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The Pizza Delivery Man is a minor character that frequently appears in Squidbillies. He is a circular-shaped teenager with acne and brown hair. His attire consists of brown pants, a purple shirt, and a hat. He is often used as a non-speaking background character in most episodes. 


He was first seen in "Swayze Crazy" delivering pizza to the Patrick Swayze imposter. After repeating the total cost of the order, $14.72, the legless drifter ordered Rusty to "destroy" the delivery boy. Though, he just awkwardly danced around the man, who began promoting his restaurants "wild-boy bread promotion."  Eventually, Early stepped in and began punching the teenager in the face, resulting in a bloody nose and a black eye. While continuing to ferociously harm the delivery boy, the Patrick Swayze imposter steals his car, shouting "Free car, asshole!" while driving away. Early waves goodbye to him as he says "Seeyah tonight on the 'Roadhouse'", simultaneously punching the delivery man in the face as the episode ends. 

After his first appearance, he was used as a background character in episodes such as "Bubba Trubba", "Condition: Demolition!" and "The Peep." He can be seen in areas containing an audience, most notably the Boiled Peanut Dome. 



  • In "Pile M For Murder", an orange-colored Pizza Man is seen selling hotdogs instead of pizza.