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Mutant Chickens, or Chicken wings (unnamed in the show) are a product of a science experiment by Dan Halen who mixed the DNA of a chicken and a Appalachian Mud squid. The chickens were sold live in the Aint nothin but a wing restaurant, before they were likely killed in the explosion of the restaurant.


The original line of DNA from which the mutants came from were from a group malnourished and over-watered Chickens living on Early's farm. Deeming the chicken unsuitable for his sauces, they were mutated into horrific chickens with Early's DNA. Most of the chickens were eaten or died in an explosion. However two were rescued by Rusty, he was attempting to breed mild chicken with spicy chicken to make a medium bird for Dan Halen. But these two eventually met their ends after Rusty tells them to be free they're eaten by wolves, but died of combustion. Reverend also died of the same problem.


The chickens were horribly disfigured and unable to travel successfully. They had many wings, with celery sticking from areas which their penis was supposed to be. Some could even spew ranch dressing from their anus. The chickens came in three breeds, all named after flavors, mild, spicy ,and black-tangy. Their biology and chemistry made the Sheriff grow numerous tumors, then later caused Rusty to hallucinate, and the last incarnation of chickens caused the Reverend to spontaneously combust.