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Miguel is a minor character in Squidbillies. He debuts early in the series, in the second episode "Take This Job & Love It". He is voiced by Fred Armisen.


Miguel is a Mexican man wearing the inside a old yellow squid suit, according to the narrator, "the previous token squid left to pursue other opportunities" after Early becomes the C.E.O. of Dan Halen Sheet Rock International.

His eyes pop up of the squid suit. He says "hello, excuse me can you help me please? look, sorry, damn, you--something smells like...". He is then falls into a large tube of ingredients for "Zesty Ranch Baby Tacos" while the Mexican screams "aah!"

He was made into remains of "Zesty Ranch Baby Tacos". This is mentioned in the commercial for the baby tacos.



  • In the episode "Office Politics Trouble". He shares the same name with a another Mexican named "Miguel" as the name is a common for Mexicans to have.
  • He was originally going to appear in the audience seen in "Bubba Trubba". According to a deleted scene, from the volume one DVD of the show.