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Plumber Bubba or Plumber Bahah is a comedian that Early Cuyler is a big fan of (a parody of Larry the Cable Guy). All of his jokes end with him saying "Do it to it!" He turned out to be an alien named Plu'mer Bu-Ba from the planet "Ala-Bama" who disguised himself as a human and he and his Elders came to earth to steal the brains of his supposedly intelligent fans (though it is later revealed that one of the Elders chose the south because he liked the southern food and folk art) in order to use their "intello-secretions" to create weapons capable of destroying all matter and time, leaving behind only a Memorial Day Weekend. He died from a lack of "space fluids", an apparently addictive substance which Granny took for herself. Plu'mer Bu-Ba is known for his famous backwoods fighting smack talk of "you testing me? And I'm about to pass, when I whoop that ass!".

Despite Plumber Bubba's death, Bubba made a cameo in "Armageddon It On!" on one of the television screens that Early watches.

Plumber Bubba made an another cameo in "Blue Lives Battered", where he appears on Sharif's television, after Sharif turns it on with one of the television remotes that he duct taped together. He makes a joke about doing anything with duct tape, like waxing your bikini area. He then takes off his clothes, and throws the duct tape in the air. Sharif previously duct taped his television remotes, and the latter mentions that he didn't steal his joke. Sharif also covers the television screen from this, while trying to turn the television off.



  • He is a parody of the American stand-up, actor, producer, singer and radio personality "Larry The Cable Guy."
  • A very similar Alien from the episode "Lerm", heavily resembles the alien form of Plumber Bubba, which is a mammal like creature that has a similar design, but he has no fur on him and is colored brown, with the said alien having teeth, black claws, and floppy ears. It's unknown if this alien is connected with Plumber Bubba or not.
  • Plumber Bubba made one last cameo on one of Early's Trucker Hats in "The Liceman Cometh."
    • Similar to Patrick Swayze, the Plumber Bubba trucker hat has a picture of him and has the words "Do it...To it!", on it.

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