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Nikki Lane is a minor character in Squidbillies.


Nikki Lane is an animated version of the real Nikki Lane, who an real-life American country music singer-songwriter and artist, that appeared in the episode "Muscadine Wine."

She appears on a large rock-climbing wall, on a large cruise ship, along with Early and Steve Earle, claiming that the word "outlaw" is "Not playin' by the rules and listening to your gut", while other people such as Lucinda Williams climb up the wall. Nikki Lane then questions Early's wig, which is made out of real cadaver hair. After Early realizes that everyone is right and he has been working against his own gut this whole time, he throws his wig into the ocean while everyone else agrees, while Nikki and Lucinda claimed that was "outlaw". After he claims that he is an outlaw, he claims that he is true to who he is, which he mentions that he is a "foot-lickin' freak who sangs for attention", who then proceeds to lick Nikki Lane's foot as much of Lucinda William's display, who claimed that wasn't "outlaw", and only "weird."