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Oliver Peppercorn, as his full name or simply Ollie, as he is called for short, is a minor character in Squidbillies.


Ollie is Sheriff's buddy, who sells ancient relics as he is a expert on the Civil War, having his own "Ollie's Odds & Ends" replica booth in The VFW, and is a "super-cool" guy according to the Sheriff, while seeing the war times via cannonball into the year 1864, seeing all of the fog and the soldiers in it, leading him to explain.

He also claims that he is the author of three self-published e-books, and claims that he is "popping" his own "P's."

He was also involved with a reenactment of the Civil War times, where Rusty portrayed himself as Jefferson Cuyler, and men dressed as soldiers.

He was later killed by a cannonball, when it exploded in a red car that he entered, after getting away from Early and everyone else throwing balls at each other, such as the cannonball and bowling balls.



He was originally great friends with the Sheriff, however, he doesn't always have good terms with him, even when he brought Early's cannonball to his replica booth, or when he forgot about the windscreen, which he left at his house, when the two were going to do a Civil War podcast for an episode, after he lost it with the war flashback that he saw, and explained with the cannonball that Sheriff previously brought in, while getting out the podcast's equipment.

He also claimed that he was the most "pitiful producer", asking him what he even provides.

When Sheriff claims that the cannonball is a 50$ ball, he then argues to him as anytime he speaks, when he is doing a podcast with him, it costs him money.

When Sheriff tells Deputy Denny to keep his face down in a mud puddle when talking, he claims that Ollie will tear him a new one, if he sees two dead corpses, which the duo are portrayed as, chit-chatting like that, Ollie then noticed and tell him to stop his mouth, and then turn on a smoke machine for the reenactment's mood.

He also asks Ollie about wearing "period-specific costumes" for the reenactment, while he and Denny lay face down in a mud puddle, after Early told that he skipped stuff that he claims that never happened, Ollie then tells him to "stop flapping your gums", to remember that he is still a corpse.

Sheriff also hit him with the cannonball, and when he rushes to his car, he claims that Sharif is off the podcast.

After Ollie's death, Sheriff mentioned that he was done with him, and the Civil War in general, with the podcast being over.

Early Cuyler[]

Like many people in Dougal County, Ollie is not very fond of Early Cuyler, who thought the cannonball was used as a weapon by his great-granddaddy Jefferson Cuyler, which Ollie was a blatant lie and didn't actually happen, even though he claims his ordinance appears to be authentic, but he looked at the cannonball's pockmarks, and how it was aging, which he could suppose to tender 10$ for it, which was actually 50$.

When Early was about to sell a authentic Mountain Dew bottle from 1865, and General Robert E. Lee's personal tree root for 50$, Ollie told him "No, thank you", as he was telling them that he is going to stage a historically accurate version of the Civil War, which he mentioned as "your little battle", while pulling up two of each of his fingers, leading Early asking.

In the reenactment, when "gonorrhea" is mentioned by Rusty, he argues to Ollie, as he claims that no Cuyler is going to be disclose with it. Early also argue about Jefferson not slaying Bill Sherman's army with the cannonball, which he claims that he has the "dairies", and skipping a scene where Jefferson fights the union battalion for two months in the dead of winter, which he didn't do the scene, because it never happened.

Early is also seen stealing a microphone to speak in it, and threw balls at various soldiers, including the cannonball, which he paid 50$ for that, even when getting away from Early and everyone else, as the former tells him that he will give him his ball back.

Granny Cuyler[]

When the reenactment shown Jefferson Cuyler, as Rusty, mentioning "gonorrhea", while after Early's arguing, Granny claims that its "true" since they don't tell you until after words, which Ollie told them not to interrupt. When Rusty was boiling her "rebel broth" stew, he tells Ollie that the stew is her secret family recipe that he is giving out. When Ollie died, she mentioned "we just saw a dude die."