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Mud Days and Cornfused is the Nineteenth episode from the third season of Squidbillies. It first aired on June 1, 2008 on [Adult Swim].


Dougal county celebrates Mud days, during which Dan Halen presents the community with a corn maze.

Early's Trucker Hats

  • "This Ain't A Hat, It's A Rag Top For A Sex Convertible"
  • "This Hat Contains Minimum 85% Post-Consumer Recycled Hats"


Guest Appearances[]


  • This is the first episode when Dan Halen isn't evil, sort of, also this is one of the few episodes where gets Killed.
  • The name "Korn Doggz" comes from the food.
  • This episode mentions two types of fuel.
  • At the beginning of the episode after Sheriff's and Deputy Denny's mud themed parade float is burned, a small red truck playing music crashes into the said burning parade float, look closely, the truck is seen holding a parade float depicting fake and plastic men dolls dressed in red Marching outfits are seen and holding fake trumpets, guitars, and drums fly out of the truck and on to the ground.
  • The Charlie Daniel's Band which cameos in this episode & plays the song "Devil Went Down To Georgia", this song was previously referenced in "Mephistopheles Traveled Below to a Southern State Whose Motto Is 'Wisdom, Justice and Moderation'".
    • Charlie Daniel's hand & hat is also seen.
  • The previous episode "Pile M For Murder" was produced as the 19th episode before this episode but was aired as the 18th episode, making this episode the 19th episode of the season.
    • Similarity both episodes use the Pedophiles as a recurring audience.
  • Mojo Nixon makes a cameo in this episode, he would later appear in Season 12's "Muscadine Wine" many years later.