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Mexican & Squid Family are minor characters in Squidbillies.


The Mexican & Squid Family only appeared in a photo in "The Fine Ol' Solution". The family was created after Rusty was launched over the wall, and encountered by a group of Mexicans. A few months have past, and Rusty seems to have created a Mexican family of squids. Which is only seen in a photo. The family is shown of half human, and squid hybrids. Rusty seemed to marry a female Mexican. In the picture, his wife is holding a baby squid grandson named "Rusty Ninos" is visible. There's not that much else about the family, other than that two members of the family resemble both Parker, and Posey. Rusty also changed his name to "Russel Eposito", because he took his wife's name so no thinks he is related to his previous Cuyler family.