Dan eats Free Range Porkrinds which are from Granny's skin.
    • The hogs on drugs could lead to sudden weight loss. euphoria leadin' to paranoia. Stealitization of your thangs. And jibbery-style oinkery.
  • Early's hat is based off 9/11, It references The 9/11 terrorist attacks from September 11 2001.
  • Flo-jo from the Olympics is mentioned by Dan Halen.
    • The 1996 Olympics are mentioned later on.
  • The scooter that a Meth Pig rides on is from "Take This Job & Love It", and one steals a furnace in the credits.
  • This is one of the first episodes where the Cuyler House burns down, or gets destroyed of some sort.
  • Granny, and Dan Halen are presumably dead at the end of the episode from the explosion of the Meth lab.
  • This is one of the few episodes where a credits are different in some sort of way, as a spilt screen is shown when Early tells a advisory commercial spoof, while the credits are playing.
    • Early is also revealed in jail at the end, presumably arrested for drugs, and meth.
  • Its possible that the Sheriff's real name is "Randy" according to Early's line "I'm Early Cuyler and that concludes my court ordered community service, Don't it? Come on Randy, Let me the F*** out".
  • This is the first episode where it was produced after a another episode, in this case, it was produced after "The Tiniest Princess" but aired before it.