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Pedophiles are a large group of recurring minor characters that appear throughout Squidbillies. All of these pedophiles are have different designs and others are recolored with different hair and shirts. Some pedophiles have voices in some episodes. One notable pedophile in the series is named "Randy."


Pedophiles debut in the series starting with the episode "Tween Steam", where a a large group of pedophiles and numerous of them appear during Dan Halen's sting operation/reality television program to see Russell / Rusty as a child actor. As Rusty had a ability to attract deviant pedophiles as a talent and numerous of them come to the town. Dan Halen then uses his large fan to blow a few pedophiles away and trap them into a large trap. The pedophiles cheer as Rusty cuts a red line with golden scissors to a opening to a store called "Internet Predator" and the pedophiles celebrate Russell's victory. Some of them had to a store full of Russell themed merchandise. The pedophiles end up heading to the realty show, most of them say "sexybait13" to Rusty. The pedophiles start in a line for a visit of Rusty. A group of them say Rusty's own name, when they come from the door along with Krystal for Rusty, until Dan Halen shuts the door on them. When Rusty comes out the pedophiles, they only say "Rusty!, pick me!". Soon a large group of Pedophiles end up running away screaming when Russell hits puberty when he turns into a man and grows armpit hair, and they past Sheriff in a police car, where his tires are replaced with elephant heads with tusks.

After this the pedophiles do make more appearances as background characters in the audiences in the series, though there not actually portrayed as them. They appeared in numerous episodes most notably, "Pile M for Murder", "Mud Days and Cornfused", and "Velvet Messiah". Three pedophiles are seen a imaginary sequence in "The Good One". Some pedophiles appeared as fans of a Insane Clown Posse inspired rap group in "Clowny Freaks". A pedophile wearing a green shirt is also seen attending the VFW in "Class of '86", since half of them are seen as background characters.

In "Velvet Messiah", when Early is posing as Jesus Christ, a massive audience of them appear throughout the episode. One of them tells Early that he lost his job, and a another one wearing a green shirt asks to Early if the Georgia Bulldogs are going winning the S.E.C. for the year.

In "Trucked Up!", a pedophile on the beach is killed by Early driving "The Scrambler". Randy and a another pedophile burned P-Nut's shack calle-d "Fruj U PNG!" with gasoline and a flaming torch offscreen in "Thou Shale Not Drill".




  • Despite them being labeled as "Pedophiles" in their first appearance. Six episodes later in "S3E10", two of them are showed to be looking at two Strippers in The Jiggle Hut.
  • Oddly enough, none of the pedophiles are seen in the Dougal County Prison in "Dove In An Iron Cage", suggesting they all have turned into normal citizens or due to negative continuity.
  • Oddly, in the show's earlier seasons. The pedophiles would be often be part of a large crowd and audience (see both "Pile M for Murder" and "Mud Days and Cornfused" for an notable example). However, in later seasons, the audience is replaced with more citizens in Dougal County instead, usually only one or two of appear in a later episode, saved for Randy's appearances in episodes.