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Parker Cuyler is the older brother of Posey Cuyler. He is a minor character in Squidbillies. His only appearance in the series is in the two partner episode, "Reunited, And It Feels No Good", and "Not Without My Cash Cow!"


Parker Cuyler is the brother of Posey Cuyler, and son of both Durwood, and Fiona. He is a hybrid between a Appalachian Mud Squid, and a human being. He has brown hair, wears a red shirt, blue jeans, and small black shoes. He doesn't have a mouth, but has tentacles instead. In the two partner episode, he is usually playing his video game (or iPod?) on his own handheld, with headphones. Like Posey, he is too distracted by an object in his own hands, and does nothing else in his social life, but their parents do interact with the both of them. The two are even called "pistachios" by Early, and Granny, due to their own skin color.

Unlike Posey, he did show some communication once in the second part of the episode. For example, in the car, when Rusty is taken away by Durwood, and Fiona, he calls his new brother a "shart-gargler" and tells him to "shut up." He complains to his mother, and father, as his parents could put him in the back of the car with only three cup holders, and he wouldn't have a iPod dock. He tells his parents that he is going to get a tattoo on his back, saying "f*ck you mom, and dad."

As Durwood mentioned earlier in the first part, that "the kids have enough trouble at school without having to hear it from family." This suggests why, he has this attitude, in the first place.