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Radio Announcer (Real Name: Brock "Liberty" Bell), is a Minor Character in Squidbillies, he is a radio announcer who hosts a radio show seen in the "The Big E", later heard in "The Legend of Kid Squid", and two cameos in the episodes "Dewey Two-ey" and "Events by Russell".

The Big E[]

In his first appearance in "The Big E", a voice saying "And now back to Brock "Liberty" Bell!, are you ready to Brock?", Brock say's "That's right, Brock Bell here on cool A.M., 1680, The heat!, let's chap some hides D whip some opinions into shape!", a whip cracks, he then say's We got Early in Dougal county, you're on the heat seat what's chappin' your hide, friend?", Early listening to the radio say's "Uh...,", Brock say's "Yes, sir, caller?", Early say's "Is it me on the radio now?", Brock say's "Yes, you are, caller, go ahead", Early said to him "Am I the ninth caller?, I mean, do I get them Randy Travis Tickets?".

Brock then say's "Sir, the Randy Travis-Ganza was two weeks ago, could you please just state your business?", Early mentioned Uh, yeah, I-I want to say that the problem with the economy is, uh, there ain't no damn jobs I mean, I been working out of work since Friday at 5:00, And I'm going back to work Monday, but I ain't a-gonna like it".

Brock then said "Sir, that's called the weekend and I know you're probably still balls-deep in the middle of it, but it's actually Tuesday for the rest of us", Early then said "Look, I can't collect my unemployment thanks to big government Bureaucrat's red-tape talk!, ain't one of 'em ever give me a straight answer to why I can't get no unemployment money check, 'cause I ain't working on thweekend!".

Brock then say's "I agree, sir, the government is out control, but it sound like you are too, buddy you can go ahead and pick those drawers off the floor you just got opinion-whipped", he then turns off Early's call.

Brock then say's "Another telephone tough guy I'm here every day, pal, 3:00 to 6:00", Early then comes & Brock then say's "Whoa, whoa, hang on, hoss, we're on the air -- ahh!, ohh!, eehaah!, O!, Oh!", as Early beaten him up, Early spoke in the microphone "Okay, we gonna take a quick station break right quick", Early then beats him up again, while speaking in the microphone & even hitted his head many times, soon Early replaces him a Radio Announcer.

Later in the episode Brock comes back from the Hospital & appears in Boyd's Convenience Store & shoots Early for his revenge, according to Dan Halen, Brock Bell replaced Early two weeks after he shot Early.

The Legend of Kid Squid[]

The voice of Brock Bell returns in this episode on a radio, he say's "That's right, Brock Bell here on cool A.M. 1680, the heat", Early explains to Granny about his crime by poisoning Dougal County's The Old Sweet Gum Tree landmark, Brock say's "This Kid Squid is really chapping my hide", Early to talk about the tree, Brock then say's "So call in, tell me what you think about Kid Squid so I can offend you and cut you off before you can make your point I got a bunch of toilet-flush and whip-crack audio files, so let's do this, oh, well, we got a bite here, Early in Dougal County, what's chapping your hide, friend?".

Early on the radio, replies "You talking about Kid Squid like he's some big damn deal, well, he ain't", Early mentioned he was the one who stolen the ATM's, Brock tells him "All right, we got us a "Swagger-Jacker here", Brock tells Early "Why don't you go ahead and tell me about your fancy crimes", Early explains to Brock about him poisoning the Old Sweet Gum Tree at town's square during the week, Brock then explains that General Robert E. Lee pressed his gum on the said tree before he signed the treaty of Appomattox, Early mentioned that God gave them tree to show how "Damn superior" they are to them, Early then told him he is going to hang up and listen.