Parker Cuyler is the Brother of Posey Cuyler, he only appears in the two partner "Reunited, And It Feels No Good" & "Not Without My Cash Cow!", he is a Squid/Human hybrid, he doesn't speak not that much, he is too busy playing his video game, his sister Posey is seen listening to music on her iPod, Fiona Cuyler gave them, Anti-bacterial, they're not that much about them, Durwood & Fiona are seen talking to them, but both children don't respond, Granny Cuyler looks at them in the window, calling them "Little Mixed Nuts", they open out of the car, they're do the same thing outside when the family is with the Cuylers, Early & Granny called the children "Pistachio's", Durwood mentioned that "The Kids have enough trouble at School without having to hear it from family", soon The kids ride with Rusty, Durwood & Fiona, Later during the ride, Parker is shown speaking to Rusty, he said "Shut, up, shart-gargler", Durwood tells "Parker, This is your new Brother!, I have no what a "Shart-gargler is, But I know I don't want to hear about it again in this car!", Fiona says "Or you will spend the rest of the ride in the collapsable fourth row of seats", Parker say's "There's only three cup holders back there!", Fiona say's "And no iPod dock! is this getting through?", Parker say's "I'm gonna get a tattoo on my neck that says "Fuck your Mom & Dad", the parents start to complain until they see a giant Rusty sign, Later at home, Parker is seen doing the same thing, he was during in the car, playing his video game on a chair.

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