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Muscadine Wine is the third episode from twelfth season of Squidbillies. It first aired on August 11th, 2019 on [adult swim]


Early and Tammi start a band in a star-studded episode that got us a free cruise.


Early and Tammi create a musical duet called "Muscadine Wine". Early regards this as an opportunity to make money. Apparently, after a few "concerts", the two make their way into a performance on a cruise ship. There are many country music stars on the ship, however, Early goes crazy and almost resorts to taking the people on the cruise hostage, boldly escaping into the insidious waters below.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"


Theme Song Performer[]



  • This is the fourth and latest 22-minute episode in the series since "America: Why I Love Her", "Thou Shale Not Drill", and "Dove In An Iron Cage".
    • Ironically, the Amazing Grace song from "Dove In An Iron Cage" reappears again, which is sang by Tammi.
      • The "Dove In An Iron Cage" song returns being sang by Steve Earle, at a concert.
  • A clip from this episode was previously shown in a Adult Swim commercial for a preview of the show's twelfth season. The promo focused on Early practicing his song with Granny. Rusty also does his beatboxes.
  • Tammi reveals that she sings in church with radios. Rusty also does his own beatboxes for Tammi.
  • At a Bible-themed amusement park, a dinosaur ride, a lamb ride called "Blessed Lambs" and a head of a demon from a another attraction can be seen.
    • Meanwhile, Tammi, dressed as a churro, was going to sell Churros at the amusement park, after being hired by Roger for singing "Amazing Grace" on the microphone.
    • Roger told her that she can sing into one of the churros, like a microphone, which Rusty does it, as long as no customers don't her doing this.
    • When singing about Tammi being the mother of Randy from Rusty, Early sings through the churro by singing "that's my mother-of-the-son-of-my-illegitimate-son-who-was-never-proven-in-a-court-in-law-with-a-DNA-test son you talkin' to."
    • Roger then told Tammi to pay for the churro after they touched them. Roger then grabs one of them and eats it.
  • This episode reveals that Early isn't supposed to be next to Tammi within 2,000 feet from her, in reference to the episode "The War on The War on Christmas", due to his actions.
  • After throwing both Granny and Rusty out of the window, Early says that he is surrounded by "tone-deaf nitwits!", in a possible reference to the episode "Debased Ball."
  • This is one of the only times in the show where Early and Tammi were having regular interactions with each other.
  • A mounted deer head appears in Tammi's trailer.
  • Tammi thought Early's song was a clumsy attempt to sleep with her, even know he needs a musical partner.
  • Early mentions he could give Tammi a exotic oriental foot rub while they're singing.
    • Tammi has a box of stolen panties from Early, which he stolen from her for years. He holds one of them from his private collection, which Tammi mentions to be Krystal's underwear, which Tammi doesn't need, even know Early told her that she can use it as a blanket or something like a horse with two heads.
    • The underwear said the words "Special K" on it.
  • Despite the church being used for Early and Tammi's performance, the church's current reverend Kyle Nubbins doesn't make any appearance.
    • This is also one of the first times that Deputy Denny is seen at the church.
  • Early sung his "Stanky Panky" or "Hanky Panky" song as a encore at church, until he is interrupted by Tammi.
  • Sheriff mentioned that he is slapped his knee black and blue, his hand is also black and blue, and he then claims that he is a hemophiliac. He then passes out, and some blood splatters.
  • Glenn's wife is shown to jealous at Tammi sign Glenn's autograph.
  • Deputy Denny mentioned that he dated Tammi once, which was in "Ink Is Thicker Than Blood, Which Is Thicker Than Water."
  • According to Ray Wylie Hubbard, women don't learn to play guitar because they're too busy making babies as the only reason men learn how to play guitar, due to problems with the lady.
  • Ray Wylie Hubbard is revealed to have his own Snake Farm and he gives free guitar lessons but they also require to buy a snake. For example, Ray has two different species of snake, which are a copperhead and a cottonmouth as the examples. The snake that Rusty buys is colored in orange and gray, wearing a pink box, which is killed by Tammi with a shovel, on her doorstep.
  • Rusty learns how to play the guitar by using a apple themed guitar, and a electronic male voice is heard saying "Now you're rockin'." He also knows how to shred.
  • The apple themed guitar is revealed to be Randy's toy and Tammi's home has a bathroom, which Early used and he came out of, which he claimed to be a "extinction level of event."
  • Rusty mentioned that Tammi is gonna get a little tired of his little side-show "real" soon, when she does she's gonna come back to Rusty, claiming to be the "real band", which Rusty claims "her half boyfriend, and ex-brother", which Tammi claims to be "ex-boyfriend and half-brother" in reference to Tammi's debut episode "Keeping It in the Family Way."
  • When Rusty breaks Randy's toy by hitting Early's head, Deputy Denny heads in.
  • After Rusty leaves Tammi's home crying, due to him being jealous, while leaving behind and dropped his wig and taking the dead snake, Early finds the wig, which is revealed to be made of real cadaver hair. Early also called it a "ridiculous-looking clown wig."
  • Deputy Denny is seen drawing pictures with crayons from his nose, and picking into Randy's nose, while drawing. Similar to the episode "Ink Is Thicker Than Blood, Which Is Thicker Than Water." One of his crayons is a burnt-sienna colored one from a crayon box, which Early previously found. Denny pulls out a notepad and decides to write down the last known-location of the brunt-sienna crayon with a cyan crayon. Deputy Denny finally found his brunt-sienna crayon under Tammi's couch.
  • The banner says the words "The outlaw country cruise 4 departs today" on it.
  • When the cruise ship leaves, Glenn is seen in the audience saying "Have a good 'un" and waving with a white rag.
  • The chicken wings on the cruise resemble the Mutant Chickens from the episode "Wing Nut."
  • Tammi read the schedule for the cruise at least three times, not seeing Muscadine Wine anywhere on it. It's later revealed that their not official booked to play the song on the cruise, according to a security guard, who also unplugs the song, they were also blocking the shrimp. Meaning that Early lied to Tammi.
  • Early turned the cruise's shrimp buffet into the Muscadine Wine merch table.
  • Early grabbed a Muscadine Wine bandana, which he calls a "bandaner", from a man that was gonna used it as a napkin.
  • The reason why all of the Muscadine Wine merchandise, such as t-shirts, bandana's, CD's and hats, only have Early on all of them is because that screen painting's are expensive, and according to him "they do charge more for extra faces."
  • Rusty and Granny hide in the brushes of the cruise to go undercover, although Granny comes out of the brush to say "hi" to Early, while Rusty is dressed as a millionaire businessman from Ohio and Granny is his precious toddler who thinks that the world revolves around him. Early also told Rusty's disguise and toddler Granny "Hey! Shut that wrinkly-ass baby up!."
  • Granny's Marty Mouse toddler overalls and lollipop resembles her outfit in the episode "Tween Steam" and the lollipop that Rusty was holding.
  • When Tammi stomps Early's face, he calls her a "flat-footed bimbo."
  • When Early tries to rip the Muscadine Wine shirt but is unable to, he calls it "quality garments."
  • When Rusty tells Tammi that Randy is staying with her mother, after discovering him on the cruise behind a bush in a disguise and asks about Randy's whereabouts, he reminds that he and Tammi have the same mother, who is on the same cruise in a bikini, eating shrimp and chicken wings at a buffet. Krystal also thinks that kids are boring.
  • Krystal wears her confederate flag bikini that she had on in "Forever Autumn".
  • Early has over six smoothies, when walking on the cruise in the sunset, who then climbs up a large rock climbing wall, drinking the last two of them and throwing them, which all break, while mentioning that he wants to somebody up to the rock climbing wall for a refill, telling them it should be more rum and less fruit.
  • This is the second time Randy is left with a babysitter, with the first time being in "Ink Is Thicker Than Blood, Which Is Thicker Than Water."
  • Roger Alan Wade, Ray Wylie Hubbard, who also did the theme song cover for this episode, Shooter Jennings, Nikki Lane, Lucinda Williams and Mojo Nixon all appear as animated versions of themselves. Mojo Nixon previously appeared in "Mud Days and Cornfused."
  • Early mentioned he has been arrested for armed robbery for 37 times at Boyd's convenience store, and then mentioned that he never learns, since he is a outlaw.
  • Steve Earle describes the word "Outlaw", as it ain't about doing things against the law, when it is about artistic freedom, while "working outside the machine" by doing your own thing. Nikki Lane states the same word being "not playin' by the rules, and listening to your gut", and Lucinda Williams then claims "outlaw" is "swimming upstream, breaking away from the pack." Shooter Jeggings then claims the word is also "marrying and divorcing seven different women", "smoking crack", "weapon possession", and "failure to appear in court." He also claims that "coozie swaps" can be outlaws, since he is supposed to hosting the thing on deck 16. Lucinda stated that Early may look like an outlaw but he is doesn't look like it. Currently, he threw the wig into the ocean, and ripped up his clothes. He also claims to be a "foot-lickin' freak who sings for attention", which isn't outlaw since Early licks one of Nikki's boot.
  • Their are duplicates of a couple of the citizens on the cruise, even when Early takes the people hostage to rob. A few of these citizens resemble Shawn Coleman.
  • Even when Early is stealing shrimp and crushed ice, in a bag, Early can't tell the different between Rusty in his disguise, who calls his stealing a "felony."
  • Rusty's notepad, pen and a note all resemble the ones in the previous episode "Galvin."
  • When Early sprays ink on the cruise, his purple instead of black.
  • Early is seen drowning the ocean water, after jumping off the cruise, during the end of the episode since he is a Appalachian Mud Squid, which are seen on land, in fact, his drowning seen at the end of the episode marks one of the many episodes where Early isn't capable of swimming in water instead saved for his drowning.
  • Krystal mentioned that their is a build-your-own po' boy situation on deck 6, which Rusty, Tammi, Krystal and Granny all head to, instead of throwing a life preserver to Early.
  • A dolphin, wearing the wig, made out of cadaver hair, that Early threw into the ocean, can be seen jumping out of the water at the end of the episode.
  • This episode doesn't have a normal credit sequence.

References & Allusions[]

  • Elzebub's name is mentioned, when Roger tells Early that and the latter says that he will enjoy it, because unlike Roger, he knows that Early is a major talent.
  • When Rusty beatboxes, as he was freestyling, when Early is practicing his song on guitar, he sings the words "Star Wars got a Yoda" and then "There is no try only do" after rhyming "Soda, Dakota" to match Early's "scotch and soda" lyrics.
  • When Randy is about to fall to sleep, Tammi sings the lyrics to the Mockingbird lullaby to him. Early also sings some of the song's lyrics.
    • Tammi: "Hush, little baby, don't say a word", "Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird", "And if that mockingbird won't sing, Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring."
    • Early: "And if that diamond ring turns brass, Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass."
    • Tammi: "And through that looking glass, I see", "You ain't 'sposed to be within 2,000 feet."
    • Early: "I'll fuzz violating court order", "So, Mama, please shut off your video camcorder." Tammi then records Early singing, while using the guitar, on her cellphone.
    • Early & Tammi: "Mama done grabbed her a can of mace", "Gonna pepper spray Papa in his foul squid face." Tammi then sprays Early with pepper spray after singing in the duet.
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan, who is an deceased American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer, is mentioned by Rusty, as he mentions that he can play the guitar behind his head like him.
  • Doofy and Marty Mouse are referenced by Granny again, who wears a Marty Mouse overalls, and mentioned she wanted to be on a Disney Cruise, dressed as a toddler, this once again references Disney, and parodies of the the characters Goofy and their mascot Mickey Mouse. Disney, Doofy and Marty Mouse were all first referenced in the episode "School Days, Fool Days."