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Ol' Hootie is the seventh episode of the thirteenth season of Squidbillies. It first aired on December 5th, 2021 on [adult swim].


Terror strikes from the skies! Who's next? Hoo!


Dougal County is terrorized by a gigantic owl.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"
  • "Hooty Hunter"


Theme Song Performer[]


Part 1[]

  • This episode is the fifth and final half-hour episode of the series, with the other episodes being "America: Why I Love Her", "Thou Shale Not Drill", "Dove In An Iron Cage", and "Muscadine Wine."
  • At the beginning of the episode, Early Cuyler has a homemade surf 'n' slosh, which he thinks is just as good as ore-bought, at a fraction of the price, and mentions that he life-hacked "this bitch."
    • Rusty mentioned that all he did was take the tarp off the roof, and asks him if that is the shower curtain, Early told to listen to him "bellyache" about a shower curtain, and they ain't even got a shower.
    • Early tells Granny to hold his beer, which was the paint thinner from "Condition: Demolition!". Early stated that "Hold my beer", which is a fun thing to say before you do something exciting and badass, but also very safe, and definitely "won't" end in tragedy, while he then rushes to the said surf 'n' slosh by yelling the words of "Hell yeah, baby!".
    • When siding down the surf 'n' slosh, he a couple of words. He also should've picked them out, but he is too lazy. He then rolls into the surf 'n' slosh, and stating it "Oh, it burns!", before crashing into some dirt from some ant hills, which come out of these said ant hills.
  • After coming out of the dirt and ant hills, Early had live ants and bites on his head, as he stated "it worked!", and told Granny to go on and do it, Granny then stated an "oh, well", because she was gonna decline, but before being interrupted by Early, to tell them to hold your beer and do it, which Granny does, but she doesn't have a beer, but hold her teeth instead, as she doesn't want to lose them, as she runs and screams "Ah, suck on this, you pussy-y-y-y-y", and jumps out of her clutches, while screaming "Oh, my god!," before being captured by a gigantic owl.
    • When Granny was captured by the gigantic owl, which shocks Rusty, Early mentions the Giant Owl's name, and the said owl got Granny, who is carried in the toenails of one of the owls' feet, and Rusty told Early to shoot it down, but told the former to shoot it down instead, as he had to hide, in the house, while Rusty uses the 12 gauge shotgun to fire onto the owl, but with no success at all.
  • Granny's memorial is then used, with her teeth and picture seen, Tammi stated that she and Granny had their differences and she may have fantasied about her getting snatched up by a giant owl, but I never really wanted that to happen. She gives Early a green bean casserole, that the latter says "Eugh!", and asks her if she doesn't work at the hot wing place, as it was the only reason why he invited her ass, Tammi then told him to give it back to her, as she mentions that the owl took the wrong squid while walking away.
    • In "Scorn on the 4th of July", it was revealed that she worked at the Halloween Store, which was originally Boyd's Convenience Store, not a hot wing place.
    • Early then told her to don't be like that, and tells her to just set it over on the "Maybe" table, as in, maybe "I'll get a dog someday", which is very ironic since he had a bunch of Dogs in his house in the previous aforementioned "Who-Gives-a-Flip?" episode, and Biscuit from the episode of "Thanks-Taking", which he and Granny ate for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Sharif and Deputy Denny are seen at the said "Maybe" table, as the latter mentions "an owl attack", in the middle of the daytime, with a "huh?!", Sharif stated that he knows, and stating "It's terrifying".
    • He also mentions day owls, as he never heard of anything like that, Denny then mentioned "'Cause it didn't happen", and he bets that Early chopped her into little pieces and scattered her all over the back 40. Sharif then yells by saying his name, and "Now's not the time", as Rusty saw it happen, as all their stories match up.
  • Early mentions to Nubbins, who attended the said memorial, "Then I said, "Take me, you winged devil!", but for the most part, and Early mentions that he jumped up and put the beast in a airborne figure-4 headlock, but she shook him off, because "they got them twisty necks", like a Lazy Susan, as Early chokes Rusty, via neck, even though, he is technically lying, Nubbins mentioned "Well, yeah, you know, I know you did what you could", while he had to get going, while Early mentions that the bird carried her off, and he'll never forget her words "Make sure you have a fix-your-own-fajita bar at my serviiiice!".
    • Nubbins looked at his watch, as he states with a "right" and he'll see them in church, but Early tells Nubbins that Granny always made them go to that, if he knows, so don't freak out if their attendance drops off a bit, with a "Of course", as said by Nubbins, but Early tells him "maybe" next week, bring some more of "that" seven-layer dip, as that stuff was a hit with him, but "well", Nubbins told him that "this isn't" a weekly thing, as It's kind a one-shot deal instead.
    • Early then cries as he states that Nubbins thinks that grief just goes away, as he sniffles, like his Granny there, when she was snatched up by the giant owl, he guesses that he needs some sort of grief owl to swoop down and steal my sadness away, while he sobs, and tells Nubbins to get out of "here", as he needs to be alone and continue to start sobbing,
  • Glenn wasn't seen at Granny's memorial, but is seen at the outside of the house, he also has a red car.
  • Dan Halen is revealed to have an apple Orchard, in this episode, which is called "Halen's Orchard."
  • Sharif explained to Dan Halen that they are going to need any trackers, sharpshooters, and wildlife experts for the giant owl, and mentions that he knows that he doesn't like the fed coming down here, but that might be the only way that can stop the owl, however, Dan told him to hold on and stop, and asks if the owl has attacked any humans that they might know of, but isn't as only Granny and Rusty have been captured, exclusively the squids, Dan claimed that the owl might crave a chewy treat with a gushy middle, and the Cuyler clan seems to fit that bill. Dan then tells them that he "frankly", doesn't see the downside, but Denny tells him when the squids are gone, as he knows, the owl might come after the humans.
    • Dan then explains an "no", as an apple-picking season will proceed as planned, and asks if he can stop reporting owl attacks for a please. If they don't count them, there won't be any.
  • Dylan's Mother makes a cameo on a billboard, which was painted.
  • When inside their police car, Sharif tells Denny "Here we are", and "You stay frost out there", keep his head on a swivel, but that swivel only goes side-to-side, as he means the owl, who was right a above them, Sharif knew what he meant. Sharif eventually states "It's weapons are hot out there, and if he waits until the owl swoops, it'll be too damn late", but Denny tells him to just fire it up in the air everywhere, which Sharif stated it was "right", to remember his training where officers always shoot first and empty his clip. They can also always plant a handgun in the owl's beak later.
    • Sharif then tells to "Hold my beer", as they hug each other, on a count of three they fire their handguns in the air to look for any sights of the large owl, while screaming, before running out of ammo, and got to reload the bullets, bellowing from Denny's, before running into the office.
  • Sharif mentioned that Denny left to early, when the latter said on the count of three. The former stated there's a "go" aspect on it.
  • When Sharif and Denny meet Dr. Anastasia for the first time, who is drinking a cup of coffee, they ask if they can help her, but she can help them because of a little owl problem. Sharif stated that the owl is more like a flying minivan that eats people and never sleeps, which is not people, but squid. People are safe, from what he can understand.
    • When Denny thanks the said doctor Anastasia, he states that the men can take it from "here", and if it was okay or not, Anastasia stated the "The men?", and mentioned that Denny was cute, and he looks like a popcorn shrimp to Ol' Hootie, but Denny will not have you talk to him that way in the said office, but, well then, she'll talk to him that way on the hunting ground, while telling them to take her there, and try not to look so scrumptious.
    • She calls Denny "Popcorn", and replies with the word "pop" and moving her hands and fingers at him, while the latter hides behind Sharif, while heading to the keys, for the tank, while Sharif mentions that she is just only being sassy, shaking up "this" boy's club.
    • Denny moves the desk to get the tank's keys, Sharif asks what he is doing and calls him "mister", it's because that he is taking the said tank.
  • In the next scene, Sharif and Anastasia are in the cop car, as Denny fires missiles into the sky from the Dougal County Police Department tank before running and screaming to the Cuyler's house, with their hands on their heads.
  • When Sharif pounds onto the door for Early, the latter states to "go away", as "they'll" lead the "damn" bird right to him, but Sharif had some good news, as he is here with Dr. Anastasia.
  • Anastasia Evertree is revealed to be an ornithologist, which means she is a bird expert from the UGA. She has been tracking the giant owl, which she has been calling her "Ol' Hootie", for many years. She was also near some large owl feces, and puts a piece of it in a bag.
    • When Sharif stated this to Early, he comes out of the door and screams out the Georgia Bulldogs, between the hedges, and mentions Herschel Walker football, "go dogs, sic 'em?".
  • Alone in his house, Early is seen slurping a plate of leftover food on it, while he has eaten all of the food from the "maybe" table, with dirty food plates everywhere, and the windows covered up with sheets. Sharif stated that Early looked like he was in hell, but he was so hungry, and has been eating all of the leftovers from the said "maybe" table.
  • Sharif sees a bowl of ambrosia salad, which he does a "Mmm" for it, and asks Early if he minds if he would eat the said salad, but Early said "no" because he is still grieving "here."
  • Anastasia stated that Ol' Hootie "ain't" being as picky about what she eats, as usually she just swallows things whole and craps out the bones.
  • When Early sees the owl feces that Ol' Hootie dropped, which Anastasia found and collected in a bag, that she dumped out, he stated with a "how dare you" sully the memory of his son Rusty and his mother/granny Ruby dumping "them" poop balls in his living room because Early thought the feces was them, he didn't want to remember them this way.
    • Anastasia took him to look closer as she is not seeing any squid remains, and that the bones from the feces were just human or animal bones.
      • Anastasia mentioned that it means that his family could still be alive, but Sharif stated the only way that they'll know for sure is to track the owl, and to draw the owl in, they're gonna need some bait, as they don't want humans, making they're safe, they want squids instead, as according to Denny, and that's what they've seen, so far.
      • Sharif mentioned "That's right", they need a squid, and asks Early if he can help "us". Early agreed with a "Alright, if it's a squid, you need, I guess I know what I have to do."
  • This episode is Lil Cuyler's first appearance in the thirteen season, and her first appearance since "Forever Autumn."
    • This episode reveals that Lil is living in a different house, with her new boyfriend Emmet, whom she moved in with, as she needed to get away from the Cuyler family, and her own addiction triggers, which could explain why she has been absence recently in later episodes of the show.
    • Her breasts are covered by a purple shirt.
      • When Lil opened the door for Early, the latter said "Hey" and called her "girl", as he stated "it's been so long", to see her, and Early tried to give her a hug, but she rejected it and told him that why she moved away from the family, and Early eventually mentions that Emmet is taking good care of her, and that "Sobriety" suits her well.
      • Meanwhile, Sharif is holding an umbrella, that is taped with mirrors, to prepare for Ol' Hootie, then Early whispers to him saying that Lil is not "f*cked up", censored with a bleep noise, and "this is gon' be tricky." He then asks her "You know what?", because he sure have missed her, and let "them" reminisce with her outside, exposed to the sky, and chained into handcuffs, which Early calls "this chain", and that he got some of "that giggle juice", which is the paint thinner from"Condition: Demolition!", which he grabs her tentacles, while Lil tells him to stop. When asking about the whereabouts of Rusty and Granny, Sharif confirmed that they were snatched up by an owl, but Early called him "dumbass!" because he told him not to mention the killer owl. Emmet's voice is then heard, stating to Lilith that if everything is alright, Lil mentions it was just a salesman and calls him "honey", but she "ain't" buying.
      • When the large shadow of Ol' Hootie flies by the house, Sharif tells Early if he can ask Lil to come inside the house, and Early then heads and tells her that to let them get into the "goddamn house", Anastasia tells Early to "Get the bait and let's go!", she tells him "Aha! So I'm bait!", but told her to just let them inside, but Lil stops this, while Early tells her to open the garage at least, and were exposed out here. As the owl flies by, Sharif continues to shoot at the said owl, while Lil closes the door, and mentions "Well, maybe if you suck in real hard, you can squeeze inside the mailbox", as she speaks through the small door in the house's door, while Early calls her a "bitch" and yells at her that he is gonna come back "here", and mentions that he is gonna burn her "goddamn" house down, while pounding on the door, mentioning Emmett's name, and "That bitch is an addict!", as he mentions "she'll" take her for all "you've" got while the owl swoops the umbrella away and Early and Sharif run away, while the latter shoots the bird.
      • The paint thinner can is left on at the doorstep, and Lil opens the door to see Early and Sharif gone, and grabs it as she closes the door.
  • As the owl flies by Lil's house for the fourth time, Denny stated "This is pathetic", he tells Early that he needs to man up "son", but Early replies to a "Hoot hoot, little bitch!", as Denny screams and closes the door, Sharif mentions to Early that Denny was right, and then Early states that they've talked to every squid in his Rolodex, and he guesses the only thing left to do is let him build a dome over the county, or they could live beneath the soil, as a race of mole people.
  • The next scene shows Sharif putting a spiked collar onto Early's neck, as he asks him "Why are we doing this?!", while Sharif says "Don't fidget", Early even mentions that the dome would've brought good jobs to this region, and "So would the mole tunnels", while he then echoes "Mole tunnels" while on the outside sky while the said giant owl screeches, thus ending the first part of the episode.

Part 2[]

  • At the beginning of the second part, Early is still fabric rubbing with the spiked collar while Denny, with a pair of binoculars, Anastasia, and Sharif are on the lookout for the giant owl.
    • Early stated "It is too damn hot for corduroys!" as Anastasia told to continue to strut and keep rubbing his thighs together as the noise would attract the said owl
  • Early is revealed to have a mice necklace, that Sharif told him to put back on, and was laughing because the mice were tickling him, but the mice kept crawling off of him.
    • Sharif stated "He ain't gonna last much longer", while Anastasia stated that they just need to get her close enough to hit her with a tracking dart, but Sharif pointed his finger to a Dougal County Police Department Helicopter, which he calls a "chopper", to follow her after that.
    • Denny asks Sharif if he is certifie to fly that chopper with Sharif saying that he watched a video of that.
  • When Early is heading the outhouse to use the bathroom, he previously stated that he needed to take a bio break and asked Sharif if he can take five, since his neck was killing him, while Sharif told him to make it quick. As toilet paper, he uses leaves from a tree instead, that he picks out, and needed Denny's cellphone to play a candy gem game, an ad-free version, which Sharif told Denny to get.
    • Early stated that he can't go to the bathroom if he isn't playing the game on the phone.
    • When Denny gives Early his cellphone, he tells the latter to not grab it with the hand he wipe with, but he didn't have a set wiping hand, per se, and stated it was "more of a rotation", before Early drops the cellphone into the toilet, and gets angry and tries to open the said door.
  • The candy gem cellphone game that Early asked to get was called "Bejimbo", or "Bejimbo Light", but Early mispronounced it as "Bejazzled", and "Bejimboed."
  • Aside from Granny and Rusty, the owl kidnapped Early, in the outhouse, that was tied to two trees from the grounds, before being struck to a large bridge, in the middle of a river, before breaking and the spiked collar broke of his neck, as he was choking on it, and Denny was kidnapped on the said outhouse. By the time that the Owl kidnapped Early and carried away the outhouse, Rusty and Granny were at the owl's nest.
  • After Early and Denny are kidnapped by Ol' Hootie, Sharif and Anastasia head and get into the helicopter to fly it but the chopper then lands to the ground, instead of getting out of the helicopter, and gets destroyed, with an explosion, then Sharif states "To the car!" as he can drive "that way better!", as they chase the owl in the police car.
    • Sharif told Denny to "Look out", prior to him being kidnapped by Ol' Hootie.
  • Glenn can be seen in the town of Dougal County with Sheila, the Father & Baby, and Billy Morton, prior to the giant owl arriving.
  • Among all of the property that the giant owl damaged in Dougal County, they're a mail truck, cars, and lake boats, belonging to people, in a lake of water.
    • When driving through all of the damaged vehicles, Sharif drives his police car, with Anastasia in it, and says "Police coming through!"
  • At Dan Halen's Orchard, a hayride is going on with people picking apples off the trees, Dan stated that there was nothing to fear because the giant owl was just a "liberal" as he claims before Dan Halen's hayride is interrupted by the giant owl, which Dan replies with a "Holy sh*t", and Sharif driving his police car, who apologizes with a simple "Sorry", scaring the horses on the hayride.
  • Dan Halen replies "No, not the corn maze!" as Sharif drives through and destroys the path and cornstalks in Dan's said corn maze, and says "Now, any rural idiot can solve it."
  • When Sharif says that the owl is heading to the lake, he calls Ol' Hootie that "Fire-eyed, swivel-headed son of a biscuit eater."
  • Deputy Denny was hit by a tracking dart, on accident by Anastasia, when trying to aim it at Ol' Hootie, as the owl was so fast and too far and was briefly stuck on the bridge and told Anastasia to take the shot, before losing her. Denny ended up felling into the water, but he can't swim in the waters at all, and Sharif had to save him.
  • Early is revealed to have over 13 DUI's trackers, that he is wearing, as how many DUI's that he has had and got, as Sharif usually tracks Early so he can bust him for another DUI.
    • Sharif also clears his throat and mentions ankles, while Anastasia asks him that "Maybe you could've told me that before we risked ourlives getting a tracking dart on her!".
      • Sharif finds out that "Looks like they've stopped", and says a "My God" as the owl's nest is located on the highest point in Dougal County, which is Mount General Lee.
  • Prior to saving Denny, Sharif said "Alright, let's get up there" but Anastasia asks him if they should get his deputy first as he continued to drown in the water, Sharif stated "Aw, he'll fine", and tells her "That's how my daddy taught me how to swim", then Anastasia asks him "So, your dad shot you with a tracking dart and dropped you 100 feet into a reservoir?", but Sharif stated "Well" as it was a different time, if she knows, Denny then tells Sharif to stop talking and calls for her, while Sharif then sighs and agrees with an "Alright" and then takes off his clothes to save his deputy.
  • When at Ol's Hootie nest, Granny sees the outhouse and asked if it was their "Sh*thouse", while Early creaks the door.
    • Rusty and Granny also flip the said outhouse when Early locked the door and didn't let them in, as shown in this transcript down below;
      • Rusty: "Daddy?", "You came to save us!"
      • Rusty: "Thank goodness!"
      • Granny: "We're saved!"
      • Rusty: "Daddy, let us in."
      • Early: "Occupied!"
      • Granny: "Oh, you want to play games, huh?"
      • Granny: "Flip it?"
      • Early: (grunting) "No!"
      • Early: "No, okay!"
      • Early: "Fine, stop, okay?"
      • Early: "I'll let you in!"
  • According to Anastasia, the owl most likely grew from 5G radiation, before climbing up the ladder to the nest.
  • When climbing up the ladders, Sharif mistaken the owl to be a male when he calls him "Mr. Owl", Anastasia corrected him as it was "Miss Owl", because the owl is a mother and lays eggs.
  • When the owl creak opens the outhouse door, she looks at the Cuyler's in there, Rusty then closes the door, and tells Early and Granny to "Come on" and stop pushing and asks what he is doing as Early moves to the back as he is more comfortable in the said back, while the other two away from the door, while Granny states "When you come in last, you should be closest to the door", but Rusty didn't want to be closer to the door and get eaten by no owl since he got's a long life ahead of him.
    • After Granny mentions the reason why she doesn't want to give up her own seat, Early then asks "Don't you wanna be closest to the exit, if the owl attacks?", as he enters the toilet hole, even though that Rusty and Granny respectively told him to get out of the toilet, since they want in the said toilet, which Early sees, as he echoes, he then replies with the words of "Women and children first, until we're lining up to get eaten by that big-ass, giant-ass owl, then, you got no problem, with the patriarchy, huh?", as he plays "Bejimbo" on his phone, with blue, red, white, and green lights seen down there.
  • When hearing about the Cuyler's being trapped in the outhouse, Sharif states that they're alive and knocks on the door, mentioning Early's name, and the latter says that he is on the phone, Granny then asks "Sheriff, is that you?", and tells them "Y'all just stay calm."
  • Sharif then puts on a police uniform as law enforcement is on the scene, as he is gonna to create a tear gas perimeter, that says the word "Riot Patrol", to taser the owl eggs, and torch the whole nest with a flamethrower, which Anastasia stops him for, as she needed to take the owl alive instead, but Sharif said that they got all of the stuff and asked why he couldn't just use it, because Denny stated that they don't negotiate with owls.
  • Even though, Anastasia mentioned that she was supposed to be a bird expert, also asked by Granny with an "Ain't", she is revealed to be in the creative writing department of her self-published book, with a poem, called "The Bewitching Owl", which is a YA fantasy novel, she read the poem when Sharif was dressed as a big-ass garden gnome costume to fool the owl, which she told him to put on to get close without scaring her, while Anastasia tells him to "Shh!" and a "That's right" and told to get a inch closer and everso closer to her and start maintaining his smile and building trust there. She also published an another book called "The Bewitching Owl: Sorcery of the Cephalopod."
    • Anastasia turns on tranquil music jukebox, while Sharif questioned "What now?" and stated that the owl was looking at him read hard, while Anastasia tells him to "Just relax" and gaze into her eyes to make a connection, and then reads the poem with the following words; "The Gnome approacheth owly crest, where upon thy beak, gnome's lips be pressed. Gnome's hands caress thy owly chest.
      • Sharif asked Anastasia if she wants him to kiss the said owl and feel it up, without consent, Anastasia mentioned that he heard the poem and the words have been spoken, but Sharif didn't think he was comfortable with that.
      • "The portly gnome replied 'You jest, I shall not wear, this dumb gnome dress or press his lips to owl crest."
      • "You've sent me on a foolish quest'", but this leads to Sharif questioning that wouldn't kiss the owl what he wasn't about to do.
      • When Sharif kisses the owl, he said it "Ain't so bad" before the owl screeched at him, as Sharif thought it didn't work and Anastasia didn't think he kissed her deep enough and told him to try kissing her again. The same owl also tries to eat him and bite his head.
      • "Miss Evertree exclaimed.", "The spineless gnome was all to blame.",
      • After the owl's death, "Early Cuyler be the name who blowed up that owl into red-hot flame", as Early says this, and told Anastasia to put that into her book, which Early describes by the word of "Stupid."
  • When the owl spits out Sharif, he falls down to the nest, and mentions "Uhh. It's "whom.", then an another "Whom" to Early and states "Whom the hell do you think you are...", as he makes Sharif fall off the nest and "Questioning my grammar?", as he says.
  • The gigantic owl was killed by an explosion by a fake Denny, made out of C-4 bombs, which Denny called "Officer Boom Boom", which Sharif questions about the fake version of Denny, which the said latter put his own clothes on as he is then revealed to be naked, covering his privates, when he was talking to Sharif, via walkie talkie. Early then tossed it out from the nest, while Sharif called for Early's help after the three Cuyler's were escaping the outhouse to "Get the hell out of there." Also those C-4 bombs were previously taken out of Denny's backpack and take them out when Denny was climbing up the ladder with Sharif and Anastasia respectively. All of the owl blood and feathers also rained down to the ground.
    • Denny explained the reason why he bailed as soon as Anastasia had Sharif dress up like a gnome and states that "Y'all gonna die."
    • When he tosses the said aforementioned beeping Denny C-4 bomb, he states "You're about to need out for hoo-hoo the bell tolls, you featherheaded bitch!".
  • This is the first episode since "Events by Russell", where Early has a brand-new trucker hat, which is called "Hooty Hunter", based off his "Booty Hunter" trucker hat, which has been wearing in every episode of the thirteenth season.
  • It is revealed that Sharif and Denny have dreamcatchers, that are made of owl feathers, technically made by Anastasia, which Sharif told Early not to burn, as she spent some time on them, Early then stated that he already caught his own dream, and killed it, as now he got's a another feather in his own cap, and he can tell the town that they can resume apple-picking season, courtesy of Curly Tuyler.
    • Sharif then mentioned that he is afraid that the governor opened apple-pickin' season a bit prematurely because of various owls, offspring of the said dead gigantic owl, attacking Dan Halen's own orchard and killing various people, while Dan Halen is talking on a microphone that the orchard will remain open, but the cure "cannot be worse than the-", as Dan is then picked up and carried away by an owl, as much of Dan Halen's display of him telling the said owl to not pick him up, it turns out that Dougal County is currently trapped in a large dome, called the "Dougal Dome", and has the words "Prepare to Stop" on the green sign.
    • Denny stated that they should've torch the owl eggs, but Sharif said tase the eggs, he said it on the day, but what he really means is that "what the point of building a dome, if you're gonna let owl eggs hatch inside of it.
  • Denny heads to Early to tell him to give a owl dreamcatcher to Granny, but Rusty tells him that he can come on down and give it to her yourself. When Sharif asked about Granny's whereabouts, the Cuyler's have drained the baby wipes out of the septic hole, since the family lives down there now, which is a hole called the "Cuylers", that Sharif asks it being the place where the outhouse was originally used to be at, but Early turned it into his own man-cave.
  • When Early tells Sharif to come down to the underground man-cave as he would give him a tour, Sharif agreed with a no "thank you", and told them "Y'all" to stay safe, as Sharif drives his own police car, while radio chatter is then heard, driving into a mole tunnel but back up and are then scared off by the owls coming out of the said tunnel.
    • Sharif mentioned he is in control, as he knows what the hell he is doing when driving out of the hole.
  • Granny reveals that she has been having troubles with sleeping lately and thinks "maybe it's" because her eyes keep following her, Early then told her to just chillax as the owl is no longer even alive.
  • Like a few Season 13 episodes such as the "Scorn on the 4th of July", and "Who-Gives-a-Flip?", this episode doesn't have a usual credit sequence, when Rusty is taking pictures, via cellphone, of Early acting like he is in-danger from the giant owl's dead remains, as part of a monument.
    • The words listed down on the owl monument say "This here Owl blowed up by Early Cuyler. Me."
  • Todd Hanson, the voice actor for Dan Halen, is uncredited in the credits of this episode.

References & Allusions[]

  • The GBI, parody of the FBI, from "Need for Weed", is mentioned, when Denny puts a raccoon skull into a zip lock bag, using his pencil, by stating to Early "Well, we'll see if the boys at the GBI agree with you", as he thinks that Early's owl story is a bunch of hooey.
  • Early mentioning Herschel Walker football is a reference to the University of Georgia Bulldogs' 1982 Heisman Trophy winning running back, and is also the name of a member of the Cuyler family; Herschel Walker Cuyler. He mentions it again when coming out of outhouse, stating the University of Georgia, with the Herschel Walker, which Anastasia never said any of that.
  • According to Sharif, the highest point of Dougal County is seen in the episode, Mount General Lee, which is based off the famous car from the Dukes of Hazzard, which is the said location of Ol' Hootie's nest.
    • Bo and Luke Dukes' names are listed on the mountain.
    • Sharif was also gonna slide across the hood of the mountain "Just like them bang-blasted Duke boys", before being injured off there.
  • When hiding in the outhouse with Early and Rusty, from the owl, that is peeking it's eye through the door, Granny says that she doesn't want to give up her seat in the back of the toilet in honor to Ms. Rosa Parks, who is an African-American activist in the Civil Rights movement, in reference to her real-world self refusing to give up her seat to a white person in the Montgomery bus boycott.
    • Rusty then says this line; "Aw, man, don't pull the race card here."
  • The cover to The Bewitching Owl: Sorcery of the Cephalopod, could most likely be a reference to the Lord of the Rings.
  • The phrase Don't Judge a book by it's cover, is referenced by Early, as he ironically judges the The Bewitching Owl: Sorcery of the Cephalopod book by its own cover, stating that it is very good, and claims it to be a "real-page-burner", he rips the said book, and tells his son Rusty to put it in the burning book pile.
    • Rusty: "Damn straight, My daddy wrote the book on not reading books."

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