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One Man Banned is the first episode of the thirteen season of Squidbillies. It first aired on November 7th, 2021, alongside the episode "Let ’er R.I.P." on the same night on [adult swim].


Early exercises his freedom of speech by speeching differently from now on.


Early is banned from Ballmart.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Booty Hunter"


Theme Song Performer[]


  • This is the very first episode of the show where Unknown Hinson doesn't voice Early, but instead voices Tracy Morgan.
    • In the episode's intro, Early has tape covering his mouth, and seen at the beginning of the episode, before Early rips off the tape, off his mouth, and speaks in his Tracy Morgan voice to speak for himself.
    • When Sharif asks why Early's voice is different, Early mentioned that he is exercising his freedom of speech, as he is free to speech, whatever he chooses.
    • Early then breaks the fourth-wall by talking to the audience.
      • Early: "That's right, haters!", "Get used to it!", he then winks at the viewer, while looking at the screen, and the episode introduces his new voice actor.
      • Early also mention "From now until of the show!", this line was mentioned first and is a reference to Season 13 being the final season of the show, and telling anyone that hates his new voice to get used it, due to Early being recasted since his original voice actor got fired.
    • At the beginning of the episode, Rusty mentions "censorship!".
  • This episode reveals that Early, Rusty and Granny, are all banned from Ballmart, they ain't supposed to be at Ballmart's entrance, and that the building has its own Pharmacy.
    • Early was banned and kicked out for several reasons such as blackmailing Krystal for free shrimp from the deli, then telling her that he will be showing anyone a picture of Krystal's junk, on a cellphone, then some defamation to her, by stating that the picture of the junk is her's and people will believe her.
      • According to Krystal, her junk got's more warts on it, than her junk seen in the unseen picture she looks on the cellphone, and everyone has seen Krystal's junk before, stating if he remembers the Christmas pageant.
      • Blackmail, defamation, and true threat all shown onscreen in red letters, and words are seen on the bottom of the screen.
        • Blackmail: "Title 18 of the U.S. Code."
        • Defamation: "New York Times v. Sullivan (1964)."
        • True Threat: "Watts v. United States (1969)."
    • Early then became a true threat to the building, by trying to blow up Ballmart sky-high with a pack of hotdog franks taped to a clock, also causing people to scream and run away, as Krystal weren't give him anymore shrimp. This was the reason why Early got banned from Ballmart in the first place, for the rest of his life by Bobby.
    • The building is currently silencing Early's freedom of speech, making him not shop at the building no more, or until they let his daddy back in there, whichever comes first.
    • Ironically, Early with his new voice actor was still heard in these flashbacks, which lead Sharif asking about this.
  • When Rusty speaks via microphone that his father knows his rights, he calls Sharif a "jerk-fruited bug!", Early then muffled some grumbling as Rusty told him "sorry" and called him a "Jackbooted thug" instead.
  • When Early does have rights, he has a right to remain silence, anything that Early grunts for Rusty to translate can and will be used against him.
  • According to Sharif, not all speech is protected by the USA constitution. Sharif later states that the same constitution does not allow Early to spew threats or hate speech or vulgarly in a private business.
  • Irony: Early mentions that squids don't talk in real life when telling Sharif if knows that and needs to move on, despite himself being a Appalachian Mud Squid.
  • While Early got banned for his speech, Rusty and Granny most likely got banned from Ballmart because of the former's protesting, and due to being members of the Cuyler family.
  • Despite the episode "Gun of a Son", having guns in Ballmart, this episode reveals that guns are now banned from the building, even if Glenn and Ellis carry these weapons outside the store, and that the store is a private business. Glenn also claims that he and Ellis are "Tuff Lads", while they stand back, but they will also stand by.
    • When Ellis picks up some hydrangeas real quick, he talks to a employee named Billy, and lets him hold his firearm. Glenn then told him that a "Tuff Lad" never surrenders his firearm and he gets his firearm back and gives Billy's hydrangeas back him, telling him that he's gonna take trips.
  • When banned from Ballmart, Rusty told Sharif that he goes into the store to loiter, as the store is air conditioned in there. When Sharif guess that he has to find a mom and pop store, Granny mentioned that Ballmart drove the mom and pops out of business. Granny also didn't know how she is going to find her diet pineapple soda, and her morning-after pills, which the store sells both.
  • This episode marks the reappearance of Dan Halen, who was last seen in "Rich Dan, Poor Dan", where in this episode he owns a store called "Dan's Lucky Buck." Which also allows freedom of speech and everything else is a dollar. Granny thought that the "free speech" mean "peach" for "free peach", that the store was giving out free peaches. In fact, the store has no peaches of fresh produce, instead has irregular hot dog bun-halves, which are half off. Rusty also asks if they sell meat for the buns, but instead Dan mentions Halloween candy instead.
    • The names of candy in the store are; Milk Bubs, Cranch, and Lemon Hum Bums, which all of their almost-favorites.
    • The store also sells a product called the "one sided printer paper", as the name suggests, its paper that disappears when anyone flips its over, as shown with Granny. She even jacked a box of the one-sided printer paper, as she just flipped it over, and when she does this, the box disappears.
    • Early states that the store is everything but quality. Also, he can say anything that he wants to say in the store. He also calls Dan Halen a "sh*thead."
    • Early also states that his abusive threat and borderline racist musings are finally protected in the store, this line very ironic for obvious reasons.
    • He even states that just all four fathers intended it. Meanwhile, Dan tells him to prattle away, while he covers his ears with small orange earmuffs. Then he tells him that the store is happy, to prey on him, and one dollar at a time.
    • Rusty doesn't loiter in Dan's store, due to Ballmart's air conditioning, and morning-after pills for Granny.
    • Granny ate some lemon hum bums, due to the store having no morning-after pills.
  • Banned posters for Early, Rusty, and Granny are seen on the doors of Ballmart, due to them being banned for life.
  • Leroy is seen sleeping when Rusty and Granny enter the store while they disguise themselves in a brown-trench coated as a gentlemen, looking to purchase the aforementioned diet pineapple soda to wash down Granny's morning-after pills, Granny wakes up Leroy after his snoring, trying him to "wake up", and Granny then exposes herself and Rusty in the disguise, while she shows her ding-a-ling, wiggling it as a helicopter, this leads them to be kicked out by Bobby, Granny also said that she was "sorry" for him, since she got her wacky trench coat gags confused, and tells him that when he gets older and all the classics just start blending together. Also, when Granny wiggles her tentacle, Leroy smiles at her.
  • When stating that Windows 95 is 69 backwards, he states as "Which is when the woman flips around and mutually pleasures", before being interrupted by Dan, who states that he can vent his own moronic opinions at the store, but asks if he is planning on buying anything. Early claimed that he needs to try, before he buys anything. He then asks about the free scrump girl, when he mean the free shrimp, previously found in Ballmart. But the store doesn't sell it, since it is a dollar store and not Ballmart.
  • This diet pineapple soda and morning-after pills was listed on Tammi's shopping list to buy the soda, due to Rusty and Granny's demands, though, she was later caught by Bobby, who was hiding behind the soda gallons, asking her if she was doing a fancy wedding, who mentions that she knows how much she loves the diet soda, when asked as every single person in the town except the squids loves the said soda, Bobby lets her have a swig of the soda, due to her love for it, though, she drinks it and spits back out, despite Bobby telling her to swallow it, and gets banned from the store, due to her secret shopping for the Cuyler's and takes her picture, and tells Sharif and Denny, who were playing on a elliptical before it loses one of its parts, and two come over to drag her away.
    • Tammi states that she ain't buying much birth control, since it would make her look like a whore.
    • Tammi is currently "Persona Au Gratin!" as of now, who then claims that she is a person with cheese, which he said in a different language, which Tammi states that Bobby doesn't know what that means, and tells her not to get all high Fallujah with him.
    • According to Bobby, he and Tammi went to the same public school.
    • When outside the store, Granny tells her that "goes to show ya, never send a whore to do a horse's job."
  • Rusty and Granny then disguise themselves as a horse to get the morning-after pills from the store's Pharmacy, saying "neigh" sounds like a horse, also while Rusty sneaks some soda into the bottom end of the disguise, before being caught by Leroy, and they to run away from him, while Leroy grabs out a single ring of orange cords to use as a whip, before a pool lands on them. This then results into a lifetime ban.
  • The man seen at the Pharmacy resembles the design of the Postman from "Tween Steam."
  • Early also disguised himself as a horse to steal and burgle Krystal's shrimp, with her telling Bobby and Leroy to stop the horse and Early gets caught by Bobby with all of the shrimp falling out his disguise. Early eats a couple shrimp, stating that the samples are good.
  • When Leroy discovers the second horse disguise, he states that it's a stampede, and is every man for himself.
  • Sharif mentions that he will take it from here, while eating Fiesta mix, while Bobby asks him if he wants to cuff him, while finishing the one of the store's Fiesta mix that he is eating. When Sharif claimed it was free samples, Bobby stated that sealed tubs ain't free samples, thinking that he doesn't know his own store.
  • Before Denny tries to arrest Early from stealing and eating free samples of shrimp from Krystal, Early claimed that he learned his lesson, as free speech is meaningless without free shrimp, which he stripped him from his freedom of shrimp, claiming that this is the most important freedom of all. Early then brings out his hotdog clock by pretending to blow up Ballmart sky-high, which Sharif takes away and puts down. After Sharif's speech about the USA constitution, Denny states that their is no such thing about a freedom of shrimp neither. Sharif then hopes that there's no free shrimp amendment in the works.
  • After Sharif eats one of the shrimp and winks at Bobby, stating "right" to him, Bobby mentions that he thinks that everything's free because he has a badge, leading Sharif asking why he is catching shrapnel.
  • When heard by Bobby, Glenn comes over as Sharif got banned from Ballmart, he tells him that he needs help from the Banisher. Bobby then asks who invited the "midlife-crisis militia?", which he calls him, leading Glenn to argue that he was talking smack about the Tuff Lads, he then bumps him, while Sharif moves away without him wanting to throw hands and tells him to stay out of it.
  • Glenn then takes off his pants for Ellis to give him a low-T shot. Though, Ellis told him that he didn't know, leading Glenn to tell him that he has his pants down, and now he thinks that he looks stupid. Ellis then moves a wheel of hydrangeas away offscreen to take a bolt. Telling him that he took the oath, and wants to hit him with cereal, which is called "Frooty Puffz", which is taken away by Bobby, asking him that he was the one that opened the cereal box, resulting in Glenn having a lifetime ban at Ballmart.
  • Glenn mentioned that he was radicalized online after his divorce, suggesting that he and his wife have gotten a divorce, he also tells Early that he has no idea what white guys go through in the USA, while it feels good to be heard, which Early does hear, because Dan's Lucky Buck allows to have freedom of speech. Also, earlier in the episode, Glenn mentioned that his wife told him not to bring his guns to the building and leave, after being told by Sharif to leave.
  • Similar to the shrimp from Ballmart, Dan's Lucky Buck has added an inalienable right to free shrimp-ish, that tastes just like chicken, because its chicken nuggets that are cut out with a shrimp stencil, which allows free samples, but Dan tells them not eat them all, as only one sample per customer is available. Despite this, Early and Sharif eat all of them.
    • Dan Halen: "We be pimpin' Shrimpish, y'all!"
    • When asked by Glenn if the dollar store sells assault rifles, Dan tells him for a dollar, but Dan chuckles, and shows him a laser pointer that distracts Early, Rusty, and Granny, as the laser pointer has a red dot and they chase after it, and to points the dot to the parking lot to a sewer drain by Dan, which the three Cuyler's enter, and the Granny gets off her clutches to the sewer drain, as they trying to catch the red dot. Dan then locks the store via knob, telling Glenn that its the only way to get them out of the store.
  • This is one of the few episodes of the show where the Cuyler House makes no appearance.
  • This episode doesn't have a usual credits sequence.

References & Allusions[]

  • Bart Simpson from The Simpsons' makes a cameo in this episode, when Early is kicked out of Ballmart while being dragged by Sharif and Denny. Although he is pixelated in the episode, due to copyright infringement, which shows up in red letters onscreen.
    • Early: "Bart Simpson, help!".
    • Bart Simpson: "Don't have a cow, man!".
    • The words "Bleistein v. Donaldson Lithographing Co., 188 U.S. 259 (1903)" are also listed on the bottom of the screen.
  • The Banisher is a parody of the Punisher. Glenn is currently now the Banisher, telling when people see this, they know what's up. When he was banned from Ballmart, he states that he can't ban the Banisher, who is the one who bans.
  • Milk Bubs are a parody of the candy Milk Dubs, Cranch is a obvious parody of the chocolate candy Crunch, and Lemon Hum Bums are most likely a parody of the candy Bum Bums.
  • BVB is a parody of DVD, even featuring a parody of floating DVD logos similar to the episode "Asses to Ashes, Sluts to Dust." The BVB is part of a BVB player, which is a dollar.
    • Straight-to-BVB is a obvious parody to Straight-to-DVD.
  • Dilf Pilgrim is a Croatian parody of Dilf Lundgren, despite the DVD cover being called Dilph Pilgrim, who is part of a straight-to-BVB action thriller. Dan couldn't get the DVD, or technically BVB, out of its BVB player, which Dan calls a "machine" instead of a BVB.
  • Early mentioned George Soros, who is a real-life Hungarian-born American billionaire investor and philanthropist, and claims that he is a Kimono Dragon, as he has seen the pictures.
  • Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, is mentioned by Early, via microphone. Telling other people that Bill Gates can track them, because the deep state injected them with microchips. Dan also mentions Windows 95. Early then asked that 95 backwards is 69.
  • Tom Clancy is mentioned by Bobby, as their is no freedom for Sharif to take his novels off the shelf and read them in the bathroom, one dump at a time. Bobby fingered this out, even though, Sharif mentioned it as a lie and that he would never do that, but the book had fiesta mix fingerprints on their pages, telling a different story to the book. This results in a lifetime ban for Sharif at Ballmart.
  • When banned from Ballmart, Glenn mentions 1942, by mentioning a small country by the name of Germany, but Sharif told him that isn't nothing like the Holocaust.