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Mole People are minor creatures In Squidbillies.


The Mole People are a bunch of humanoid mole businessmen working in an "Tan Man" body stencil in an underground sourcing unit, which is considered to be a controversial business practice and he is underscoring with them.

The mole people are shown working and holding various letters. Dan Halen mentioned that the moles had no future and he brought the moles electricity, he even taught them structure and no elevator to the surface. The mole people are revealed that they sleep a lot easier in the underground. The mole people come onto the screen looking at Dan and Melissa. They scream, sheik, and break the glass at the screen. Dan Halen closes the iron door on them because of a red button that he pressed, as one of their hands is seen bleeding, which implies that they, or at least one of them got killed by the door closing on them. Their fates are unknown after that.