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Not Without My Cash Cow! is the tenth and final episode of Season 4 of Squidbillies. It originally aired on July 19, 2009 on [Adult Swim]. This episode is part of a two partner episode airing on the same night. Along with the episode "Reunited, And It Feels No Good". This episode is a continuation of that said episode.


When the media sensationalizes his son’s disappearance, Early finds the coverage to be sensational.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Cash Is King!!!"
  • "I Love You"
  • "Findbabbyrusty.luv", "We Accept: I Love You Son."
  • "Baby Rusty", "I didn't kill him and bury the body somewhere.", "He's Alive"
  • "I Love Daddy" (television)


Guest Appearances[]

  • Dan Triandiflou as Rusty's dad



  • Sheriff is shown to be the narrator previewing the previous episode's events, despite never appearing the said episode.
  • This is the fifth episode in the series where there is no intro, the other episodes that didn't feature the intro were "This Show Is Called Squidbillies", "Rebel with a Claus", "Mephistopheles Traveled Below to a Southern State Whose Motto Is 'Wisdom, Justice and Moderation'", and "Gimmicky Magazine Show Spoof Parody About Dan Halen".
  • The names mention on the paper by Sheriff are:
    • "Russell Jesse James"
    • "Kenny the gambler Rogers"
    • "Number three"
    • "The intimidator Dale"
    • "Earn Hardt"
    • "Kenny the gambler Rogers"
    • "America's number one Cuyler?".
  • Unlike Posey, Parker is revealed to speak in this episode, he mentions that he wants to get a tattoo saying "F*ck you mom, and dad".
  • An "Amber Alert" is shown to know about Rusty's whereabouts.
  • Lil Cuyler is seen dressing up as Rusty, wearing a red hair wig, and red freckles drawn on her.
  • Several people seen in the episode are clones of other characters seen in the episode's audience. Here are the examples:
    • Glenn's Wife, with identical recolors of her.
    • Recolors of Donna's Ex-husband.
    • A recolored Boyd.
    • The pedophiles (like usual).
    • People resembling Shawn Coleman.
    • A recolored Melissa is seen (despite Melissa not actually appearing the episode).
  • Early, Granny, Sheriff, and a picture of Rusty are shown as a humanoid versions of the characters are shown on a television program.
    • This obviously references the missing whereabouts of Rusty.
  • For the program called "8 Baby Arms: The Baby Rusty Story", live action images are used as backgrounds.
    • When Early sings the song "Early Gospel", a live action background is used.
  • A website to find Rusty's whereabouts is called "Findbabyrusty.luv" is shown on credit cards, and a hat.
  • "Python Strippers" are possibly a stripping product promoted for Rusty's missing whereabouts.
  • This episode reveals Durwood lost his job two months ago, has hetero porn, is seen without his clothes, and makeup, and is currently adopting a baby (presumably Rusty).
  • The all male strip club Durwood is seen at with a male stripper resembles The Jiggle Hut, somewhat in design.
  • This is the first time Rusty has had sex of some sort in the series. Despite this, Fiona claimed that he raped her.
  • Two news reporters resemble Shawn Coleman, and African.
  • If you look closely near the end of the episode, a news van is seen driving by itself with no driver in the front seat.


  • Cheyenne Cinnamon from the Adult Swim pilot "Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge" can be seen again. This marks the third time footage, or references of the pilot are seen in the show. The others being its first part, and the episode "Atone Deaf". Which all of these episodes from the fourth season.
  • "Marty Mouse" from "School Days, Fool Days", is referenced again, with Rusty wearing a costume of him, and licking a lollipop, before Early pushes him down a wishing well.
  • "Nanny Grace", who is a real-world American legal commentator is mentioned by Early Cuyler in this episode.