Not Without My Cash Cow! is the tenth & Final episode of Season 4 of Squidbillies, It originally aired on July 19, 2009 on [Adult Swim], this episode also is the second episode in the series to air on the same night, as a another episode airs, this is the second part of the two Partner episode, this is a continuation of the first part "Reunited, And It Feels No Good".

Plot Edit

When the media sensationalizes his son’s disappearance, Early finds the coverage to be sensational.

Early's Trucker Hats Edit

  • "Cash Is King!!!"
  • "I Love You"
  • "We Accept: I Love You Son."
  • "Baby Rusty", "I didn't kill him and bury the body somewheres.", "He's Alive"

Characters/Cast Edit

Guest Appearances Edit

  • Dan Triandiflou as Rusty's dad

Trivia Edit

  • Sheriff mentions on the paper "Russell Jesse James, Kenny The Gambler Rogers, Number Three, The intimidator Dale, EarnHardt, Kenny The Gambler Rogers, America's Number One Cuyler?".
  • Lil Cuyler is seen dressing up as Rusty, with Red Hair & Red Freckles drawn on her.
  • Cheyenne Cinnamon From the Adult Swim Pilot Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge" can be seen again on the Car Seats, this is the third time the Pilot is seen in Squidbillies, other were the first part & the episode "Atone Deaf".
  • There are Humanoid Version's Of Early, Rusty (Seen On A Picture) & Granny on the television are seen.
  • There are two Glenn's Wife's & different clones of other Background characters are seen in the audience.

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