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Posey Cuyler is the sister of Parker Cuyler. She is a minor character in Squidbillies. She appears exclusively in the two partner episode, "Reunited, And It Feels No Good", and "Not Without My Cash Cow!".


Posey Cuyler is sister of Parker, and daughter of both Durwood, and Fiona. She is a human and Appalachian mud squid hybrid, as she has human hands, brown hair, and a squid body. Posey is not shown speaking in the episode, as instead, she is listening to music on her iPod, with her headphones, and does nothing else. She, and Posey appear in the car, while Parker plays his video game on his handheld, with headphones. Their parents, Durwood, Fiona, and the Cuyler family do interact with them, but usually they do the same thing again, and repeat it in both the car, and in their house. The two squids are called "pistachios" by Early, and Granny, due to their skin color.